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Animal kingdom
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Animal kingdom


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  • 1. Animal kingdom
  • 2. Genre
    The sequence of still images in the title sequence could signify the genres of the film. The still images are of an armed robbery. This shows the film is in crime genre as the armed robbery denotes the film features crime as a key theme and so this would mean that the film would also belong to the crime genre. Simultaneously with the images a sad slow tempo piece of music plays. This could show that the film is also in the drama genre. This is because dramas are normally slow and sad, like the music that is playing along side the still images.
  • 3. Genre
    These are the still shots of the armed robbery
  • 4. Setting
    Diagetic sound of a gameshow on television shows the setting to the audience. The contestants on the television gameshow have Australian accents. This denotes that someone is watching Australian television and therefore shows the setting of the film to be Australia.
  • 5. Key characters
    Diagetic sound in the form of dialogue reveals the identity of the main character. The main character introduces himself as Josh on the phone to his grandmother which denoted his name is Josh.
    A cross cut and dialogue shows the audience who another key character is. After Joshes grandmother finds that his mother died she come to help him. A longshot is used to show her coming up some stairs to his flat. Dialogue is then used when she asks Josh ‘got your bags packed?’. There is then a crosscut to a medium shot of Josh nodding. As the camera and dialogue is focused on the grandmother in this cross cut it could show that she will be a key character in the film.
  • 6. Key characters
    A sequence of still images from a CCTV camera are used in the title sequence. The still images are of a group of masked criminals taking part in an armed robbery. These still images could imply that Josh becomes involved with criminality later in the film. This therefore could show that some of the key characters later in the film may be criminals with links to Josh.
  • 7. Key characters
    These are the still shots of the armed robbery
  • 8. Mood
    The title sequence starts with the death of the main characters mother. This serious and distressing opening to the film could signify that the rest of the film will also have a serious and distressing mood, like the opening sequence.
    The non-diagetic music which accompanies the sequence of still images sounds sad and has a slow tempo. This could connote that the film will be slow paced and sad like the music.
  • 9. Plot
    A medium shot shows Joshes lack of facial expressions and emotion at his mother death. This establish a back-story. When the paramedics come to revive his mother there is a medium shot of Joshes face. His face has no clear emotional expression and he shows no upset. This could show that Joshes mothers drug addiction was a long term issue. It can show this as Joshes lack of emotion could show he expected his mother to die of a drugs overdose and so he has no emotion as he has had time to prepare himself for such an eventuality.
  • 10. Plot
  • 11. Plot
    Diagetic sound is also used to establish another back-story to the plot. When the paramedics come to try and revive Joshes mother we can hear diagetic sound of a gameshow on the television. This shows that Josh and his mother did not have a close relationship as he is not upset enough at his mothers death to turn off the television.
  • 12. Plot
    Props and camera shots are used to show what may occur in the plot. A medium shot is used to show Josh picking up a bag and leaving the flat. This denotes that the plot could centre around him moving to a new home. In the shot we can also see his grandmother waiting for him through the window. This could connote that the plot is going to be about him moving in with his grandmother.
  • 13. Plot
  • 14. Plot
    The still images could show the plot for the rest of the film. The still images are from a CCTV camera and show an armed robbery. These still images could connote that the plot for the rest of the film could be that Josh becomes involved in crime, possibly armed robberies, after the death of his mother.
  • 15. Plot
    These are the still shots of the armed robbery
  • 16. Plot
    The music that is playing while the still images are show sounds sad. So if the still images could connote that Josh becomes involved with crime then the music, which is played simultaneously, could connote that something sad happens to Josh as a result of his life of crime such as death or imprisonment.
  • 17. Enigmas
    Does Josh go and live with his grandmother?
    Is Josh involved with the armed robbery which is shown in the still images?
    If Josh is involved in the armed robbery does he get arrested by the police or killed?