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10 th math
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10 th math


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  • 1. DIRECTORATE OF EDUCATION Govt. of NCT Delhi WEEKLY SYLLABUS 2011 - 2012 Subject - Mathematics Class - X UNDER THE GUIDANCE OFMr. Khan Chand Mrs. Savita DrallDy. Director of Education PrincipalCentral / Jhandewalan, S.K.V. Mata SundriSchoolDelhi- 6 New Delhi -1 Prepared ByMs. Mamta (TGT Maths) Abdul Salim (TGT-Maths)RSKV No. 2, Jama Masjid (2127017) GGSS Kalan Mahal(2127027)Delhi- 6 Delhi -2 11
  • 2. SYLLABUS OF MATHEMATICS AS PER CCE GUIDELINES CLASS – X First Term Marks : 80 Marks Unit I Number System (Real Numbers) 10 II Algebra (Polynomials Pair of Liner 20 Equation in two variables) III Geometry (Triangles) 15 V Trigonometry (Introduction to 20 Trigonometry, Trigonometric identity) VII Statistics 15 Total 80Second Term Marks : 80 Marks Unit II Algebra (Contd.) Quadratic 20 Equation Arithmetic Progression III Geometry (Contd.) Circles, 16 Construction. IV Mensuration (Area related to 20 circles. Surface Area & Volume) V Trigonometry (Contd.) Heights and 08 Distances) VI Co-ordinate Geometry 10 VII Probability 06 Total 80 12
  • 3. WEEK WISE DISTRIBUTION OF SYLLABUS FOR 2011-2012 MATHEMATICS (CLASS – X) WEEK/ NO. OF CHAPTER / DATES WORKING DETAILS TOPIC(Mon-Sat) DAYS01.04.11 to 2 Chapter-6 Introduction, Examples of similar triangles, Basic 02.04.11 Triangles Proportionality Theorem (with proof)04.04.11 to 5 Chapter-6 Ex 6.1, Ex 6.2 09.04.11 Triangles (Motivate) : If in two triangles, corresponding angles are equal, then their corresponding sides are in the same ratio (or proportion) and hence the two triangles are similar. (Motivate): If in two triangles, side of one triangle are proportional to (i.e. in the same ratio of) the side of the other (Mental- triangle then their corresponding angle are equal and hence Maths) the two triangles are similar. (Motivate): If one angle of a triangle is equal to one angle of the other triangle and the sides including then angles are proportional, then the two triangles are similar. Practical Activity : To verity the result of BPT YUVA : 3.1 Attitude is everything.11.04.11 to 4 Chapter 6 Ex. : 6.3 16.04.11 Triangle (with proof) : The ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is equal to the square of the ratio of their corresponding sides, (Mental- Ex. 6.4 Maths) Yuva : 3.2 Choice, Not Chance, Determines Destiny18.04.11 to 5 Chapter 6 Ex. 6.4 (continued), 23.04.11 Triangles (motivated) if a perpendicular is drawn from the vertex of the 13
  • 4. right triangle to the hypotenuse then triangles on both sides of the perpendicular are similar to the whole triangle and to each other. (with proof) In a right triangle the square of the hypotenuse is (Mental- equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. Maths) (with proof) In a triangle, If square of one side is equal to the to the sum of the squares of the other two sides, then the angle opposite to the first is a right angle. Yuva : Ex.6.5 Road Safety and US25.04.11 to 6 Chapter – 2 Zeros of a polynomial and geometrical meaning of the zeroes 30.04.11 Polynomials of a polynomial Ex. 2.1 Relationship between zeroes and co- efficient of a polynomial with real co-efficient, Ex. 2.2. Division Algorithm with real Co-efficient, Ex - 2.3 Practical Activity : To verify the result of Pythagoras Theorem Yuva : 3.6 if there was a bomb threat. Chapter – 3 Ex. 3.1 Geometrical representation of different possibilities of n Pair of liner solution consistency / inconsistency graphical method of sol eqn in two of a pair of liner equation Ex. 3.2 variables Mental-Maths Suggest Activity for FAI : 1st MCQ type questions (10 marks) 2nd: Evolution of activity in marks lab (10 marks)02.05.11 to 6 Chapter – 3 Ex. 3.2 (Continued). Algebraic method of solving of liner 07.05.11 Pair of liner equations – substitution method ex. 3.3 eqn in two variables. Yuva : 3.3 My principle are my strength ! 14
  • 5. Practical Activity : Based on consistency / inconsistency (Mental system of linear equation. Maths) 3rd Suggestive activity for FAI (10 marks) Worked / Assignment based on Chapter III09.05.11 to 2 Chapter – 3 Ex. 3.3 (continued) 10.05.11 Pair of liner eqn in two variables11.05.11 to SUMMER VACATIONS 30.06.11 4th Suggestive Activity for FAI (Project/ Models / Charts) (10 marks) 1. Introduction and family of ∆s 2. Concept of congruency with the help of figures. 3. Number System 4. To prove (a + b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab 5. To prove (a + b)3 = a3 + b3 + 3a2b + 3ab2 6. Biography of any one Mathematician 7. Importance of Maths in daily life. 8. Know about circle 9. Use of Graphs in sports. 10. Use of statistics in daily life.01.07.11 to 2 Chapter – 3 Elimination method – Ex. 3.4 02.07.11 Pair of linear eqn in two variables04.07.11 to 5 Chapter – 3 Ex. 3.4 (Continued). Cross multiplication method: 09.07.11 Pair of linear Ex. 3.5 eqn in two 15
  • 6. variables (Mental Maths) Yuva : 3.4 I admire u because ...........11.07.11 to 6 Chapter – 3 Equation reducible to a liner equations in two variables Ex. 16.07.11 Pair of linear 3.6 eqn in two variables (Mental- YUVA : 3.9 I too have rights ! Maths)18.07.11 to 6 Chapter - I Eulids division leema - finding HCF and LCM of number 23.07.11 Real Number Ex.-1.1, fundamental theorem of arithmetic Ex. 1.2, Theorem 1.3 and proofs of results - irrationality of √2, √3, √5, Ex. 1.3 Decimal expansion of rational number in terms of terminating / non terminating recurring decimal Ex. 1.4 (Mental 1st Suggestive activity of FA 2 : Class Test of lesson I. (10 Maths) marks) Yuva (3.10) Every Drop is precious.25.07.11 to 6 Chapter – 8 Trigonometric ratios of a acute angle of a right angled triangle 30.07.11 Introduction Ex. 8.1 to Trigonometric ratios of some specific angles, value (with trigonometry proof) of the trigonometric ratios of 300, 450 and 600 – Ex. 8.2 Yuva : 3.11 End it, before it ends US ! (Mental- Suggestive Activity in Maths Lab Maths) Making of Clinometer 2nd Suggestive Activity of FA 2: - Oral test based on trigonometry formula (Max. marks 10)01.08.11 to 6 Chapter – 8 Ex. 8.2 (Contd.) Trigonometric Ratios of complementary 06.08.11 Introduction angles Ex. 8.3 to Yuva : 3.12 : Towards zero waste Trigonometry 16
  • 7. (Mental- 3rd suggestive activity for-FA2 Maths) 2nd UNIT TEST (Max. Marks : 10)08.08.11 to 5 Chapter – 8 Trigonometric Identities, Proof and application of the identity 13.08.11 Introduction Sin2 A + Cos2 A=1, Ex : 8.4 to Trigonometry Yuva : 3.13 Empowered to save power. (Mental- Maths)15.08.11 to 5 Chapter – 8 Ex. 8.4 (continued) 20.08.11 Introduction to Introduction, Mean of Grouped Data Ex. 14.1) Trigonometry Chaptr-14 Yuva : Meditation and Pre-Examination stress (3.5) Statistics (Mental- Maths)22.08.11 to 5 Chapter 14 Mode of Grouped Data Ex 14.2, Median of Grouped Data Ex. 27.08.11 Statistics 14.3 (Mental- Maths) Yuva : 10.1 : Idgah 4th Suggestive activity of FA2 Group Activity related to statistics29.08.11 to 5 Chapter 14 Ex 14.3 (contd.) graphical representation of cumulative 03.09.11 Statistics frequency distribution - Ex 14.4 (Mental- Maths) Yuva : 10.2 : Hasty - Tasty Funky Noodles 05.09.11 5to10.09.11 REVISION 12.09.11 FIRST C.C.E.P. 17
  • 8. 13.09.11 to 5 REVISION 17.09.1119.09.11 to 27.09.11 1ST SEMESTER EXAM28.09.11 to 29.09.11 To show the Answer sheet 30.09.11 OPEN-DAY 01.10.11 Noting the result in teachers Diary and mark the week students.03.10.11 to AUTUMN BREAK 06.10.1107.10.11 to 1 Chapter-12 Perimeter and area of the circle Ex 12.1 08.10.11 Area related to circle10.10.11 to 5 (Mental - Area of sector and segment of a circle Ex. 12.2 15.11.11 Maths) Chapter : 12 Yuva : Flying high the kite of hope. Area related to circle (10.3)17.10.11 to 6 Chapter : 12 Area of combination of plane figures : Ex. 12.3 22.10.11 Area related to circle. Yuva (10.4) : Keeping healthy. (Mental - Maths) Suggestive activity : For FA 3 To prepare a worksheet by paper cutting and pasting based on area related to circle (10 marks)24.10.11 to 4 Chapter : 13 Introduction, Surface area of combination of solids.. 29.10.11 Surface Area and volume Ex. to 6 Chapter : 13 Volume of the combination of solids and conversion of solids 05.11.11 Surface Area from one shape to another (Ex. 13.2, Ex. 13.3) and volumes (Mental Yuva : (10.8): I too will work for a clean and safe 18
  • 9. Maths) environment (school) 2nd Suggestive Activity for FA:3 (10 marks). Worksheet/ Assignment related to formulas of surface area and volume, area related to circle. Suggestive Maths - Lab Activity: 1. To find the relation between volume of a care and cylinder. 2. To make the right circular cylinder with the help of rectangular sheet and verify the result of curved surface area of cylinder by folding rectangular sheet length wise and breath wise.07.11.11 to 3 Chapter - 13 Frustum of a cone Ex. 13.4 12.11.11 Surface area and volumes 3rd Suggestive Activity for FA 3 (10 marks) (Mental - Any activity/assignment/project based on Frustum. Maths)14.11.11 to 6 Chapter : 10 Introduction, Targets to a circle (with proof): The tangent at 19.11.11 Circles any point of a circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact (with proof): The length of tangents drawn from an external (Mental Maths) point to a circle are equal Ex. 10.1, Ex. 10.2 4th suggestion activity for FA 3 (10 marks) To verify the result that the length of tangents drawn from as external point to a circle are equal by taking circles of different radius with the help of paper - folding. Yuva : (10.10) "If there were no rights...! (P.M.I.)21.11.11 to 6 Chapter: 9 Introduction, heights and distances, simple and believable 26.11.11 Some problems on height and distance problems should not involve applications more than two right triangles. Angle of elevation/depression of o o o Trigonometry should be only 30 , 45 , 60 Ex 9.1 (Mental- Yuva : (10.7) : A strange race. Maths)28.11.11 to 6 Chapter - 7 Introduction, Distance Formula, Section formula Ex. 7.1, Ex. Co-ordinate 19
  • 10. 03.12.11 Geometry. 7.2 (Mental - Yuva : There are so many jobs to choose from. Maths)05.12.11 to 4 Chapter - 7: Area of triangle Ex. 7.3 10.12.11 Co-ordinate Geometry Yuva : I can improve my performance in the coming board exams. 1st Suggestive Activity for FA4 Assignment based on lesson co-ordinate geometry (Max. Marks : 10) 12.12.11 SECOND C.C.E.P.13.12.11 to 5 Chapter: 5 Introduction to A.P., nth terms of an A.P. Ex. 5.1 , Ex. 5.2 17.12.11 Arithmetic progression Suggestive Maths Lab Activity: (Mental Maths) To verify that the given sequence is an arithmetic progression by paper cutting and pasting method. Yuva : 10.12 Our prized possession.19.12.11 to 6 Chapter : 5 Ex. 5.2 (contd.) sum of first n terms Ex. 5.3 24.12.11 Arithmetic Progression Suggestive Maths Lab Activity (Mental Maths) 1. To verify that the sum of first a natural number is n (n+1)/2 by graphical method: 2. To verify that the sum of first n odd natural numbers is n2 by an activity method. 2nd Suggestive Activity for FA4 (10 Marks) Any two activity can be taken based on arithmetic progression by paper cutting and pasting25.12.11 to WINTER BREAK 15.01.12 3rd Suggestive Activity for FA4 can be given as (10 marks) Prepared a cross-word based on any two chapters. 20
  • 11. 16.01.12 to 6 Chapter : 4 Standard form of quadratic equation - Ex 4.1 solution of a 21.01.12 Quadratic quadratic equation by factorization method Ex. 4.2 equation (Mental - Yuva : Understanding my parents. Maths) 23.01.12 Chapter : 4 Solution of a quadratic equation by completing the square, Quadratic and by using quadratic formula, relationship between to equation discriminate and nature of roots Ex. 4.3 Ex. 4.4 28.01.12 (Mental - Maths) Yuva : (6.3) : (What is right, what is wrong) ? 4th Suggestive Activity for FA 4: 10 marks M.C.Q/U.T./Class Test based on quadratic eqn.30.01.12 to 6 Chapter - 11 Division of a line segment in a given ratio (Internally). 04.02.12 Construction Tangent to a circle from a point outside it, construction of a (Mental triangle similar to a given triangle. Ex. 1.1, Ex. 11.2 Maths) Yuva : 3.4: I admire U because.........06.02.12 to 5 Chapter - 15 Simple Problems on single event Ex. 15.1 11.02.12 Probability Yuva : 3.5 Meditation and Pre-examination stress. (Mental Maths)13.02.12 to 6 Revision 18.02.12 For the students opted board as well as school based examination.20.02.12 to 5 Revision 25.02.1227.02.12 to 6 Revision 03.03.1205.03.12 to 4 Revision 10.03.1212.03.12 to ANNUAL EXAMINATION 24.03.12 21
  • 12. 31.03.12 Evaluation of SA2 (Answer Sheet) 22