A Class on Oral microbiology by Aruni puthuppally
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A Class on Oral microbiology by Aruni puthuppally



A presentation about microbiology of oral cavity

A presentation about microbiology of oral cavity



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A Class on Oral microbiology by Aruni puthuppally A Class on Oral microbiology by Aruni puthuppally Presentation Transcript

  • Normal Microbial Flora Normal oral cavity contains a mixture of organisms which include bacteria, fungi, protozoa and occasionally virus. Some of the organisms are almost always in normal oral cavity and are called Resident Flora. Some organisms stay for a limited period in the oral cavity of a few individuals. These are named as Transient Flora.
  • Microbial flora of mouth Among all micro-organism present in the mouth bacteria are most predominant. These includes both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
  • cocciGRAM POSITIVE COCCI Strep.mutans Strep.sanguis Strep.salivarius Strep.mitior Strep.milleri Enterococcus sps Peptostreptococcus aps Micrococcus sps Staphylococcus sps
  • GRAM NEGATIVE COCCI Veillonella sps Neisseria sps Branhamella sps
  • BacilliGRAM POSITIVE BACILLI Lactobacillus sps Actinomycetes sps Propionibacterium sps Arachnia sps Bifidobacterium sps Bacterionema sps Eubacterium sps
  • GRAM NEGATIVE BACILLI Actinobacillus sps Fusobacterium sps Bacteroids sps Capanocytophaga sps Leptotrichina sps Treponema sps Haemophilus sps Selenomonas sps Eikenella sps Wollinella sps
  •  Of all bacteria present in mouth, streptococci are predominant group. Various species of Streptococci are encountered in mouth. Most of these are alpha-haemolytic streptococci, collectively named as viridians streptococci
  • Lactobacilli are frequently found in mouth.They are imp bacteria to promote the progress ofcarious lesion after the initiaton of dental cariesby Strep mutans
  •  Veilonella is the most common among Gram- negative bacteria. Fusobacterium nucleatum is the most commonly occurring Gram-negative anaerobic bacillus Other anaerobes such as Bacteroids, Leptotrichia, Selenomonas etc have also been found to be an imp group
  •  Oral treponema(T.vincenti,T.denticola,T.orale) are comman inhabitants of gingival crevice & sub gingival area Due to their presence in subgingival plagues, they have been imp role in causing gingivitis and most forms of periodontitis.
  •  Besides bacteria normal flora of mouth may contain fungi and protozoa FUNGI Candida albicans C.tropicalis C.pseudotropicalis C.stellatoidea Cryptococcus sps PROTOZOA Entamoeba gingivalis Trichomanas tenax
  • Acquisition Of Normal Flora Of Mouth The mouth of newborn at birth is usually microbiologically sterile. Within few hours of birth Streptococci establish themselves in the mouth.
  • Acquisition Of Normal Flora Of Mouth – Cont’d Among Streptococci, Strep. salivarius is dominant at this stage. During the first year of life other species of Streptococci,Staphylococci,Neisseriae,Veilonella, Actinomyces,Lactobacilli and Fusobacteria also colonize.
  • Acquisition Of Normal Flora Of Mouth – Cont’d With the eruption of teeth, solid surfaces in the oral cavity are available for colonization. Strep mutans, Strep sanguis establish themselves on these hard surfaces. Simultaneously, there is also increase in number of obligate anaerobes
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