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My virtual child (part one) Publish

  1. 1. MY VIRTUAL CHILD (PART ONE) Student Name: Sathi Sen Student ID #: 300 619 965 Course Title: The Health Development of the Whole Child Course Code: ECEP 103 Professor: Chris Cadieux Date of submission: November 09, 2011
  2. 2. The Infant Years (0 – 4 Months) Developmental Answer Examples from my Virtual Child Examples from the Book Domain ( Original Thoughts) Reports It seems that Rose’s birth was After eight hours of labor, Rose When a fetus is in distress, a Physical not normal but after her began to go to distress. The doctor might want to remove it birth, she had not any problem. doctor said that the baby was from the mother’s uterus So, she is meeting her not in the correct position and surgically by performing a developmental milestones. for that reason, they did a C- Caesarean section. section and after 10 minutes, (Children: A Chronological Rose was born. Her Apgar score Approach, p.-98). When a baby was 7-8 that means she was cries, it tells that the baby is able to express her problem hungry, tired or hurt (Children: A through her crying Chronological Approach, p.- 101). At the age of 03 months, Rose’s Rose smiles at familiar people At about 2 months infants startSocial / Emotional developing behavior is like a and toys. She is able to laugh at to make social smiles when they typical baby. funny things such as a little dog. see another human face. She is developing lots of cute Sometimes social smiling is little habits. accompanied by cooing (sroufe & waters 1978). Children: A Chronological Approach, p.-181 It seems that Rose’s intellectual Rose is able to focus her eyes on At bout 4 months, infants can Intellectual improvement is going on her mother and spends a lot of successfully reach for objects properly which we can see in time studying her mother’s face (Bertenthal & Clifton 1998). normal babies. & the faces of anyone who Children: A Chronological comes close to her. Approach, p.-129.
  3. 3. The Infant Years (5 – 8 Months)Developmental Answer Examples from my Virtual Examples from the Book Domain ( Original Thoughts) Child Reports It seems Rose’s developmental Rose is able to digest new Solid foods (rice cereal, Physical milestones is going on a foods well, so the doctor strained vegetables) can be perfectly like a typical baby. recommends that Rose eat a introduces into an infants diet variety of foods from the family in this age. dinner (ground up). Rose’s social and emotional Rose is cautious around new By 6 or 7 months, infants beginSocial / Emotional development is going on people and situations, but to distinguish facial expressions properly like a normal baby. warms up fairly quickly to associated with different friendly people and to new and emotions Children: A interesting activities and then Chronological Approach, p.- begins to vocalize a lot and 183 make eye contact. It seems Rose is meeting her Rose is able to find a hidden At 8 months, infants search for Intellectual developmental milestones object as long as I don’t wait objects, but they understand of properly which is very common too long or distract her in the object permanence remains in a typical baby. middle of the search. Rose incomplete. If 8- 10 month olds really likes this hiding game and see an object hidden under one shows by her interest that she container and then see it wants it repeated. hidden under a second container, they routinely look for the toy under the first container. Children: A Chronological Approach, p.-
  4. 4. The Infant Years (9 – 12Months)Developmental Answer Examples from my Virtual Child Examples from the Book Domain ( Original Thoughts) Reports Rose is progressing perfectly to Rose is growing up properly. She At about the first birthday Physical her developmental milestones. is very active in her activities. youngsters usually are ready to She likes to play her age try eating with a spoon. At first, appropriate game such as, find they play with the spoon, objects from hidden place. dipping it into a dish filled with Recently she pronounced her food or sucking on an empty first clear word and pointed at spoon. Children: A Chronological the object. Approach, p.-130 It seems Rose’s social/ Rose is now interested with Children’s first socialSocial / Emotional emotional progressment is going other kids. She can understand relationships are usually with on proper way. the happy moment in her family. parents, but infants rapidly She is also comfortable with the expand their social horizons. attachment of her care giver. Infants with secure attachments relationships tend to have more successful peer relationships. Children: A Chronological Approach, p.-190 Rose is meeting her Rose is able to find a hidden At this age children says first Intellectual developmental milestones same object and she likes this kind of word, likes to place objects as other normal children’s. Her play. At nine months old, Rose inside one another. Ages and intellectual development is began to understand a few Stages: A Brief Overview Birth increasing day by day. words. to 12 Years.
  5. 5. The Toddler Years (2 Years Old)Developmental Answer Examples from my Virtual Examples from the Book Domain ( Original Thoughts) Child Reports Rose is growing up properly. She Rose has a tremendous drive to By this age children walks up Physical is approaching her use her motor skills. She is and down stairs by holding onto developmental milestone like a sometimes interested in dancing railing. They can tosses or roll a typical baby. or singing along with music. large ball, feeds self with spoon. Ages and Stages: A Brief Overview Birth to 12 Years. Rose’s social and emotional After she got warmed up, Rose Toward the second birthday,Social / Emotional development in very similar like seemed to get along very well youngsters begin to engage in a typical baby. with the other kids and vey co- co-operative play. Children: A operative for a child of her age. Chronological Approach, p.-197. Sometimes she acts shy when Acts shy when around strangers. looking at mirror. Ages and Stages: A Brief Overview Birth to 12 Years. It seems that Rose’s intellectual Rose is able to imitate actions or Children at 18 months learn 10 Intellectual development going on properly words that she has seen or heard or more new words each week. that I can see in a typical baby. days before. This greatly Ages and Stages: A Brief expands her ability new things Overview Birth to 12 Years. Rose also seems to be aware of basic categories, such as big or little blue or red.
  6. 6. Answer to the question: cAccording to the repot of the virtual child each month, I think Rose (My Virtual Child) is advanced in some of theactivities, also age appropriate and a little slow in some of the other activities. Physically Rose is very active and is advanced in her gross motor skills. And to keep it up, the examinerrecommended that I expose Rose to variety of indoor and outdoor activities and let her interest be the guide asto what to pursue.In my opinion, Rose is going to be fairly active child at preschool age. Social skill is something that most of the children use to get along with each other. Some of them have areally hard time and some of them don’t. Rose, in this case is also doing a good job. Even though it takes a littlebit time for her to get warmed up with kids, but when she does she seems to be getting along with others verywell and is really co-operative for her age. Rose also sometimes gets moody when things inst exactly going her way but if I give her some timeeventually she is able to overcome this kind of situation. So hopefully I will be able to pay more attention at thismatter when she reaches preschool. As babies grow older, they imitate their parents and what they see and hear around them. According tomy virtual child report, now Rose is also able to imitate action or words she has seen or heard days before. Thisgreatly expands her ability to learn new things. Therefore, if she keeps this up in future she will most probablybe able to cope with her age appropriate skills in her preschool or school age years. I think my predictions will most probably will be true, because according to my virtual child report Rose’sphysical, social/ emotional and intellectual progressment is telling me how she is doing right now and what mayhappen further.