Praxis - Web 2.0 Strategy


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Praxis - Web 2.0 Strategy

  1. 1. Praxis Business SchoolWEB 2.0 Strategies - PraxisA reportSubmitted toProf. Charanpreet SinghIn partial fulfillment of the requirements of the courseWeb 2.0On 16thMarch 2013Submitted by Arunachalam RamanathanJigar KotakKhanin LahkarVignesh V Pugazhendi
  2. 2. Praxis Business SchoolPart 1Introduction‘Praxis’ as a brand was established in 2007 in Kolkata. The word ‘Praxis’ means to-do inGreek. The goal of Praxis is to offer a bouquet of Management programs that combines theart and science of theoretical learning with the virtues of practical training.Salient features- Praxis offered its first Management Program – The Post Graduate Program inBusiness Management in the year 2007 in association with XLRI.- The second program – The Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics wasintroduced in 2011 as PwC & ICICI as the Academic Partners.- Praxis established its academy – The Praxis Academy in the year 2012 to trainemployees of the Corporate World. Employees of Axis Bank & Spencer’s retail arecurrently being trained under this program.- Praxis is also in the process of setting up a course for Sports & Events managementthat would educate students in the domain of managing the various aspects ofconducting Sports & other Events.- The consultancy wing of Praxis is also in the process of establishment. Projects forCadbury, HUL and Ernst & Young have already been done under the aegis of thisConsultancy Wing.Channels of CommunicationPraxis, right from the time of its establishment has involved in various communicationstrategies to reach out to the Student & the people from Industry. Praxis also developed aStudent Social network – Kollaborative Klassroom for interaction between students & theFaculty members for any Academic related activities.The Communication strategy can be divided in to two major categories:- External Communication: To reach aspirants & the corporate world.- Internal Communication: To interact with students, Faculty members & the Alumni.
  3. 3. Praxis Business SchoolEXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONPurchased Media Owned Media Earned Media Transitional MediaAdvertisements on- Facebook- NewspapersSponsorships to- Social MediaConferenceBanners behind theAuto RickshawsPraxis CampusIMS PamphletsProspectusPraxis T ShirtsWord of Mouth- Core Faculty- CurrentStudentsPraxis WebsiteWikipediaPraxis YiPraxis E CellSocial Media- Facebook- Twitter- LinkedIn- Pagalguy.comCoaching Centers- IMS- TCCTelegraph Articles on- Spardha- Praxis Articles byFaculty MembersWord of Mouth- Alumni- Visiting FacultyIMS Advanc’edgeAlumni performance inthe IndustryLife at B School TourIMS B School FairNEN E WeekProduct development at ‘Praxis’Product development at ‘Praxis’ mainly involves designing a bouquet of Managementcourses.- The courses of PGPBM were developed on the basis of input from XLRI &constantly change as the Industry requirement changes.- An Advanced Marketing Research course was introduced from the batch 2011-13 toequip students who aspire to enter the Market Research Industry.- Experts at PwC & ICICI in collaboration with the faculty members of Praxisdeveloped the courses for the course PGPBA.- Courses for the Events & Sports management are being developed by the Facultymembers of Praxis in association with the experts from the Kolkata Knight RidersIPL team.Brand EquityThe Brand Equity of Praxis saw a steady rise from the day of its inception.
  4. 4. Praxis Business School- The relationship with Industry & the gradual increase in companies visiting thecampus shows the strength of the institute.- The performance of the Alumni across various domains has strengthened the valueof brand in the Industry.- Introduction of various management programs catering to different needs of theIndustry showcases the versatility of the Institute.- The formidable list of Board of Governors & the faculty team is yet another proof ofthe strength of the institute.INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONCollaboration amongst Students & Faculty members- Kollaborative Klassroom – Institute’s social network can be used by anyone with adigital presence- Internal Mail Server – Institute’s Intranet only accessible by current students &management- Student Board – Communicates between students and managementStudent’s Performance sharing platform- PGP Office – Communicates between students/faculty/admin etc about classtimings/exam timings etc- Academic Information System (AIS) – Updated by the PGP office w.r.t courseinformation/student grades etcKnowledge sharing platforms- Kollaborative Klassroom (KK) – Used by students/faculty to share articles/classnotes etc- Workshops & Guest LecturesStudent Engagement Processes Intra House – Cultural Eventso Rangmancho Khoj Sports Activitieso Praxis Premier League – Institute’s own cricket league Club Activities House Activities
  5. 5. Praxis Business SchoolPART 2The strategy using Social MediaThis report includes: Business Case Communication channels How the company could engage and benefit A short term and long term plan Identified risk areas and mitigation processBusiness CaseFor External CommunicationTo attract the target group to be a part of Praxis• MBA aspirants• CorporateFor Internal CommunicationTo create an in-house online library for reference purposeExternal CommunicationCommunication
  6. 6. Praxis Business SchoolEngagement of stakeholders & benefits to PraxisThe two important stakeholders of Praxis are: Aspirants (of Praxis and/or MBA), and CorporateThe engagement process for the aspirants is described below:Aspirants (Formal Discussion)CommunicationChannelPrimaryActivitySecondaryActivityBenefits toPraxisFacebookPR Team• Updates about placements• Announces the shortlistedcandidates for the upcomingbatch• Informs college & facultymembers’ achievements• Informs Praxis Alumni’sachievements• Informs Praxis Alumni’s jobshifts• Discusses about classsessions• Praxis aspirantsshould likePraxis officialpage• Praxis studentssharing theinformation• Turns out tobe a mediumto attractPraxisAspirants• Increasesthe PageRank inGoogleSearch• MakesFacebookpage activeat all • PR TeamTwitter• PR Team tweets about allformal activities that happenat Praxis• Faculty members’ tweets• Hash tagcollege’s name• Hash tagcompany’sname• Embed facultymember’sTwitter accountin Praxiswebsite• Share bestTwitter updates
  7. 7. Praxis Business Schoolin FacebookYouTubeCreate an official channel and uploadvideos of:• Class lectures• Guest Lectures• Interviews with facultymembers• Tag the videoswith keywords(like Praxis)• Share thevideos onFacebook andTwitter• Embed certainvideos in PraxiswebsiteAspirants (Informal Discussion)CommunicationChannelPrimaryActivitySecondaryActivityBenefit toPraxisFacebookPR Team• Conducts photography,quiz contests• Uploads pictures of theevents• Discusses current affairs• Praxisaspirantsshould likePraxis officialpage• Turns out tobe a mediumto attractPraxisAspirants• Increases thePage Rank inGoogleSearch• MakesFacebookpage activeat all timeTwitter • Students’ tweets• Hash tagcollege’snameYouTubeUpload videos of:• Cultural Events• Life @ Praxis• Club Activities• Share thevideos onFacebook andTwitter• Tag thevideos withkeywords (likePraxis,Spardha etc)Corporate (Formal Discussion)CommunicationChannelPrimaryActivitySecondaryActivityBenefit toPraxisLinkedIn &Slideshare• PR team creates clubsand alumni groups• PR team follows theorganizations that visitPraxis• Praxis students uploadtheir project presentationsand reports• Bringsawarenessamongst thecorporate• CreatesplacementopportunitiesYouTubePR team uploads videos of:• Class lectures• Guest Lectures• Interviews with facultymembers• Life @ Praxis• Tag the videoswith keywords• Share thevideo links inLinkedInEmailCurrent students should have asignature as follows: Student Name Student Praxis Business School,
  8. 8. Praxis Business SchoolKolkata LinkedIn link Facebook link Slideshare linkInternal CommunicationCreate a new platform for the internal communication.Praxis Online DatabaseContents could be:1. Course Outline2. Reference Materials3. Case Studies (To be uploaded as per the directions of the faculty)4. Assignment Submissions5. Term project Submissions6. Q&A Forum The database could serve as an knowledge base for future references Current and Ex-students can refer to them when its needed but cannot download,unless the respective student was/is the creatorShort term PlanTo increase the engagement of the stakeholders on social media- Dedicate a PR team for the activities and to monitor the happening’s on the socialmedia w.r.t PraxisLong term PlanTo create an online database for the current and ex-students- A database that could be a part of KK and maintained by students (current)- It could be developed by the studentsRisk areas and mitigation processType of Communication Risk Area Risk MitigationExternal CommunicationPresence of fake individualaccountsOnly approved members cansee or comment in socialmedia pagesSpam entriesPR team shouldmonitor/screen the pages atregular intervalsAbusive, Illegal or obsceneposts• PR team should banthat individual whocreates such posts• PR team shouldscreen the pages atregular intervalsRepetitive postsEach individual in a PR teamshould be allocated therespective content (such as
  9. 9. Praxis Business Schoolvideos, photos andinformation), as they will beaware whether the content isrepetitive or notInternal Communication Copy and paste of contentPraxis students can only refer,but cannot downloadResults so far… PR team member posting a status about placement update gathered more likes(higher reach) and is also visible to ‘Non-Praxis’ students/members of PraxisFacebook page.
  10. 10. Praxis Business School If students are being a part of earned media then it changes the perception of anoutsider, especially when the discussion is informal