B-School Satisfaction Survey - Research Proposal


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B-School Satisfaction Survey - Research Proposal

  1. 1. BACKGROUNDOur client, Praxis Business School (Kolkata) was established in 2007. On itssuccessful completion of 5 years, the management wants to know the students’perception of the B-school.Our client also wants to know the satisfaction level of students at Praxis BusinessSchool vis-à-vis its peer B-school students, to benchmark itself with it’s peers.Hence, a market research is to be conducted to determine the overall satisfaction scoreof Praxis Business School vis-à-visits peer B-schools. A SWOT analysis will also begiven to our client, where the areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction will beintimated.The following proposal contains the objectives, research design, sample size,information areas and timeline.
  2. 2. OBJECTIVESMANAGEMENT DECISION PROBLEM:What is the overall satisfaction score of Praxis Business School vis-à-vis peer B-schools?MARKETING RESEARCH PROBLEM:To determine the areas and level of satisfaction amongst Praxis Business Schoolstudents vis-à-vis peer B-school students, for the client to take necessary actions.
  3. 3. RESEARCH DESIGNThe research to be conducted will be a quantitative based approach. The factors werederived from an exploratory research.TARGET GROUP:Students currently pursuing MBA in B-schools, which accept CAT/XAT/MAT/GMAT scores in B-schools, which provides 2-year Business Management course in a B-school, which has 5-20 years of establishment in a B-school, which is beyond 50th rank according toPagalguy.com and Careers360.comMARKETS OF STUDY:A study is to be conducted with the target population of Praxis Business School(PBS), Kolkata, which is a residential campus.In order to compare its overall satisfaction score with its peer B-schools, a samplestudy is to be conducted in the following colleges:Residential Campus: 1. Institute for Technology &Management (ITM), Navi Mumbai 2. Army Institute of Management (AIM), Kolkata 3. SDMInstitute of Management Development (SDMIMD), MysoreNon-Residential Campus: 1. ICFAI Business School (IBS), Mumbai 2. Globsyn Business School, Kolkata 3. New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM), DelhiBasis of B-School Selection: Two B-schools from East were taken,as they are the main competitors based on location
  4. 4. Two B-schools from West were taken, as the concentration of B-schools is highest in the West One B-school from South and North were also taken in order to represent all the four zones of IndiaSAMPLE SIZE:Praxis Business School (PBS), Kolkata First Year Second Year Fresher Work Ex Fresher Work Ex PBS, Kolkata M F M F M F M F Total 22 17 13 2 24 7 13 2 Target Population 39 15 31 15 100 ofPBS, KolkataPeer B-Schools: First Year Second Year Residential Fresher Work Ex Fresher Work Ex M F M F M F M F TotalITM Navi Mumbai 6 5 3 1 8 2 4 1 30AIM, Kolkata 6 5 3 1 8 2 4 1 30SDIMD, Mysore 6 5 3 1 8 2 4 1 30 33 12 30 15 Total 45 45 90 First Year Second Year Non-Residential Fresher Work Ex Fresher Work Ex M F M F M F M F TotalGlobsyn Business 6 5 3 1 8 2 4 1 30School, KolkataIBS, Mumbai 6 5 3 1 8 2 4 1 30NDIM, Delhi 6 5 3 1 8 2 4 1 30 33 12 30 15 Total 45 45 90(Note:M- Male ;F- Female)The sample size allocation is benchmarked with the ratio prevailing at PraxisBusiness School, Kolkata.
  5. 5. PBS, KolkataTarget Population (PBS, Kolkata): 100No sampling errorPeer B-SchoolsMinimum Sample Size: 180Sampling Error: 7.3%Confidence Level: 95%SAMPLING: No sampling technique is used to collect information in PBS, Kolkata as the population of the college are the target respondents Snowball sampling is used to collect information from the target respondents in peer B-schools
  6. 6. INFORMATION AREASMAIN QUESTIONNAIRE:The broad parameters under which the students’ satisfaction level will be measuredare: 1. Selection process 2. Placements 3. Academic o Faculty members o Fellow students o Course Curriculum o IT infrastructure o Alumni network o Library o Academic workshops 4. Non-Academic o Location of college o Hostel environment o Mess o Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities o Non-academic workshops o Other infrastructure  Sports utilities  Classrooms and Auditoriums  Gym
  7. 7. TIMELINEThe activities and their respective time periods are given below: Activity Time period Discussions and Questionnaire preparation 20th August – 26th August Field briefing and Fieldwork 29th August – 11th September Data preparation, Analysis and Reporting 12th September – 30th SeptemberSubmission of Final Report: 1st October 2012
  8. 8. QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN How much important is For the stated parameter, the parameter for you? what is your satisfaction (1 – Very Important; level in your college? 2 - Important; (1 – Very Satisfied; Parameters 3 – Neutral; 2 – Satisfied; 4 – Not Important; 3 – Neutral; 5 – Not Very Important) 4 – Not Satisfied; 5 – Not Very Satisfied)Selection Process:Cut-off percentile for gettingshortlisted for GD/PI processGroup Discussion during selectionprocessFinal Interview during selectionprocessPlacements:Variety of companies visiting yourcollege for placements (FMCG, ITetc)Variety of profiles available inyour college (Marketing, HR,Finance etc)Designation offered by companiesin your collegeSalary package being offered bythe companiesCore Faculty:Communication skill of the facultymembersThe ability of the faculty membersto make you understand the courseInterest generated by the facultymembers about the courseApproachability to the facultymembersFairness in evaluation by thefaculty membersVisiting Faculty:Communication skill of the facultymembersThe ability of the faculty membersto make you understand the courseInterest generated by the facultymembers about the courseApproachability to the faculty
  9. 9. membersFairness in evaluation by thefaculty membersFellow students:Competitiveness of fellow studentsin studiesCompetitiveness of fellow studentsin other activitiesCooperativeness of fellow studentsin studiesCooperativeness of fellow studentsin other activitiesFellow students socializing withyouCourse Curriculum:Learning value of the coursesAchievement of the courseobjectiveDepth of course coverageProvision of relevant coursematerialsIT infrastructure:Provision of course-relatedsoftwareSupport for course-related softwareAlumni network:Presence of a strong alumninetworkAlumni’s connect with youLibrary:Presence of adequate course-related reference materialsPresence of non-course relatedreference materialsPresence of newspapers andmagazinesProvision of online libraryFlexible library timingsWorkshops:Workshops related to academicsWorkshops related to non-academicsLocation:Location of collegeMess:Overall hygiene level of messProvision of tasty foodProvision of variety of food
  10. 10. Availability of food at all timeHostel environment: (Answer only if you belong to a residential B-School)Provision of single roomsProvision of hygienic toiletsProvision of adequate facilities inbathroomsProvision of internet facilitiesExtra curricular activities:Encouragement by your college toparticipate in other college eventsEncouragement by college toconduct intra-cultural eventsEncouragement by college toconduct inter-cultural eventsEncouragement by college toconduct intra-sports eventsEncouragement by college toconduct inter-sports eventsOther infrastructure:Provision of sports utilitiesProvision of an adequateauditoriumProvision of departmental storesinside the collegeProvision of adequate facilities ingym Name: Gender: Male Female B-School Name: Year currently in: First Year Second Year Work Experience: Yes No