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Cyber and ethics(cyber crime and many more topics)
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Cyber and ethics(cyber crime and many more topics)


cyber and ethics …

cyber and ethics
what does it means?
types of cyber crimes
and many more.......

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  • 2. WHAT IS CYBER • Cyber- is a prefix derived from "cybernetic," • Which comes from the greek adjective κυβερνητικός meaning skilled in steering or governing.
  • 3. WORDS THAT USE THE CYBER PREFIX •Cybercrime •Cyberforensics •Cybermonday •Cyberbullying •Cyberspace •Cybersuicide •Cybersecurity •Cyberpunk
  • 4. CYBERSPACE • Cyberspace is a domain characterized by the use of electronics and the electromagnetic spectrum • Used To – Store data – Modify data – exchange data via networked systems
  • 5. CYBERSUICIDE • Also called social suicide • cybersuicide is a slang term used to describe a suicide or suicide attempt that has been influenced by Web sites on the Internet
  • 6. CYBERSECURITY • Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices • Designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access
  • 7. CYBERCRIME • Cybercrime is criminal activity done using computers and the Internet. • This includes anything from downloading illegal music files to stealing millions of dollars from online bank accounts. • According to a report 4,191 Indian websites were defaced or hacked into in August alone, much higher than the 2,380 in July, 2,858 in June and 1,808 in May
  • 8. DANGERS AHEAD websense 2014 predictions • Advanced malware volume will increase • Attackers will be more interested I your cloud data then your network • A major data destruction attack will occur
  • 9. CYBERBULLYING • The use of information technology to harm or harass other people in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner.
  • 10. CYBERMONDAY • A marketing term for the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States. • The term "Cyber Monday" was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online. • The term made its debut on November 28, 2005, in a press release entitled "'Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year".
  • 11. CYBERPUNK • Hacker, who represent the best kind of cyberpunk • Cracker, who attempt to break into computer systems • Phreak, who attempt to break into telephone systems • Cyber-punks, who attempt to break codes and foil security systems
  • 12. CYBERFORENSICS • A branch of digital forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. • The goal of computer forensics is to examine digital media in a forensically sound manner with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analysing and presenting facts and opinions about the information.
  • 13. ETHICS • It means moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity.
  • 14. CLASSIFICATION OF ETHICS Meta-ethics, about the theoretical meaning and reference of moral propositions and how their truth values (if any) may be determined Normative ethics, about the practical means of determining a moral course of action Applied ethics draws upon ethical theory in order to ask what a person is obligated to do in some very specific situation, or within some particular domain of action (such as business) Descriptive ethics, also known as comparative ethics, is the study of people's beliefs about morality
  • 15. META-ETHICS • The term “meta” means after or beyond • The notion of meta-ethics involves a bird’s eye view of the entire project of ethics • May be defined as the study of the origin and meaning of ethical concepts
  • 16. • It involves arriving at moral standards that regulate right and wrong conduct • We should do to others what we would want others to do to us. Since I do not want my neighbour to steal my car, then it is wrong for me to steal her car. Since I would want people to feed me if I was starving, then I should help feed starving people
  • 17. Applied Ethics • the branch of ethics which consists of the analysis of specific, controversial moral issues • Such as – Abortion – Animal Rights – Euthanasia
  • 18. Descriptive ethics • also known as comparative ethics • It is the study of people's beliefs about morality
  • 19. • Analysis of the nature and social impact of computer technology • Corresponding formulation and justification of policies for the ethical use of such technology.
  • 20. Did you know
  • 21. Kids have been bullied online
  • 22. have been bullied more than once
  • 23. Have hurt their feelings online
  • 24. kids have had their password stolen
  • 25. received an threatening email
  • 26. Sometimes The Consequences
  • 27. TRAGIC
  • 28. DPS MMS Scandal MMS Scandal Rocks Jamshedpur Schools NOIDA Girl Refuses to Marry, Boy Uploads Nude Pics MMS Scandal Rocks Delhi Business School MMS scandal involving Namitha, Malavika, South Indian Actresses Boyfriend posts Nude Pics on Social Networking Site Mumbai teen arrested for sending threat mail
  • 29. It’s a full blown Epidemic
  • 30. Do you know
  • 31. What sites your child frequents? Who are his online friends? What do they discuss? What do they do online?
  • 32. Ifanyansweris
  • 33. You Need help
  • 34. Learn to use the Internet RESPONSIBILY