Your own dream


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Your own dream

  1. 1. Your own dream!!You have to dream before your dreams can come true. Now one may think why I start with aquote of our long forgotten beloved president Abdul Kalam that is because I feel no bureaucrathas inspired millions of children and youngsters like him, he is the lone good man amongst thebad and ugly. Naturally in our country only people as clean as Andimuthu raja can be given asecond run. Ok let me come out of politics as it is not what I am gonna ponder upon this time. Iam tired of being an angry, confused young man (no not because of our classes till 7 PM).Christopher Nolan’s dream of implanting a dream in one’s mind was a great sci- fi and the wholeworld praised his imagination but I accuse him of copying it from our country. Nolan’s inception is already a reality at least in this part of theworld, how many students and youngsters have their own dream, they chase their parents dreamsor sometimes even worse the dream of others. Dreams are crushed as soon as kids reach ninthgrade, there starts the mental pressure. Parents and the society determine ,what the bestprofession for them is and the dream is imparted in their brains. The general Indian mentality has become that unless you’re from a businessbackground or a doctor there are only two kinds of students, engineers and non engineers. EveryTom, Dick and Harry in our country is an engineer. After an in-depth research done using theinsights we have gained from the two RM Papers, involving various dependent, independent,stupid, unforeseen, un called for and I don’t know what variables I have proposed the hypothesisthat 15.54 % love engineering and so proceed to study it. Another 9.46 % get forced in to it byparents. 50 % people still have no clue why they joined engineering (this includes people likeme), may be because they know no other course. This is where inception plays a big role; theyhave been infested with some grave idea that engineering is something great, only engineersknow that the chief value in doing engineering is that it’s the only way to learn it really doesn’tmatter. The remaining are the interesting mixed lot including people who want a B.E to marrytheir girl or to get married to an IT professional settled in U.S and on and on. Man, there are 450 engineering colleges in Tamilnadu alone, I amdreading that there may come a day when an ECE engineer will repair cell phones and othergadgets but it ll come so soon as they are already as clerks, cashiers, good homemakers (men
  2. 2. and women) etc. I had a chance to speak with an American teacher, who had come to my school,during our conversation I asked him why history? He calmly said, “history is my passion and Itook it up”. Asked at any point of time what our guys say is that some course had some godforsaken scope and they took it. IT has killed number of musicians, poets, lyricists, speakers,teachers, core science people who else would have been happy when they reached their owndream. But this is not gonna long last , nature has its own balancing acts, when the demandsupply equilibrium is upset then we d know the value of agriculture or any blue color job. Butwaiting till that time is absurd we should nt behave like a nation of million people , we shouldbehave like a nation of billion people , so lets dream, dream and dream!!! - Arul Vignesh.S