Newsletter Issue # 4 Radians School, Inc


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Newsletter Issue # 4 Radians School, Inc

  1. 1. Radians School of Math, Science, and Technology Issue 4, September, 2013 How to Educate Socially and Emotionally Stable Children By Dr. Raquel Castrodad, Ed.D. Academic Director Parents need to be “down-to-earth” in order to educate emotionally stable children when facing a violent, intolerant, and aggressive society.; one in which relativism runs rampant; where there is a lack of empathy and compassion, and which promotes unhealthy values which contradicts a healthy lifestyle. that have ceased to be established for the well-being of our children. Our children need to be children, play with their companions, solve their own “problems”, and face their own youthful challenges. They need parents to guide them and to be the first to demonstrate respect for themselves and other adults. I often hear questions from parents who, worried about this situation, Children need parents who will impose boundaries for their family want to develop respectful and responsible citizens: How can I interactions, and who understand that the home is not a democracy; discipline my children without affecting their self-esteem? there are hierarchies and in that hierarchy the parents are above the children. This is an important point for the social development of Simple! If we closely observe, we can see that one thing leads to children and their relations in school and the community. another. They are not opposites. Discipline and self-esteem go hand in hand! Limits give security. A child who does not respect adults does not pay attention. Effective discipline, without the sense of guilt that parents often feel, is the extraordinary formula that helps youngsters become self-confident and develop a healthy self-esteem. Children, by their nature, tend to think they are the center of everything, that the world revolves around them. This is why it is imperative that parents clearly see their children as they truly are in order to maintain the proper balance in the relationship. Parents must not allow them to control the relationship. They must fulfill their obligations. A child who does not pay attention does not follow instructions. A child who does not follow instructions does NOT learn. So, parents who desire their children to be excellent students should teach them respect towards adults, beginning with their mother and father. Definitely children need lots and lots of love. Thus, it is essential that they receive sincere love AND it is also crucial that they be duly disciplined when necessary. Parents cannot effectively discipline their children if they have lost their The concept of self-esteem has been distorted by the willingness to “center of gravity”. How is this lost? By accepting certain fads that are give the child everything he/she desires in order to avoid a “tantrum.” being implemented so that children do not lose their “self-esteem”. This is like someone who sees the trees, but misses the forest. For example: The more we permit our children to live experiences and to obtain achievements, by their own effort, (including that of letting them make mistakes), the more we will help them construct their self-esteem and their moral intelligence. Developing moral intelligence is a major determining factor in the formation of a respectful citizen, and adds value to the society of which he/she will belong. For children to feel safe, parents assume full responsibility in fulfilling all of their children’s requests, giving them what these ask for, and not what they really need. This turns parents into their children's servants. Parents assume responsibility for their child’s homework; carry their book bags, control communication and relationships with peers and teachers. Violence, as well as self-control, is learned! The modern social tendency defines good parenting as being involved in everything. The working mother or father develops a certain feeling of “guilt” because they feel that they are not present to adequately attend the child, which leads to having the parent resolve all problems faced by the child in order to avoid situations that might affect his/her selfesteem. The earlier we begin to cultivate the moral capacity of children in a conscious and planned manner, greater will be the successes in the development of our society’s future leaders. In this way we would be giving the foundation necessary for the formation of their character and that they may grow thinking, believing, and acting morally. A reality of our times is that adults are excessively involved in the Dr. R. Castrodad is a certified Master Facilitator for the Virtues Project affairs of their children, and children excessively involved in the and has worked tirelessly to promote the integration of virtues into the affairs of adults! Adults are not children and, above all, children are curriculum of schools all over the island. not adults! This is the great difference between our society and the famous days of our grandparents. The social factors of the past that nourished the moral character of our youth have disintegrated due to the lack of structure and boundaries
  2. 2. History Class Students work on Dioramas A s part of their work in Social Studies, 6th grade students from Prof. Xiomara Roman’s History class worked to develop a diorama. Students collaborated in groups to plan, create, and build a geographic scene that demonstrated their understanding of habitat and geography. When students learn the topic and are allowed the freedom to use this knowledge to create, the student internalizes the concept in a deeper manner. At Radians School, we believe that students should use their knowledge to create. What is sad to note is that the pervasive educational tradition has worked to eliminate the creative process so necessary for our young people to grow and develop properly. As educators, it is our responsibility to allow the student the freedom and the opportunity to express this creativity by providing them with the necessary environment that fosters this type of thinking. Among the healthy benefits of this philosophy of education is that the student learns to love the educational process of which he is an active participant. Our education professionals understand this point and the beneficiary of this is the entire school community. How Non-Traditional Education helps Students Learn About the Library and Dictionaries T he dictionary is an important tool in any classroom. It is an vital book that is mostly forgotten. That is why the third grades (both Ms. Rios and Ms. Perez’s groups) are arduously working with this wonderful tool. In complete alignment with the course curriculm for this level, one of the important objectives is for the student not only to remember that the dictionary serves as an instrument to find meanings of words we may not know, but also it is an excellent way to enrich our student’s vocabulary. This week the students will be involved in various activities which are all connected with the use of the dictionary. First, students will visit the library where they will have a short conference by the school librarían, Prof. M.C. Alvarez about the different types of dictionaries and how these are used. Students will learn to classify words and put them in alphabetical order. By means of fun activities and games, Prof. Soqui Perez will help them work directly with dictionaries, as students learn about guide words and meanings. To conclude we will have a Trivia Challenge activity where students from both third grade groups can socialize and compete against each other in a healthy and safe competition where they apply what they have learned in class.
  3. 3. High School NHS members serve the community T he National Honor Society, High School Zafiro Chapter dedicated the month of August to the children. This being the case, this past Friday, August 30th, 2013, the members of the NHS shared several activities with our pre-school students focused on developing virtues, especially the virtues of empathy, friendship, enthusiasm, courtesy, respect, and responsbility. Crafts, dramas, games , and songs were some of the activities carried out to help our young students understand the concepts. By serving others, NHS members come to understand that they can make a difference in the lives of others, and enrich their own lives in the process. GREAT WORK NHS Zafiro Chapter! High School Spanish Literature Students Undertake Debate Activity The past few days, the 11th grade has been undertaking a series of oral reports with the purpose of sharing information, debating diverse points of views and, in this manner, developing their critical thinking skills while applying the perspective of ethics. Taking as a starting point the three fundamental themes in the novel: “El Sueño de América” by Esmeralda Santiago: 1)Domestic Violence, 2)Migration, and 3)the Marines in Vieques. The students then carried out the following activities: Symposium on domestic violence Panel discussion on how and why the U.S. Marines arrive at Vieques; the realities and the consequences  Debate surrounding the issue of migration   The importance of analysis and critical thinking skills in these types of activities underscore a crucial part of the institution’s mission: to help develop integral human beings. It was an extremely productive educational experience where one could evidence not only the academic excellence of our students, but their evident character development as well.
  4. 4. Radians School students enjoying their co-curricular activities Photo at right. Bow and Arrow group at their first meeting. Mr. DelValle’s students are learning the importance of safety and basic archery skills before stepping out to practice this versatile sport. Photo above, Ms. Mercado’s crocheting activity commences as students learn how to do their first knitting project. Above and at right, Ms. Colón’s Digital Animation activity has students engaged in the process of learning and creating. Students enjoy this process immensely. Pictured above are the members of the Scrapbooking Activity headed by our own dynamic, Ms. Román. Students enjoy themselves outside as they motivate themselves and get their creative juices flowing to start working on their scrapbooking projects. Right Photo Students run in their Track and Field course as their selected cocurricular activity! A fun way to stay in shape and “a healthy body leads to healthy mind!” Radians School of Math, Science, and Technology Carr 735 Km 0.4 Cayey, Puerto Rico 00736 (787) 738-4822 At left, Parents share with each other while waiting for their children, who are participating in the co -curricular activities offered at Radians School. Our caring community creates bonds of friendship. Right Photo, Track and Field girls pose with their coach while the guys are doing laps in preparation for their practice session! Happy students enjoying the educational process! The first and only school in Puerto Rico recognized as a “National School of Character” The Intelligent Choice for YOUR child’s Future Success!