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Christmas Edition

The Radians School ADVANTAGE

Radians School Students...
different sciences can help learners connect concepts to concepts,
topics to topics and explicitly link different discipli...
Daily Life at
Radians School

8th Grade World
History Course
Preparing Timelines

Students from the 8th Grade Wo...
Cayey, Puerto Rico
Radians School Calendar 2014
(Subject to Change)
January, 2014

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Issue 9 christmas edition final pdf


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Issue 9 christmas edition final pdf

  1. 1. RADIANS SCHOOL of Math, Science, and Technology Christmas Edition The Radians School ADVANTAGE  Radians School Students Work Hard and Enjoy the Learning Process!   When parents evaluate which school to send their child, they take into consideration many points. The most important of these is the academic curriculum a school has. Enrolling one’s child in Radians School implies that the parent believes that the academic offering here affords the child the best opportunity to successfully pursue their ultimate goals. We fully understand that Radians School is not for everyone. To compete successfully in the world requires clear goals and the willingness to work hard to achieve these. Radians School is proud of the results it has achieved with its students. We openly share the results of our students because we know that these results are a validation of the hard work and effort made by our teaching staff to guide our students on the road to success. Parents can count on us to continue to offer the most up-to-date and effective academic experience for your child. One very important key to success is “discipline.” While no one enjoys discipline, we enjoy the results that discipline helps us achieve.  It is true that the slogan  “Excellence! That’s What We Do! represents who and what we are!       100% Full English classes (excepting Spanish & PR History) Strong emphasis on Science and Math Rigorous academic curriculum geared towards preparing students for study in PR and the U.S. with proven successful results Completely online platform for Math, Science, History and English from 7th grade Outstanding facilities with 8 basketball courts, a baseball field and semi-Olympic pool Extensive agricultural program with a full-size greenhouse and hydroponic system (winner of multiple awards) Two-time winner of the prestigious “Presidential Blue Ribbon Award” for teaching excellence Award-winning faculty Highly satisfied parents Many co-curricular activities includes: robotics, tennis, dance, music, guitar classes, computer animation, recycling, track and field, champion volleyball and softball teams, and much more. The first and only school in Puerto Rico recognized as a “National School of Character”
  2. 2. different sciences can help learners connect concepts to concepts, topics to topics and explicitly link different disciplines of science. Science develops literacy skills Above, Alexandra Droz, Radians High School WHY WE EMPHASIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF SCIENCE AT RADIANS SCHOOL Language and literacy skills are integral to knowing and doing science. Reading, writing, and speaking are all essential to comprehending and communicating scientific issues and ideas. Active hands-on/minds-on science programs provide valuable context for students to develop literacy skills through reading and writing informational and non-fiction text. But literacy in science is more than just reading and writing: understanding the impact of science in our world provides opportunity to debate issues through written, oral, or visual presentations. This gives students opportunities to read, write, defend and communicate their findings in meaningful ways. Science surrounds us. It is everywhere in our daily lives - all day, every day! That is why Radians School emphasizes SCIENCE! From an early age, we interact with our environment, asking questions and seeking answers. This question-and-answer process lies at the heart of knowing and doing science. It is a way of knowing and thinking about the natural and physical components of the world in which we live. The importance of science in our daily lives may not be obvious, yet we make science-based choices every day. Science is involved when we choose what to eat, or choose products with the least impact on the environment or make informed decisions about our health-care. Science is the foundation of an innovative culture and at the core of significant political decisions. Understanding science is crucial for all Puerto Ricans so we can be informed and active in our country's future. Active, hands-on/minds-on experiences, as well as research and problem-solving opportunities, build an understanding of Above, Ricardo Valdes at Radians School lab. what it means to know science. Doing science develops our ability to ask questions, collect information, organize and test our ideas, problem-solve and apply what we learn. Even more, science Science develops numeracy skills is a platform for building confidence, developing communication Numeracy, like language and literacy, is integral to doing skills, and making sense of the world around us. Read more about science. The skills of sorting and classifying, estimating and how we learn to maximize the learning experiences of children. counting, measuring, graphing, collecting data and analyzing are Science is inclusive frequently used when doing science. Science investigations Science is part of our daily lives: all day, every day, everywhere provide rich context and authentic opportunities to learn and use we go. Our personal lives are real world contexts for learning numeracy skills within the context of science. For instance, science and understanding the impact of science on our lives. understanding and predicting how forces act on a structure Everyone can become engaged in science by way of linking daily involves science, mathematics and design technology through personal experiences to science, regardless of where they live, data collection, measurement, presentation and interpretation how they live or what language they speak. Our knowledge of skills. science comes from the contributions of many different cultures Science develops general and technical skills and people. Access to science education develops confidence and Science is a way of knowing and thinking about the natural and positive self-image for all learners, regardless of culture, gender, physical world. Observing, measuring, inferring, classifying, race, social class or religious beliefs. predicting and communicating are some of the skills fundamental Science crosses subjects The world is not fragmented into discrete subjects and science is not isolated from everything else in our lives — it crosses into all subjects. Not only do different types of science interact (such as the concept of light energy, which links biology, chemistry and physics), but science can be found in subjects like history, geography, philosophy and all sorts of subject areas. For example, understanding time periods in history and societies includes learning about scientific innovations and technology used during those periods. Science is even dance and music — it allows us to understand how we hear music, how we move our bodies to dance, and how our eyes see art. Learning opportunities linking science to other subjects provide a rich context for integrating science, technology, mathematics, and language concepts and skills. Integrated programs help learners understand concepts across different subjects and make connections within a particular subject area. Integration of to science. Not only are they integral to science investigations, solving problems, and making decisions, they contribute to science as a body of knowledge and a 'way of knowing.' Conducting science investigations and explorations involves use of inquiry skills. Inquiry is a circular process: the conclusions can take the learner back to the original question and lead to more questions, involving learners in the process of learning. By formulating their own questions, planning, and conducting investigations, learners build new meanings, understanding and knowledge. This helps develop their critical thinking, reasoning, and decision-making skills. Science also requires using technical skills, important to procedures used in various disciplines of science, such as doing a titration in chemistry or using a spring scale in physics. Part of learning these technical skills is developing an understanding of the safety considerations involved when handling materials and equipment and performing experiments.
  3. 3. Daily Life at Radians School 8th Grade World History Course Activity: Preparing Timelines Students from the 8th Grade World History Course have been working on a semester long project involving the creation of a World History Timeline. Students are encouraged to bring photos of outstanding persons, age architecture, art, music, and literature of a given time period. Having students put events in order helps them to start to understand the overall development of a particular event such as the age of Greece and Rome, age of discovery, the industrial revolution, and, finally, to understand the development of an historical era like the Cold War. It allows them to see how historical events are related and points out the cause and effect relationship between historical events. Students from the elementary school surprised their teacher on Friday, Dec. 6 with an unexpected “Baby Shower.” Ms. Fonseca was visibly moved at this display of care and love by her students. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next member of the great Radians School Family. UPDATE: Ms. Johanna Ortiz (elementary Math teacher) gave birth on Friday to a healthy little girl, the newest addition to our family. We send our best wishes and love!! Above, Students taking care of the hydroponic system at our ERCSA agricultural center. Nicely done! Above, Members of Cub Scouts Pack 453 having a meeting. Parents work together with and support their children. Great work parents! Above, the parents of the COPSAA Girls Mini Volleyball Champions. Day in and day out they are there supporting their children and helping them achieve their goals! Congratulations parents!
  4. 4. Cayey, Puerto Rico Radians School Calendar 2014 (Subject to Change) SECOND SEMESTER January, 2014 9 13 20 25 VIRTUE—Tolerance Classes begin PK – 12th Grade Holiday: Eugenio María de Hostos CLASSES WILL NOT MEET Holiday: Martín Luther King CLASSES WILL NOT MEET SAT Testing February At right, Santa pays a visit to the Preschool … What a wonderful holiday season! VIRTUE—Fairness Scouting Anniversary Week AEP Annual Convention Holiday: President’s Day CLASSES WILL MEET College Board Testing (PEAU) Sanjuaneo Tour 9th – 12th Ruta histórica Isla cerrera 7th & 8th 2-8 12-14 17 22 28 March * 8 11-14 14 17-21 18 21 April VIRTUE—Integrity Autopista College Fair SAT Testing Science Fair Week Pocahontas 4th - 6th English Week & Scholastic Book Fair Science Fair Awards Ceremony Presentation 1st - 3rd Grade VIRTUE—Responsibility 11 Noche de Teatro 7th – 12th 11 Pre School Open House 14-18 SPRING BREAK CLASSES WILL NOT MEET 21 Holiday: José de Diego CLASSES WILL NOT MEET 22 Back to school 25 SEPA Testing K-11th May 3 2 5-9 6,7,8 9 12 13 11-16 14 15 16 20 21 22 26 23-30 VIRTUE—Compassion SAT Testing Field Day Pre School Education Week Celebration Advanced Level Testing (PNA) Achievements Ceremony 4th & 5th Grade Achievements Ceremony 6th, 7th, 8th Grades Achievements Ceremony 9th – 12th Grades International Science & Engineering Fair – Los Angeles, California Final Tests English & History Final Tests Math &Spanish Final Test Science/Last day of school Commencement Ceremony 12th Grade Commencement Ceremony 8 th Grade Graduation Kinder Holiday: Memorial Day CLASSES WILL NOT MEET Faculty Administrative End of Term Work 7 2 28 VIRTUE—Joyfulness SAT Testing Radians Summer Camp/Faculty Professional Workshops College Board Testing (PEAU) June Radians School Carr 735 Km 0.4 Cayey, PR 00736 787.738.4822 ph 787-738-2700 fax www.radiansschool.org Above, MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS!—Radians School athletes win COPSAA Futsol Championship! Way to go, SHARKS! From the entire Virtues-Based Community, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!