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Arts Holland annual report 2012

  1. 1. Arts Holland 2012 Report
  2. 2. IntroductionArts Holland was initiated as a national and non-commercial project by theMinistry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Transport and thefour major Dutch cities in Holland. Its aim is to reinforce the position of artsand culture in the Randstad, which is Holland‟ most densely populated regionthat incorporates the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, and Utrechtand their outlying areas.Arts Holland unites all the Dutch cultural institutions under one brand,focusing on the interconnection. Working together with multiple majororganizations in the field of arts, culture, communication, transport, creativeindustry and technology, Arts Holland strengthens and supports the services ofthese existing organizations. Arts Holland enables her partners to excel in theirown domains and creates connections and new opportunities.This report shows the different activities undertaken in 2012 and includes theresults thereof.
  3. 3. Executive SummaryOverall objective: To position the unique and high quality cultural Dutchproduct in an innovative way to the US and UK cultural tourist.KPI‟s (2012 & 2013):• Improve the cultural image of the Randstad area and generate arrivals of cultural tourists.• Increase of 15 million Euros on expenditure by international cultural tourists in Holland.• Media value of 2 million Euros• Online contact moments: 100 million• 4 newly developed Apps in line with the marketing campaignTiming: 2012 & 2013
  4. 4. Executive SummaryTarget group: Purposeful Cultural Tourist (PCT) - culture is the key motivatorfor going on holiday abroad. He prefers short holidays and city trips and heis well informed on the area he is going to visit. He is highly educated andspends relatively much money on his holiday.Media approach: A combination of online and social media advertising,bloggers, PR, development of an open data platform for realization of ArtsHolland apps.2012 combined results (US/UK)Online contact moments: 65,320.302Media Value: € 1,478.676Average banner CTR %: 0,16%App Developments: 3 example apps
  5. 5. Contents1. Marketing & Communications# PR# Advertising Campaign# Social Media# Arts Holland Website# Blog community# Arts Holland Magazine2. Arts Holland Open Data Platform# Overview# Demonstrator Apps3. Cooperation Culture / Tourism
  6. 6. 1. Marketing & Communications
  7. 7. UK PR
  8. 8. Sponsorship of UK annual press event20 March 2012 9
  9. 9. Arts Holland Press Launch26 June 2012 30 quality journalists, ranging from Marie Claire, Sunday Telegraph, Press Association, naar aMuse en RA magazine present.
  10. 10. Filming of Heaven on Earth –The Hague
  11. 11. Filming of Heaven on Earth –The Hague 12
  12. 12. Publicity Examples
  13. 13. UK Press Clippings Overview DATE OFTITLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION VALUE £ SUMMARYHoliday Heaven on Earth 01/03/2012 1,000,000 £120,000.00 The Hague, the Royal CityMetro (Ireland) 10/04/2012 198,000 £8296.68 IJing to get there, the new Eye Film 05/07/2012 5,321 £501.00 Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev 15/08/2012 45000 £1,500.00 The road to Van 16/08/2012 45000 £1,500.00 The road to Van EyckGroup Leisure {Main} 01/09/2012 8,000 £6,863.72 Go dutchThe Daily Telegraph {Travel} 22/09/2012 584,089 £28,765.30 Time to take a plunge into a big Dutch bath tubArtMag 01/10/12 20,000 £1,500.00 Something old, something 01/10/12 45,000 £1,500.00 Amsterdam, the Golden Age 01/10/12 70,000 £1,500.00 Amsterdam, the Golden Age continuesMSN UK (Travel) 02/10/12 17,400,000 £57,569.25 The new kid on the blockArt Wednesday 05/10/12 50,000 £2,500.00 Art in AmsterdamThe Independent on Sunday 21/10/12 122,588 £33,050.00 The Road to Van Eyck 5*International Life 22/10/12 50,000 £8,750.00 Rotterdam, the new Amsterdam?The Arbuturian 29/10/12 70,000 £5,687.00 Rotterdam: Manhattan and Naughty GnomesEpoch Times 07/11/12 35,000 £1,500.00 RotterdamThe Daily Telegraph {Travel} 17/11/2012 560,474 £26,129.82 Discovering Rotterdams artistic sideTotal Circulation 20,308,472Total 2012 € 370,015.18 £307,112.68
  14. 14. USA PR
  15. 15. Publicity examples
  16. 16. USA Press Clippings Overview
  17. 17. Advertising Campaign
  18. 18. Online Campaign UKObjectives:• Improve the cultural image of the Randstad area and generate increased arrivals of UK cultural tourists• Increase expenditure by UK cultural tourists in Holland and help to achieve the total target for UK and US of a €15million increase in expenditure• Drive traffic to the Arts Holland website and help to achieve the „contact moments‟ target for UK and US of 100 million.Strategy:• To combine 2 types of media: One site partnership Networks including multiple sites that focus on driving traffic One core site that can + engage the right audience Display Networks Site Specific Advertising on a single Networks that will drive site using large and targeted low cost traffic to engaging formats the site
  19. 19. Online Campaign UKTools:• Call to action: Arts Holland, more art per square mile than anywhere in Europe, visit now• Two campaign bursts:  From 9th to 20th December 2012 (for results see table below)  From 14th Jan. to 17th March 2013 (to follow) • Results: Impressions Clicks CTR Estimated Achieved % achieved Estimated Achieved % achieved Estimated Achieved % achieved Google 13,800,000 7,412,710 53.72% 6,900 10,928 158,37% 0.05% 0.15% 298.24%Total Media 5,520,000 479,282 8,68% 2,760 360 13,04% 0.05% 0.8% 160,00% Guardian 4,996,736 1,016,974 20,35% 2,681 1,316 49,09% 0.05% 0.13% 260,00% Total 24,316,736 21,938,283 90.22% 12,341 29,886 242.17% 0.05% 0.14% 268.42%
  20. 20. Banner Screenshot
  21. 21. UK Banner Screenshot
  22. 22. Online Campaign USACustom advertorials for each city Campaign active: December 2012 through February 2013 Total Unique Views: 1,326• Advertising on Utrecht: 568• With targeted impressions on: Amsterdam: 451 Homepage, Visual Arts, Lifestyle, and Fashion channels The Hague: 158 Rotterdam: 149
  23. 23. Online Campaign Arts Holland Landing Page
  24. 24. Online Campaign USADedicated Email Co-branded Units and Arts Holland Banners
  25. 25. Social Media
  26. 26. Facebook Ad Campaign US / UKThe campaign ran through:August - October
  27. 27. Facebook Ad Campaign
  28. 28. Facebook Ad Campaign
  29. 29. Facebook KPI’s Paid Impressions Facebook visits to 1.492 Average of 3,77 pages per visit. Time spent on the site: 02:10 minutes. Mobile: 382 visits.Total page likes (Demographics & Location) December 31, 2012
  30. 30. Facebook KPI’s Organic impressionsTotal reach: 15,391,000 million organic impressions in 2012
  31. 31. Facebook PostsTop Facebook posts generateengagement
  32. 32. Arts Holland Website
  33. 33. Arts Holland Website
  34. 34. Arts Holland Website• A metamorphosis for the AH website during the summer of 2012• Both the front - as well as back end was adapted to connect the site on to the Open Data Platform• Furtermore new functionalities and components were added, such as the carousel, blog, editorials, tweets, distances, etc.• Official launch November 1, 2012 of redesigned site• Web visits 2012:
  35. 35. Visits per country
  36. 36. Top 10 pagesPage Pageviews Unique Pageviews Avg. Time on Page Entrances Bounce Ratehome 36,725 17,386 0:00:49 16,62 16.50%whats-on 1,677 940 0:01:28 107 35.51%genre/festivals-events 1,483 725 0:01:02 48 16.67%genre/architecture 1,457 703 0:01:19 87 36.78%genre/museum-galleries 1,431 728 0:00:57 71 38.03%Blog 1,393 442 0:00:58 58 5.17%Team 1,257 351 0:00:54 14 14.29%blog/taking-photography-21st-century 1,139 511 0:00:53 262 1.53%Planner 1,122 310 0:01:35 46 23.91%About 1,013 614 0:01:18 79 48.10%
  37. 37. Traffic sources Referral top 10 Visits 5,527 954 430 424 413 264 185 178 175 173
  38. 38. Traffic sources
  39. 39. Mobile usage 6.185 visits with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod 853 visits with a Samsung Galaxy … 270 visits with a Blackberry …
  40. 40. Blog communityRecent blog posts on The Hague…
  41. 41. Blog community• Just for the launch of the redesigned site, Arts Holland started the Arts Holland blog in September 2012.• Every month AH publishes a minimum of 15 blog posts, written by a team of 10 art & culture professionals, supplemented with contributions from local city experts.• The posts include: 1) US blog posts Dutch events in the US 2) UK blog posts Dutch events in the UK 3) Orange Alerts collaboration with the Dutch Embassy 4) Dutch Dots collaboration with The Dots magazine 5) City blog local city experts share tips 6) Insiders locals write about visited events, the hip & happening & other highlights (2 bloggers per city)
  42. 42. Arts Holland Magazine
  43. 43. Arts Holland MagazineIssue #1, June 2012
  44. 44. Arts Holland Magazine• June 21, 2012 the pilot issue of AHM was launched• The magazine is a collaboration between the Dutch UITburo‟s, NBTC & DCICC (formerly known as SICA)• The magazine is aimed at the Art Afficionado• AHM is published in an edition of 10,000 copies. In addition to the offline issue, the magazine has also been made ​available online. Online the magazine has currently received over 6,200 views.• Contents, a.o. - A short story by Dutch author Tommy Wieringa - Affordable & transportable Dutch Design souvenirs - Darlings on the go (cultural export) - Dutch art collectors at home - High end fashion - Innovative food projects - Sustainable architecture
  45. 45. Magazine Distribution Date Year Event QuantityEmbassy events Nov 16 – 18 2012 Toneelgroep Amsterdam 36 Oct 31 - Nov 4 2012 5 Dutch Days NY 144 Jan 26 - Jun 2 2013 Mauritshuis in SF 108 Feb 12 - 14 2013 Concertgebouw 72 Apr 3 - 5 2013 NDT 72 Jun 22 - Sep 29 2013 Mauritshuis in Atlanta 108 Oct 22 - Jan 12 2013 Mauritshuis in NY 180NBTC events Aug 12 - 13 2012 ASAE 11 Oct 9 - 11 2012 IMEX 50 Fall? 2012 NBTC event 144Events Sep 6 - 9 2012 Art San Diego 72 Sep 20 - 23 2012 Art Now Fair Chicago 72 Dec 4 - 9 2012 Art Miami 72 Dec 6 - 9 2012 Art Basel Miami 72 Jan 26 - 30 2013 NY International Gift Fair 72Other n/a 2012 Art Horizons International 25 n/a 2012 Ace Hotel NY 400 n/a 2012 Witzenhausen Gallery NY 72 n/a 2012 byAMT NY 72 Total 1854
  46. 46. 2. Arts Holland Open DataPlatform
  47. 47. Arts Holland platform• What is the Arts Holland open data platform?The Arts Holland open data platform provides developers free access to a richcollection of interrelated data on tourism and culture so they can build smart,innovative and contemporary applications for cultural tourists.• Who participates?Applications can be built by individuals and organizations using the data from theplatform. Everyone can help by building new applications, by making data availablefor the platform or use the applications which include the open data from the platform.
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Why an open data platform?
  50. 50. Why an open data platform?• Niche offerThe cultural and tourism in the Netherlands is high. Largeinstitutions and events are represented well via the traditionalchannels. Smaller theaters, venues, local fairs and markets arerepresented less in these channels.• Tailor-made experienceThe Arts Holland Open Data Platform also allows finding nicheoffers. This allows the tourist to receive a unique and customizedexperience.
  51. 51. Who is using the platform?• Apps development takes place at Colleges and Universities• Developers build from amateurism and out of their own needs• Existing services can be extended by using open data
  52. 52. Linked open data
  53. 53. Linked open data• What is linked data?Linked (Open) Data is an international standard allowing data to be linkedtogether. When you search on “Nijntje" you will not only find the Dick BrunaHouse but also the wikipedia page, the corresponding flickr photos and more.• The new InternetLinked Open Data has been the vision of Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of theInternet. Information is currently interlinked by hyperlinks. Linked data linksdata together using standards. It makes large chunks of information moreaccessible.
  54. 54. Data currently in the platform
  55. 55. Data currently in the platform• 4.408 venues• +/- 70.000 events• 13.419 Points of Interest• 241 reviews, articles and blog posts
  56. 56. Example Application: Surprise me
  57. 57.
  58. 58.
  59. 59.
  60. 60.
  61. 61.
  62. 62. Surprise me• Surprise me„Surprise me‟ is a fine example of an application that uses linked open data from the ArtsHolland Platform. The application gives the user a random location within a radius of xmeters to be surprised. On the spot the user will receive more information about thelocation, possible events in the neighborhood etc.• Cooperation HvAThe „Surprise me‟ application was created by to be honest, a group of HVA students. In2012, two groups of HVA students have worked on ideas by using the Open DataPlatform as part of the Open Culture Data Challenge.
  63. 63. Example Application: Walk me
  64. 64. Data currently in Arts Holland• 4.408 venues• bijna 70.000 evenementen• 13.419 Points of Interest• 241 recensies, artikelen en blogposts
  65. 65. Walk me• Walk meAt first sight „Walk me‟ looks like a simple application which lists events and points ofinterest on a map. The interface is designed in a flexible way and displays routes betweendifferent locations.• Winner "Apps for Amsterdam" 2012„Walk me‟, developed by Martijn Mellema, was the application winner of the Apps forAmsterdam competition 2012.
  66. 66. Example Application: Arts Tonight
  67. 67. Data currently in Arts Holland• 4.408 venues• bijna 70.000 evenementen• 13.419 Points of Interest• 241 recensies, artikelen en blogposts
  68. 68. Arts Tonight• Arts Tonight„Arts Tonight‟ is a unique idea which brings culture and tourism information straight tothe end user by linking to the offer. When a visitor to Amsterdam indicates he wants todo something near Leidseplein he will receive a customized offer from the data of i.e.Stadsschouwburg or Uitburo.• Development„Arts Tonight‟ is looking for financing of the development and will connect to the ArtsHolland platform with a new open tool which all developers can then use.
  69. 69. Other parties involved
  70. 70. Results2012Platform, beta, live The beta-version of the Arts Holland platform was launched in June 2012 during an event called “Hack de Overheid. Currently around 100 API keys (entrance codes) to the platform have been distributed to developers and interested parties.Data Sources The platform currently contains more than 70.000 events of both NUB and the NBTC.Promotion developers Arts Holland has manifested itself during the “Hack de Overheid hackathon”, the Open Cultuur Data challenge and “Apps for Amsterdam”. Various parties follow the developments for integration within their own applications.Walk me Big success for Arts Holland Groot was the use of the platform by the winner of “Apps for Amsterdam 2012: Walk me”2013 (plans)Visualisation Waag Society is developing a visualisation of the current data in the Arts Holland platform. This will make the platform more user friendly for data owners and enables clearer content for developers.Call for participation Three parties will be invited to develop an application based on the Arts Holland data. Objective of this call is to increase cooperation in the market and stimulate the usage of the platform.Data sources The objective is to add 2 to 5 more data sources to the platform.License Development of a uniform and transparent license for the usage of and data addition to the platform.
  71. 71. 3. Cooperation Culture / Tourism
  72. 72. Cooperation Culture / TourismObjectives- Build and strengthen ties between the cultural andtourism industry in a structural way.- Position Arts Holland 3.0 as the platform for co-operation between the tourism and cultural industry
  73. 73. B2BActivities• Arts Holland Update Event• Arts Holland presentations (ongoing)• Co-operations with commercial parties (i.e. KLM)• Arts Holland Forum (2013)
  74. 74. Arts Holland Update Event • Tuesday 20 November 2012 at Utrecht‟s Centraal Museum. • Update around 70 guests on the project during an Arts Holland Update event. • The re-designed Arts Holland website was launched and the Open Data Platform was presented. • Additionally, a preview of the first official Arts Holland app was offered.