Free Report: How to Effectively Jumpstart your Writing Career


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Free Report: How to Effectively Jumpstart your Writing Career

  1. 1. Free Report:How to Effectively Jumpstart Your Writing Career MARIBETH B. OLIVER
  2. 2. By Maribeth B.Oliver Contents Part1: You and Your JobCommon Problems Freelance Writers Face in Taking Offshore Projects Virtues of a Highly-Competent VA Opportunities for Writers Part 2: All about Articles Importance of Articles in the Internet Academic Writing vs. Internet Article Writing Part 3: Basic Article-Writing Terms Concepts You Should Know This material is not for sale and is only distributed by ARTICLELAB.NET. Readers can only share this ebook for personal reading use only.
  3. 3. By Maribeth B.OliverFrom the desk of Maribeth OliverHello there,Thanks for getting this Free Report: How to Effectively Jumpstart your WritingCareer, I hope you find it useful. Through this report, you can learn how thelucrative world of Article Marketing, What internet articles are and the terms andconcepts to learn about internet writing.I started my internet career with absolutely no experience in professional articlewriting, and believe me; I hate writing even in school. So aside from learning againhow to write unique copies, I also have to learn how to love doing it. Self-teachingmyself took four months to master.You are very lucky to get to learn this in the shortest possible time of one is equipped with a comprehensive and humanized program to turnanybody from zero into an Ezine expert in a couple of days.This type of program does not last long. As soon as you are through this report, feelfree to visit our site again for cool updates and information to help you become themost prolific writer in the internet!Enjoy reading!Warmly,Maribeth B. Oliver
  4. 4. By Maribeth B.Oliver Part1: You and Your JobCommon Problems Freelance Writers Face in Taking Offshore Projects 1. Clients expect writers to figure-out problems themselves. Most of these clients have thought that watching a video or reading an e-book will do. Writers on the other hand, expect clients to teach them EXACTLY what to do & how to do it. 2. Most writers have little experience in internet research and the use of keywords. 3. Most writers are too shy to communicate to clients. 4. Most writers, like any other human beings are crippled by personal problems, lack of focus and absence of tact.Solution:The solution lies within each writer. To succeed in the career of internet writing, youneed to learn the following: Virtues of a Highly-Competent VA 1. Dedicate a time and place for your work only. Uninstall games, and as much as possible, do not open Facebook, unless if it is part of your work. 2. Be clear of your clients’ goals and expectations. Make sure that you document well. 3. Communicate with your employers. Be available on Skype or email. Send them daily reports so they can see your progress. And if you have problems, tell them AHEAD not after. NEVER just disappear. 4. Make a project plan in a spreadsheet and allot some cells where in you can track your progress and submissions. This is highly important for billing your client and inventory of your work just in case they ask for accomplishments. 5. Learn to research & solve your problems. You are being paid to solve problems not make one.
  5. 5. By Maribeth B.OliverOpportunities for WritersThere is a lucrative career in article writing. In the world of internet, CONTENT isKING! Content is now given priority by Google in order to be indexed in searches.Therefore, web site owners and internet marketers now to outsource their need forwriters who can write professionally. This gives an opportunity for job seekers whowish to work at home.What careers are available for writers?  Blogger- blogging is writing and posting articles in the same niche and is updated regularly. The blogger has a personality and purpose for keeping a blog. The aim is to chronicle opinion, ideas and information from the blogger’s mind.  Ghost Writing-different from a blogger, ghostwriters write on behalf of a main guy, company or product. They do not leave any identification on the articles as to who the real writer is.  Copy writer- writes sales letters and other texts with the aim to advertise the topic, attract readers and convince them to buy.  Content Writer- writes text for a web page. Pages may be in form of product information, FAQ or Help pages.  Expert Writer- articles are written based on expertise for the purpose of guiding the readers.  Editor- Editors review, edit and approve articles, commonly confused with a proofreader.
  6. 6. By Maribeth B.Oliver Part 2: All about ArticlesImportance of Articles in Internet WritingArticles are defined as text published for publicinformation. These are generally written in an essay form. You can say that an article is good for three LAB NOTESpoints: Remember, a website is nothing 1. It has the information you are looking for. without valuable 2. The topic is well presented in a simple flow of content. thought. 3. Readers get the craving to “read more”In the internet, articles are mainly used as text contents in a site. Without content, awebsite is just a blank space. So for example your want a site to sell pet supplies. Toattract your target readers who are pet owners, of course, all articles you put in thesite shall discuss anything about pet animals, pet care, pet care brands and pethealth –any information your target customers might want to know. Using qualityarticles will attract the traffic your site needs to create a reputation.You must understand that in marketing a site, site owners must first create a goodreputation through your articles. Visitors or readers will look upon article contentswhether or not they can trust a site or not. If your articles published in websites areprofessionally done, you gain visitors’ trust and ultimately buy your product orservice thus becoming customers. GOOGLE YAHOO ARTICLE SITES WIKIs BING or BLOG Common traffic-flow to your site. Traffic
  7. 7. By Maribeth B.OliverAcademic Writing vs. Internet Article WritingMost clients complain of the quality of the articles newbie writers submit, simplybecause these writer’s thought that the articles in the internet are written the wayas they did in high school. Below is the comparison of the two styles which will tellyou exactly why: Academic Writing Internet Writing1. Sentence and  Chaptered, wordy, long  No-fuzz, straight to the point. No Vocabulary sentences, likely to need for hidden messages and can be easily other reference materials to understood by a 12-year old. understand.  Articles must be read in one sitting  Literary writing uses and does not require other metaphor, symbols and reference material. other hidden messages.2. Readers Academic readers may have the Internet readers do not have the patience to read, interpret patience or the time to read. Surfers messages and are willing to scan the page first for 20 seconds or make cross-referencing. less on a page before they actually continue reading it. If the article is not exactly they are looking for, they leave the page right away.3. Length As long as the subject is Roughly 250-1000 words long only. concerned.4. Topics Topics are discussed at any Internet articles contain only one bit length and lots of detail. of thought from a single topic.Simply put: When you write for the internet, you write what the readers want to see, not theother way around. Producing articles that are very easy to read and understand is your way tocontent writing success.What is Article Quality?Articles are said to be well-made if they possess the following qualities:  Spelling and Grammar perfect or proper use of English.  Informative and pleasant to read.  Unique and plagiarism passed.  Can command action from readers. Ex: “visit our site now”Most writers have a hard time perfecting these three so ArticleLab has madeefforts to bring out the best internet writer in you! Get started in your articletraining now!
  8. 8. By Maribeth B.Oliver Part 3: Basic Article-Writing Terms Concepts You Should KnowArticle Directories-aka Article Submission Sites. These are sites that giveopportunity to create back links to your site by submitting quality, well-writtenshort articles. As an article marketer you should learn how to use these sitesproperly. The best example is EzineArticles.ComArticle Marketing- is a type of internet marketing which utilizes high-quality articlesto get people interested to visit your site through your backlinks.Author Box- aka Resource Box or Author Signature, is a field in submission sites inwhich you give information about the author or the company behind the articlesyou make. Since upfront promotions is not allowed and is frowned upon in articlesubmissions, the Author Box serves an opportunity for you to advertise your URL. Ifdone properly, the Author Box is the most valuable source of your back links foryour URL being promoted.Backlink- Are your URL links on other websites. In SEO, your link seen in other sitesis a sign of page reputation. The higher the PR of these other sites to refer your linkthe better reputation you have, the higher you are ranked. Also called incominglinks, the best ways to attach your link in other sites is by submitting articles,commenting on other people’s blogs and joining high-PR online groups that allowyou to post your links too.Blog- a personalized web page where you can create an online presence based onyour theme or topic. You can start building a free blog so you can show your skillsand samples without the complications of maintaining a full website. Best bloggingplatforms are WordPress, Squidoo and Blogger. Facebook and Twitter are alsocalled micro-blogs since you can post your status.Conversion- is any part of the page which measures the goal of the site. If the siteaims to sell a product therefore, conversion is measured by the number of peoplebuying the product against the normal visitor. So as article marketers your job is toask your client what is the goal of the site and create ways to optimize it by makingquality articles to attract conversion.
  9. 9. By Maribeth B.OliverKeywords-are common words used by internet users to find your site. The morepeople type these keywords in Google, the “hotter” it gets. In SEO, keywords areused to trigger the indexing of your link to Google search. So the more relevantyour contents are, the more your page or articles will appear in Google searchlistings.PageRank- is an algorithm used by Google to rank pages for searches. Basically ifyour page has the quality and relevance to your niche, plus the traffic, the higheryour PR will be. Basically a high-PR is a page of good quality and produces steadytraffic. Google uses this formula to decide which sites to appear on search rankingsas well as to penalize poor-quality or spammy pages by lowering the PR rank.Plagiarism-is a big offense in the internet. It is the act of copying contents fromother sites and posting it as your own. You can be accused of plagiarism even byjust copying a single sentence pattern. Google penalize your site by lowering thePageRank of your site (or client’s site)Sales Letter- a page in a site that advertises a product by highlighting the benefits,features and testimonials with the call to for you to buy the product also,commonly called squeeze page.SEO- Search Engine Optimization is any practice that hopes to help a site be easilysearched and indexed by Google. In article marketing, relevance of the pagecontent to the keywords of your site is used by Google to index your site faster.Spam- in the internet sense, making duplicate copies of the same content likerepeated blog posting of their links and sending the same emails messages.Anything that does not look natural and is intentionally repetitive is spam.Traffic- refers to all users visiting, using and conducting business in a site. A websiteis normally built for public use. Therefore, the goal of any website wishing to earnor used is to build steady traffic.Your URL- In the world of internet marketing, the URL being promoted is the centerof your work. You write articles, sales letter or email campaigns with the solepurpose of inviting people to click the link that go to your site.
  10. 10. By Maribeth B.OliverEnd Note:Thanks so much for taking the time to read this report. You may also download a copyof the Bonus Report: How to Make Money through Articles, which is designed foraspiring freelance writers only. This bonus information details tips on how to look forclients, what type of resumes to submit as well how to set a price rate.For more live training on article writing & marketing, please feel free to visit ourproduct page.To new opportunities!Maribeth B. Oliver “Article-Lab- in school we have 2 types of class: the theory and laboratory. It is in the laboratory that we apply and put into use the theories we learned. When article writing is concerned, APPLICATION is everything.” Maribeth B. Oliver is the Founder and CEO of M.Oliver Online, the team behind She had been employed into teaching, customer service, sales and marketing prior to finally moving into internet career for good. Her mission in life is simple; help you have decent jobs by creating your own opportunities rather than waiting others to give you a break. Check her blog