Customer centricity - new choices with ICT solutions for Smart Grid


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at European Technology Platform, 5 Oct 2011

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Customer centricity - new choices with ICT solutions for Smart Grid

  1. 1. Customer centricity - new choices with ICT solutions for Smart Grid • Smart Grid, lessons learnt • what’s in it for a consumer • where Nokia Siemens Networks fits Dr. Artemy Voroshilov, Head of Smart Grid sales, Europe Nokia Siemens Networks1 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  2. 2. ‘SmartGrid’ disrupts utilities’ business models Environmental Regulatory Building & running centralized Getting the ‘rules right’ requires generation, key to meeting new business models / ways to supply, is increasingly difficult manage the customer experience Renewable Energy Sources Meeting demand Introduce new / unanticipated Requires new forms of customer volatility into an industry proud load shaping, beyond DR, EE and of its track record for reliability curtailment Distribution Grid Set of new challenges increasingly ‘omni-directional’, Security, customer privacy, volatile power sources require integration of multiple disruptive new control mechanisms technologies, aging workforce2 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  3. 3. Early trends in SG focus on technology Without a customer value prop, Smart Grid misses the point... The ‘simple’ utility paradigm … Customers Generator …. is transforming smartly into the dynamic nexus of supply and demand3 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  4. 4. Smart Grid is, first and foremost, about the customer ‘Simple’ AMI isn’t simple, lots of global pushback Focus here! Reliability & real-time communication need to scale cost-effectively Financial implications of Smart Grid too broad to model4 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  5. 5. Smart Metering prevails in Europe Regulatory framework • EU’s 3x20 umbrella: 20% GHG reduction, 20% renewable energy, 20% energy efficiency for 2020 • 3rd Energy Package pushes for AMI (80% coverage subject to cost-benefits analysis, 2009/72EC, 73EC) • focus on cost efficiency rather than investment in smarter systems / broader energy policy goals Dynamic movers - clear path towards a full rollout of smart metering (mandatory rollout or major pilot projects on-going Market drivers - no legal requirements for rollout, but installation of meters on-going Ambiguous movers - legal / regulatory framework established to some extent , but due to lack of clarity only small scale installations Waverers - some interest from regulators / utilities, no regulatory push towards smart metering implementation. Laggards - smart metering not yet an issue.Source: European Smart Metering Landscape Report, 2011,• Progress in implementation (# of pilots, meters & services in-field, realistic implementation roadmap for metering technologies) 5 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  6. 6. Not a Market, yet first learnings and successesSmart Grid in Europe*• 219 smart grid projects, €5.5bn invested (July 2011), most projects in E15 (E12 members lagging)• Smart metering projects dominate (56% of investment), demonstration rather than R&D / PoC• Distribution operators in the lead (27% of projects, 67% of investment)• Integration & scalability in focus (SI - largest category, 34% of projects, 15% of investment)• Multidisciplinary consortia & high collaboration (operators, academia, research centers, manufacturers, ICT vendors)• Missing cost-benefit analysis, common methodology required• Success stories (EU15) - real-time info helps save up to 10% of electricity consumptionSource: EC’s JRC, Smart Grid projects in Europe, 20116 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  7. 7. Consumers require transparency of power consumption It would decrease the amount of my 91% electricity bill 88% It would decrease my personal 69% environmental impact 66% It would better allow me to control 68% the heating/cooling in my home 51% It would decrease the time required 41% to manage my electricity use 38% Knowing that I am one of the 2011 2010 16% highest electricity users in my peer 9% group Source: Accenture, 20117 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  8. 8. Smart rating can build in the customer from the start Easy top-up Online rating & Unified rating and tariffing billing of electricity • Links smart meters directly to customer accounts held on a prepaid energy server • Real-time rating and tariffing kWh • Flexible pricing schemes from flat fees to Balance dynamic tariffs and bonus programs notifications Customer Interaction & Experience Mgmt Bonus … through various existing channels, e.g.: programs Cost control • Web-portals • Emails • SMS’ • Social Networks / Chats / Blogs8 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  9. 9. Thanks for Energy Watch your consumption saving. You earned - you are above the 100 points to your Average Threshold ofCO2 bonus account. last 3 months. Weekend Promotion Happy Hour – 50% – free charge of your price reduction for the EV on Sunday night next 2 hours starting 10pm – 3am.Thanks for contributing toour Green Energy target. Congratulations – you are the most Your new Solar feed-in balanced Energy consumer in your Tariff Increases by 5%. neighborhood. 5% Discount on your actual monthly bill. Congratulations! You are Save 2% Energy in peak upgraded to a SILVER hours and you will receive CUSTOMER. Enjoy the the same Energy free in benefits! off-peak time. 9 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  10. 10. Energy Solution Architecture complements CIS and MDMS Deviations, impact to ERP Layer CIS Customer Care ERP Business Intelligence P&L, impact of offers (CRM) system Customer Self Care Invoicing Reports Customer Experience Management Rating & Tariffing Tariff Management Basic energy rates Time of Use rates Dynamic rates Product information Bonus programs Notifications Prepaid Energy Top up Customer information Command brokering (disconnect/reconnect) Versioned data storage Application Enablement Long-term usage data Meter Data Management Validation, Estimation, Editing Meter data integration Automated meter provisioning etc Data Collection MDCS 1 MDCS 2 MDCS 3 Connection layer Home Area Network Last Mile Wide Area Network Meters10 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  11. 11. EV charging / eMobility – additional revenue with same asset Electric Vehicle Charging Solution (ECS) Smart energy Charge vehicles delivery anywhere, enabled • Online rating and dynamic tariffs by roaming support • Customer identity and data management • Secure identification and roaming enabled by eMobility control • Reduced risk and initial investments enabled by Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery Secure identification of users and vehicles Convenient Billing Field-proven and Dynamic Tariffs11 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  12. 12. Where Nokia Siemens Networks fits – Today & Tomorrow Smart Rating Access Transport E-mobility Network kWh networks connectivity management Real-time monitoring Cost-efficient Provide reliable, Provision of charging Management of the and billing to enable communication cost-efficient and points & management dynamic Smart Grid dynamic tariffs and solutions for AMI + secure backhaul of the related billing infrastructure, new prepaid energy grid automation communication infrastructure assets and OPEX Software – to shape customer behaviors, enable value-add services and process high volumes of Smart Grid data traffic in near real-time Connectivity – to provide an evolutionary blueprint that optimizes the overall 2-way communications infrastructure in lock step with the evolution of your smart grid strategy Services – expertise and support to design, build, run or outsource Smart Grid communications networks, as needed12 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  13. 13. Summary• Smart Grid transformational to Utility business • no evolution but revolution • disruption best understood from customer perspective• Customer centricity • start with customer value prop, design backwards • electricity price – elastic, people respond to dynamic tariffs • there are simple / expandable ways to focus on customer messaging• For a vendor • no simple technology sale • embed a wider vision of customer into everything we do • insights from our experiences in other industries matter to our customers and partners!13 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  14. 14. Thank youartemy.voroshilov@nsn.com14 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  15. 15. Backup15 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  16. 16. What Customer Experience Management is all about? Experience is everywhere. Customer is unique and must be faced as so, not silo by silo Experience is individual. Experience must be shared. Customer must feel that It’s unthinkable to have you think about him and dedicated people for not that you shoot at individual analysis. So, self- will. learning is key. Experience has timing. Experience reaches you. Actions have a specific You can’t wait to the moment to happen and customer to contact you. He lose most of the effect if will only do so when the window is lost. something is wrong.16 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  17. 17. NSN strengths in telecom - for power utilities Systems integration Consulting 500+ projects and 100 170+ engagements security contracts for over 70 globally customers globally Managed services Participating in national and 310+ contracts serving international Smart Grid over 570 million standardization activities subscribers globally 750,000+ Nodes installed and in 550,000,000+ 45,000+ service with over 140 utilities in more then Subscribers served by our Services professionals 100 countries rating and billing solution operating in 150 countries18 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011
  18. 18. Nokia Siemens Networks – who are we? • Joint venture of Nokia (FI), Siemens (GER), recently acquired Motorola’s wireless networks infrastructure business • Started operations April 1, 2007 • 72,000 employees in 150 countries A world leading supplier for the Telco industry • 3 billion mobile subscribers • 75 of top 100 Telco operators • €12.7 bn net sales in 2010 • network systems, business solutions, global services A strong partner for the energy industry • Full grid connectivity • Smart dynamic rating and smart billing • Renewable energy management • E-mobility • Active demand response19 © Nokia Siemens Networks 2011