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  • 1. Media Metrix
    Made by: Artem Rudi
    Group 174m
  • 2. Media Metrix Core Reports
    Utilizes Media Metrix 360™, a panel-centric hybrid solution that has revolutionized digital audience measurement by bridging panel- and server-based approaches to account for 100 percent of a site's audience
  • 3. Media Metrix helps answer questions such as:
    How large is my site’s audience, and how is it growing over time?
    How engaged are my site’s users, and how do I stack up against my competitors?
    How well does my site perform in attracting the demographic segments that are most important to advertisers?
    Which sites represent the most efficient and effective use of my advertising dollars in reaching my desired target audience?
  • 4. Top Ad Supported Sites for Females 18-24 Y.O., June 2010(Sites with Greater than 5% Reach, Ranked by % Reach)
    Evaluate composition and reach for your target audience on more than 70,000 media entities, including ad supported sites and advertising networks.
  • 5. Highlights
    QUALITY: Leverages the industry’s largest and highest quality consumer panel to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive suite of audience metrics.
    COMPLETE: Provides valuable demographic measures, such as age, gender, household income and household size, which aren't available via server-centric solutions that rely on cookie and/or machine data
    COMPREHENSIVE: Reports on more than 70,000 entities, with audience measurement for 41 individual countries and 6 global regions, as well as worldwide totals
    ACTIONABLE: Provides a complete view of consumers’ online behavior, allowing marketers to make sound business decisions and determine the most effective marketing programs
    INTEGRATED: Delivers a robust set of media planning applications that allows users to easily target online audiences based on a variety of demographic, lifestyle, product ownership and online behavioral characteristics
  • 6. Benefits
    For Advertisers and Agencies:
    Understand which sites perform most effectively against your target audience in terms of size and composition
    Analyze emerging media trends to identify attractive new opportunities for reaching your desired audience.
    Evaluate your site performance within categories, competitive sets and over time
    Gauge the performance of online versus traditional media using traditional media metrics such as reach, frequency and GRPs
  • 7. Key Measures Reports reveal the visitation and engagement behavior of your targets across 120 online content categories and total Internet
  • 8. Benefits
    For Publishers and Ad Networks:
    Understand your audience size, demographic composition and usage intensity
    Analyze your performance on these metrics over time
    Profile your site’s performance relative to the competitors in your category
    Demonstrate your site’s ability to outperform other sites in reaching the target audiences that are important to advertisers
  • 9. Compare traffic trends and demographic profiles of the entities that matter most to your business.