Jetblue Airways- Intro, SWOT, 5 Generic, Porter's 5, Key Sucess Factors etc


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Jetblue Airways- Intro, SWOT, 5 Generic, Porter's 5, Key Sucess Factors etc

  1. 1. Zainab Dabo Aliyu 3607744Arshed Aydrose 3351166Hatim Piplodwala-3549884
  2. 2. Introduction JetBlue Airways is an American low-cost airline based in New York It was founded in 1998 by David Neeleman It uses one of the youngest fleets in the skies A notable incident that happened was the February14th,2007 ice story As a result, they created the “Customer Bill of Rights” David retired after the incident in 2007
  3. 3. Swot Analysis STRENGTH  Weakness Low operating cost  Relatively new company Efficient employees  Weak financial reporting Good customer service  It has been using a single fleet Effective use of technology
  4. 4. Swot Analysis Opportunities  Threats JetBlue financial position  Terrorism is strong so it can think of  Rise in fuel prices expanding nationally and  Strong competition internationally  Employee unions Add up more services for passengers Increase number of flights Joint ventures
  5. 5. 5 Generic Strategy
  6. 6. Potters 5 Forces
  7. 7. Key Success Factors Attracting Customers Managing Managing its fleet its People Managing its Finances
  8. 8. Jetblue Strategy (2008) Re-evaluate the ways the company was using its asset Reduce capacity and cut cost Raise fares and grow in certain market Offer improved services for corporation and business travellers Form strategic partnership Increase ancillary revenues
  9. 9. Factors driving change in the airline industry Fuel prices Aircraft and Routes The airports and geographical regions served The market share Consumer demands regarding air travel
  10. 10. Market Share
  11. 11. PESTEL Analysis Jetblue
  12. 12. PESTEL Analysis POLITICAL FACTORS ECONOMIC FACTORS September 11, terrorists  Improved purchasing attack. power. Political stability.  Rise in Inflation. Competitive Airline  Rise in oil prices industry. Regulatory factors.
  13. 13. PESTEL Analysis SOCIAL FACTORS TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS Greater customer awareness.  Beginning of e-ticketing. Increased entertainment  Automated systems level. (cockpits). Security level of  Advertisements (newly customers. introduced animated). Bad services & lost baggage.
  14. 14. Key Issues Faced By JetBlue andSolutions 14th Feb Valentine’s Day weather related incident in 2007 . Lead to destroy reputation and step down of David Neeleman as CEO. Incorporating new technologies. Best practices and providing comprehensive cross- training to all employees. Making JetBlue’s Vision more solid and famous.
  15. 15. Key Issues Faced By JetBlue andSolutions Cont.. Increase in Fuel prices and customer demand for air travel. it affected the industry’s profitability and each air carrier responded differently. Charge for things that used to be free such as checked and carry-on baggage, meals, seat assignments, etc Using one engine for taxing to take-off runways, flying at higher altitudes where oxygen quality is lower resulting in less fuel being burned. Aircraft flying without full fuel tanks and topping off at airports with less expensive fuel.
  16. 16. Strategic Group Mapping