Consumer’s Behaviour in Selecting Business Schools in Dubai


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Survey Report based on
Consumer’s Behaviour in
Selecting Business Schools in Dubai

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Consumer’s Behaviour in Selecting Business Schools in Dubai

  1. 1. MARK217 Consumer Behavior Survey Report based on Consumer’s Behaviour inSelecting Business Schools in Dubai By Arshed Aydrose University of Wollongong Page 1 of 28
  2. 2. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorTable of Contents1) Introduction 32) Background 33) The research Objective 34) Chosen universities 45) The research methodology 56) Topic statements 67) Response to the statements 88) Different consumer segment 219) Targeting and positioning 2710) Limitation 3211) Conclusion 3312) Reference list 3413) Appendices 35 1. Introduction Page 2 of 28
  3. 3. MARK217 Consumer Behavior We live in a society where education plays an important role; such kind ofeducation can be found delivered through institutions like schools and universities.But the options and choices that arise in front of us when there are various amounts ofschools and universities are very high. These choices are influenced by various factorsthat evolve in our own environment or community. The choices can be narroweddown with small researches that are conducted in our society which can help us. Thechoices mainly varies according to the place, the culture etc. This report is aboutsegmenting the people who are consumers of business schools. The ConsumerBehaviour Analysis Research consists of conducting conceptual and empirical studieson cognitive styles and consumer innovativeness in a range of substantive areas suchas brand choice, technology and acceptance. The work brings together behaviouraleconomics and marketing science to develop a new understanding of consumerbehaviour and marketing processes. 2. Background The survey was conducted to find out the behaviour of consumer related tobusiness schools in the United Arab Emirates. U.A.E in emerging as education hub inMiddle East and many international and domestic universities came up. As a result,there were tremendous increases in number of consumers for such schools whichconcentrate mainly on business schools. The survey was to find out the decisionmaking behaviour of consumers who planning to enrol or finished graduated from abusiness school. As a service business it is very important to find and valuate thebehaviour of consumers for planning their marketing process like for whom to serve,how to serve and what to serve. 3. The research objective The research has the purpose to help identifying and distinguishing 5 consumersegments that purchase business education from our six selected business schools, andalso facilitate make out characteristics of these consumers To do so, the research had 3 main categories of topics: - What value customers get from business schools - How business schools’ image is a brand that is used to attract customers - What are key elements that influence students, in the global education marketplace when choosing a business school? Five universities have been selected for targeting and positioning the researchwhich is established in U.A.E includes international as well as domestic. TheUniversities are: 4. Chosen Universities Page 3 of 28
  4. 4. MARK217 Consumer Behavior a. British University in Dubai (BUiD) British University in Dubai (BUiD) is a non-profit organization which wasestablished on 28th April 2003 under the signature of His Highness Sheik Maktoumbin Rashid al Maktoum, The Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. TheUniversity is also accredited federally by the Ministry of Higher Education andScientific Research. The university provides Masters Program for recently graduatedstudents and for working professional looking for a course to advance in their careeror the employer who wants to send their employees for a training program. TheBritish university is assuring that they will offer the best in Higher Education andtheir mission is to promote quality higher education in the region. This university isthe first educational institute to initiate a research based program in the UAE. Theuniversity also makes sure that the students receive international competitive level ofresearch informed education and to develop leading-edge research capabilities. TheBritish university has partners like University of Edinburg, University ofBirmingham, University of Manchester, Cardiff University & City University. Sotheir main target would be students who are expatriates from Europe and the studentswho are planning to do their higher education with any of their partner university inUK as it is easy for them to get admission with the help of this university. b. Manipal University in Dubai Manipal University in Dubai was established in 2000 with the aim ofmanifesting the student’s dreams into reality with various programs. ManipalUniversity is at the forefront of providing quality education in varied disciplines. Theuniversity is committed in delivering a transformational learning experience to enableevery student to achieve his or her full potential in a supportive environment markedby rich interaction with academics, fellow students, policy makers, entrepreneurs andkey people in the business and industry. The university is providing a platform todevelop and attain multi-faceted skill sets, self-confidence, intensive industryinterface, in-depth knowledge, courage to dream and pursue the dream. The maintarget segment would be the students from Asia especially India. This is mainlybecause Manipal University is one of the well known universities in India. c. Zayed University Zayed University was established in 1998 by the federal government of theUnited Arab Emirates to educate U.A.E. National women. Zayed University is basedon an international model of higher education. Zayed University seeks to prepareEmirati students for a meaningful and successful personal and professional life; tograduate students who will help shape the future of the UAE; to support the economicand social advancement of the UAE; to lead innovation in higher education in theUAE through teaching, learning, research, and outreach; and to do so in a culturallydiverse, humane, technologically advanced, and increasingly global environment. Toachieve this , the University will identify and build on its strengths; continue tostrengthen its undergraduate program; establish a role in serving the country’s needs Page 4 of 28
  5. 5. MARK217 Consumer Behaviorfor graduate education; develop a research program that supports the social,economic, technological, and strategic needs of the country; forge innovative andmutually productive relationships with business, industry, civic organizations, othereducational institutions, and government; manage resources efficiently; and establisha clear identity as an outstanding and innovative institution. d. University of Wollongong in Dubai Established in 1993, University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), is one ofthe oldest and prestigious universities of UAE. It is now ranked in the leadinguniversities in the world. It is based on the Australian initiative in the Gulf. TheUOWD degree programs are accredited by the UAE ministry of Higher Education andScientific research. The Australian Universities Quality Agency also inspects UOWD.UOWD create a centre of attention for students not only from Australia and UAE, butalso students from other different parts of the world. About 3500 students from 108countries are at present registered at UOWD. The qualifications of UOWD arerecognised all over the world allows the graduates to practise gratifying careers inDubai’s growing employment market. UOWD’s faculty has both academics fromlocal and international countries with wide-ranging coaching, business and industryknowledge and experience. e. American University of Sharjah Founded in 1997, American University of Sharjah is an independent not forprofit coeducational institution. The department of Education of Delaware in theUnited States has licensed the American university of Sharjah. The Commission onHigher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools hasaccredited the American University of Sharjah. This university is licensed by the UAEministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. 5. The research methodology Based on the textbook theories and concepts covered in the lectures, wecreated a questionnaire to segment students into 5 identifiable and differentiatedsegments. Then we used sampling technique and data collection method in order tosuccessfully conduct our project. One of the tools use for it was the SPSS technique.SPSS is most efficient tools which is also used by many other survey consultantcompanies. 6. Topic Statements Page 5 of 28
  6. 6. MARK217 Consumer Behavior • Accreditation of the school is important As very few colleges in UAE are accredited, it was important to know if suchstandard was necessary for people nowadays. • Quality of the faculty affects my choice The faculty being unknown before entering a college, we still wanted to knowif people have some interest looking at the faculty. • Comparison of fees between schools is necessary With the recent crisis and economical problems, we wanted to see if studentsare really caring about the fees they’ll have to pay, and also confirm the trend thatpeople become more cautious with money. • External factors do not influence my choice of school This question shows if, as many theories say it, students really follow thecommunity around them. To which degree they follow their friends, and also to knowthe percentage of person only listening to themselves • Sports and recreation activities are important Sports and recreation being very less used by student, is their a possible newtrend of students wanting to participate in such activities? And also, does the facility,such as the games room and the lounge important for people. • Campus environment is important The campus being the place were student spend most of their time, are thefacility and the people (students and other persons) more important to them, compareto the college itself and the quality of education they receive? • Location of school is important Location is always a very controversial issue. For some person it really mattersand can be in the top requirement when choosing. But some don’t care at all, to suchan extent that they are ready to spend even 2 hours in order to get to their college. Sowe wanted to know the actual trend for this issue in UAE, with the rising problems oftraffic. • Variety of courses offered is important Being in a country focused on trading and services, we still wanted to know ifpeople had interest in other domain, different than business and IT. • Assurance of future job recruitment is important With the financial crisis, people’s mind has definitely changed regardingemployment and getting a job. We wanted to confirm that, today more than ever, thiscriteria was primordial for everyone. • International schools are a better choice than domestic schools Page 6 of 28
  7. 7. MARK217 Consumer Behavior With today’s vision of the world and the globalization, students try to thinkglobal and enlarge their perception of the world. Does the name and the country oforigin of the school really matters for student? 7. Responses to the statements Page 7 of 28
  8. 8. MARK217 Consumer Behavior a. Statement 1- Accreditation of School is importantAccreditation of business school is one of the most important factors which influencesdecision making of consumer who like to enroll in a business school. Here in thesurvey out of total 200 respondents, 54% strongly agrees, 31% respondents agrees,4.5 % of respondents disagrees and rest 10% had a neutral responds. This 10% ofrespondents do not take schools accreditation as a serious issue, they might havedifferent view for choosing an appropriate business school. Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent PercentValid Strongly Disagree 3 1.5 1.5 1.5 Disagree 6 3.0 3.0 4.5 Neutral 20 10.0 10.1 14.6 Agree 62 31.0 31.2 45.7 Strongly Agree 108 54.0 54.3 100.0 Total 199 99.5 100.0Missing System 1 .5Total 200 100.0Of the total respondents, 54% were Indians that is 108 in numbers, 82.4% agrees tothe statement. Majority of total Indian respondents takes accreditation of businessschool as a serious issue, that means a accredited business school can stronglyinfluence the decision making of Indian consumers. Only 7.4 % of Indian respondentsdoes not care about the accreditation of school and 9% of respondents dint like torespond to this survey statement.South Asian and African respondents (excludes Indians) has similar views of Indianrespondents. These category of consumers covers 21% population of total respondentsin which 73.8% are male and 26.2% are females. 88.1% of total South Asian andAfrican respondents agrees that accreditation of the school is important, 2.4%disagrees to the statement and 9.5% may or may not be influenced by accreditation ofschool.Respondents for GCC and Middle East Arab nationals covers 6% of total respondents.No one disagrees that accreditation of school is important. About 91.6% of GCC andMiddle East respondents agree to the statement. Out of 91.6%, 58.3% respondentsstrongly agrees to the statement and 8.3% of total GCC and Middle Eastern nationalshas a neutral responds.About 2.5% of total respondents are South East Asian and Australian nationals inwhich 75% of South East Asian and Australians are in the age group of 16-20yrs.62.5% respondents at this geographic category strongly agrees that accreditation ofthe school is important and 12.5% has neutral responds.About 65% of West Asian respondents are male and 35% are females. 10% of totalrespondents in this survey are from West Asian region, in this total respondents of10%, 85% says that accreditation of the school is a very important factor. 15% of totalrespondents in this category had a neutral respond. That is, they may or may not takethis statement as a major issue.Respondents of UK, Europe and North American national comprises 3.5% of totalrespondents. About 86% of total UK, Europe and North American ntionals agrees that Page 8 of 28
  9. 9. MARK217 Consumer Behavioraccreditation of schools highly influences their decision making process. No onedisagrees to this statement and 14.3% respondents in this statement had a neutralopinion. b. Statement 2- Quality of faculty affects my choiceOther important factor that affects the consumer behaviour is the Quality of faculty. Itcan be the first priority that influences the decision making behaviour of theconsumer, because best faculties are the strong structure of a business school. Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent PercentValid Disagree 5 2.5 2.5 2.5 Neutral 40 20.0 20.1 22.6 Agree 91 45.5 45.7 68.3 Strongly Agree 63 31.5 31.7 100.0 Total 199 99.5 100.0Missing System 1 .5Total 200 100.074.1% of Indian nationals who participated in this survey agree that quality of facultyaffects their choice for selecting a business school. Only 1.9% of total Indianpopulation disagrees that Quality of faculty does not affects their choice and 23.1%has a neutral opinion. That is, they may or may not care about the quality of faculty ofthe business school for their decision making process.88.1% of South Asian and African agree that quality of faculty affects their choice. Itcan also be a reason that all the South Asian has similar views. 4.8%, which is a veryminor part, disagrees to the statement. 7.1% of the respondents have a neutralresponds.GCC and Middle East Arab nationals comprise around 6% of total respondents. Outof 6%, around 75% are male and 16.7% are females. 91.6% of all GCC and MiddleEast nationals admits that they can be influenced by the quality of school faculties.Here no one disagrees to the statement and around 16.7% may or may not getinfluenced by the quality of faculty of business for their final decision.South East Asia and Australian nationals that consist 50% of male and 50% offemales in 4% of total South East Asia and Australian population participated in thesurvey. Their responses to the statement are same of the gender population. 50% ofthe South East Asia and Australian citizens agrees to the statement and 50% had aneutral respond.West Asian covers 10% of the total survey respondents. Of 10%, 35% strongly agreesto the statement, 10% partially agrees to the statement. 5% of the total West Asiannationals who participated in the survey disagree and 10% have an neutral opinion.57.1% of total UK, Europe and North American nationals are male and 42.9% arefemales, 85.7% of them are between 16-20yrs o age. 57.2% of total UK, Europe andNorth American respondents agrees that quality of faculty affects their choice and42.9% may or may not get influenced by the faculty of the business school. c. Statement 3- Comparison of fees between schools is necessaryAfter finding the schools and finding the alternative, the next step is to compare thefees between the schools found. Out of the total respondents who participated in the Page 9 of 28
  10. 10. MARK217 Consumer Behaviorsurvey 26.5% strongly agree to the statement, about 36.5% which has majorityrespondents agrees to the statement, 6.5% disagrees to the statement and 2.5% whichis the least strongly disagrees to the statement. 28% of the total respondents keep aneutral respondent that can be change to agree or disagree according to the situation. Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent PercentValid Strongly Disagree 5 2.5 2.5 2.5 Disagree 13 6.5 6.5 9.0 Neutral 56 28.0 28.0 37.0 Agree 73 36.5 36.5 73.5 Strongly Agree 53 26.5 26.5 100.0 Total 200 100.0 100.0Indian nationalities which 54% of the total respondents has majority age group of90% between 16-20yrs. Here 65.8% of the total Indian respondents agrees that it isnecessary to compare the fees between the schools. Result also shows us thatcomparison of fees between the schools is a first priority for majority of Indiannationals. Around 19% of the Indian nationals who participated in the survey may ormay not compare the fees between the schools, that means responds were neutral.About 15% of the respondents from Indian nationals disagrees to the statement orthey may or my not compare their choice.Excluding India, 28.6% of South Asian and African nationals strongly agree and28.6% of these nationalities some what agrees to the statement. The most remarkablepart is that 40.5% South Asian and African nationals may or may not take comparisonof fees between schools as a serious issue. Were as 2.4% of this categorized nationaldisagrees to the statement. That means 2.4% of South East Asians and Africans willnot compare fees between the schools for making a decision.25% of nationals from GCC and Middle East strongly agree that they will comparefees between the business schools before planning to enroll in it. 33.3% of GCC andMiddle Eastern Arabs some what agrees that comparison of fees between school isnecessary. 41.7% of GCC and Middle East nationals gives a neutral respond, none ofthe GCC and Middle East nationals disagrees to the statement, that means majority ofthese nationals will come about the fees offered by the various business schools.Around half of the total South East Asian and Australian nationals agrees thatcomparison of fees is a major factor that influences their decision making. 37.5% hasa neutral opinion about this statement. 12.5% of South East Asian and Australianswho participated in the survey disagrees to the statement.West Asian with 95% of nationals between the age groups of 16-25 do not comparefees between the schools. 20% of West Asian nationals strongly agrees to thestatement and 40% of surveyed nationals partially agrees to the statement and 40%may or may not take comparison of fees into consideration, it depends on the situationthey prevails.Around 43% of the UK, European and North American nationals strongly agree thatcomparison of fees between the schools is their first priority. Another 43% of thesenational some what agrees that comparison of fees is necessary and 14% of UK,European and North American nationals may or may not compare their fees beforeenrolling in a business schools. d. Statement 4- External factor do not influence my choice of school Page 10 of 28
  11. 11. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorExternal influence is one of the major and serious factor which affects the decisionmaking of consumers. As most of the consumers are from high schools, they wont behaving any idea or other information about the business schools. Here the consumerswill be influences by external factors like family members, friends and advertisementsetc, such consumers will be very much influenced by external factors which affecttheir choice or decision making process. In this statement majority (36.5%) ofrespondents may or may not get influenced by external factor, such respondents willnot get fully influenced by their family, friends and other advertisements or they mayseek such help to find some other information about the business statements, suchbehavior of consumers will get influenced by other external factor. 25% of the totalrespondents disagree to this statement and it shows that such respondents will not getinfluenced by external factor, their choice of business school will be their owndecision. Frequenc Valid Cumulative y Percent Percent Percent Valid Strongly 10 5.0 5.0 5.0 Diagree Disagree 47 23.5 23.6 28.6 Neutral 73 36.5 36.7 65.3 Agree 44 22.0 22.1 87.4 Strongly 25 12.5 12.6 100.0 Agree Total 199 99.5 100.0 Missin System 1 .5 g Total 200 100.0Form this survey it is very clear that most of the Indian respondents will not getinfluenced by external factor that affects their choice of business schools. 13.9% ofIndian nationals strongly agree and 16.7% agrees to this statement, which meansnearly 31% of total Indian nationals who responded to this statement will getinfluenced by family, peer groups and advertisements for their choice of businessschool. 40.7% respondents of Indian citizens gave a neutral opinion. That means40.7% of this respondents may take help of external source only if it is necessary.Around 27.5% of Indian respondents will not get influenced by or seek help ofexternal factor and 0.9% did not like to respond to this statement.South Asian and African nationals which excludes Indians, covers 21% of the totalsurvey respondents. Here 7.1% of South Asian and African nationals strongly agreethat external factor influence their decision making process of choosing a businessschool. 33.3% have partially agreed to the statement and nearly 19% of South Asianand African nationals disagree to the statement. Most remarkable part is that, 40.5%of respondents that looks similar to Indian respondents gave a neutral responds.Of 6% of the total GCC and Middle East nationals who participate in the survey,33.3% strongly agrees that external factors influence their choice of business schools.25% some what agrees that they would get influenced by external factor for makingchoice of their business school. External factors won’t influence 33.3% of GCC andMiddle Eastern Arabs. They will be having their own decision for choosing theirbusiness school. 8.3% of respondents have a neutral opinion about this statement. Page 11 of 28
  12. 12. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorNearly 50% of total South East Asian and Australian nationals reveals that externalfactors do not influence their choice of schools. 37.5% of this categorized nationalsmay or may not take the help of external sources, it depends on the situation theyprevail. External factor for choosing the business schools, influences only 12.8% ofSouth East Asian and Australian nationals.30% of West Asians who stands #3 in terms of population participated in the surveydisagrees that external factors do not influence their choice of school and in which 5%strongly disagrees. Around 15% of West Asians strongly agrees that external factor donot influence their decision making process for choosing the business school and 25%of West Asian nationals reveals that they my or may not get influenced by externalfactor.42% of UK, Europe and North American nationals with 85% of participants agedbetween 16-20yrs agrees that external factor do not influence their choice of businessschool. 28.6% of there nationals agree that external factor influence their choice inwhich 14% strongly agrees and 14.3% some what agrees to the statement. There forrest of 28.6% UK, Europe and North American nationals have a neutral respond aboutthe matter of statement. e. Statement 5- Sports and Recreation activities are importantThis statement can be considered as a serious part by many young students asconsumers. Sports and recreation activities will not be a serious issue for many seniorconsumer as faculty quality, accreditation of school, fees or location could be firstpriority. Most of the consumers from high schools may value this part as a seriousissue because sports and recreation activities can solve their academic pressure andtensions. As majority of the respondents are at the age of 16 – 25, around 68% of totalrespondents agrees that sports and recreation is an important factor as a businessschool. 26% of respondents says that they may or may not value this statement as aserious matter. Only 6% among the rest of the respondents disagree that sports andrecreation activities will be their least matter of importance. Sports and recreation activities are important Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent PercentValid Strongly Disagree 3 1.5 1.5 1.5 Disagree 9 4.5 4.5 6.0 Neutral 52 26.0 26.0 32.0 Agree 66 33.0 33.0 65.0 Strongly Agree 70 35.0 35.0 100.0 Total 200 100.0 100.0From the survey, it was clear that almost 75% of Indian respondent agree with the factthat they agree sports and recreation an important factor. 18% of respondent has aneutral response to this statement and 7% don’t consider this factor at all.Out of 42 people from South Asia, Africa excluding India, 61% agrees with the factthat they considered sports and recreation an important factor. 35% has a neutralresponse to this statement and 1 out of 42 people had disagree with this fact Page 12 of 28
  13. 13. MARK217 Consumer Behavior12 of the total GCC and Middle East nationals, who participate in the survey, 75% ofrespondent agree to the fact that they consider sports and recreation an importantfactor. The rest of the respondent has a neutral response to this statement.Taking into account, the responses of South East Asia & Australia, almost 75% of therespondent has a neutral response to the statement. Only the rest 25% agree with thefact that they consider this statement and important factor.Out of the respondents of Uk, Europe & North America, 50% strongly agree with thisstatement and the rest is divided among neutral and disagree respondent. f. Statement 6- Campus environment is importantA campus environment of a school or a university is one of the main beneficial factorthat involve in choice of a consumer’s choice of schools or university. In this surveythis statement was strongly disagreed by2%, Disagreed by 3%, neutrally responded by8.5%, agreed by 38% and strongly agreed by 48% of the total respondents. Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent PercentValid Strongly Disagree 4 2.0 2.0 2.0 Disagree 6 3.0 3.0 5.0 Neutral 17 8.5 8.5 13.6 Agree 76 38.0 38.2 51.8 Strongly Agree 96 48.0 48.2 100.0 Total 199 99.5 100.0Missing System 1 .5Total 200 100.0Respondents of Indian nationalities consisted of 108 of them which were 57.4% of thetotal respondents. 42.6% are males and 57.4% of them are females. The importance ofcampus importance was strongly disagreed by 9%, 3.7% disagreed, 74% remainedneutral, 39.8% agreed and 47.2% strongly agreed.Africans and south Asians excluding Indians were 21% of the total respondents. Theirresponses to the campus environment importance response were that 4.8%, stronglydisagreed, 2.4%disagreed, 9.5% were neutral, 38.1% agreed and 45.2% stronglyagreed.Respondents from GCC and Middle East Arab countries compromised about 6% ofthe total respondents. 8.3% of them remained neutral, 38.1% agreed and 45.2%strongly agreed that campus environment is an important factor.Respondents from south East Asia and Australia responded only opinions thatincluded 62.5% agreeing and 37.5% strongly agreeing.West Asian respondents gave a mixed response on this statement which included 5%strongly disagreeing, 5% disagreeing, 15% neutral, 40%agreeing and 35% stronglyagreeing.Respondents from UK, Europe and North America gave only responses whichincluded 14.3%neutral and 85.7% strongly agreeing. Page 13 of 28
  14. 14. MARK217 Consumer Behavior g. Statement 7- Location of the school is important.Place and location of the school is one of the main factors that consumers look intobefore enrolling into one, even though there is difference in every ones view. Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid Strongly Disagree 2 1.0 1.0 1.0 Disagree 17 8.5 8.5 9.5 Neutral 38 19.0 19.0 28.5 Agree 68 34.0 34.0 62.5 Strongly Agree 75 37.5 37.5 100.0 Total 200 100.0 100.0Indian respondents’ response to the survey was that 1.9% strongly disagreed,12%disagreed, 21.3% remained neutral, 30.6% agreed and 34.3% strongly agreed tothat location of the campus is important.South East Asian and African responded in which 7.1%disagreed, 21.4% remainedneutral, 31% agreed and 40.5 strongly agreed to the statement.The respondents from GCC and Middle East Arab countries responded morepositively to the statement in which only 25% remained neutral; other than that41.75% agreed and 33.3% strongly agreed.South East Asian and Australian respondents gave a response of 12% disagreeing,37.5% agreeing and 50% strongly agreeing to the importance of the location of theschool.Among west Asian 15% of them responded neutral, 45% agreed and 40% stronglyagreed on the statement.Respondents from UK, Europe and North America which was only 3.5% of the totalrespondents gave a positive response which only includes 57.1% agreeing and 42.9%strongly agreeing on the statement. h. Statement 8- Variety of courses offered is important.Importance of various courses offered is considered as one of many reasons thatattract students to school or a university. Variety of courses in university or a school iswhat makes different from other schools. Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid Strongly Disagree 4 2.0 2.0 2.0 Disagree 4 2.0 2.0 4.0 Neutral 25 12.5 12.5 16.5 Agree 79 39.5 39.5 56.0 Strongly Agree 88 44.0 44.0 100.0 Total 200 100.0 100.0Indians responded with 2.8% strongly disagreeing, 1.8% disagreeing, 12% remainedneutral, 45% agreeing and 46% strongly agreeing to the statement that variety incourses is important. Page 14 of 28
  15. 15. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorSouth Asian and African respondents gave mixed response with 2.4% stronglydisagreeing, 2.3% disagreeing, 14.3% remained neutral, 35.7% agreeing and 45.2%strongly agreeing.Respondents from GCC and Middle East Arab countries gave a more positiveresponse of 41.7% strongly agreeing, 33.3% agreeing; and only 25% remained neutralto the statement.South East Asian and Australian respondents also gave a positive response whichincluded 62.5%strongly agreeing and 25% agreeing but only with 12.5% remainedneutral.West Asians response to the survey was also appositive response of 35% agreeing and45% strongly agreeing but only 5% disagreed and 15% remained neutral.Respondents from UK, Europe and North America gave strong positive response of28.6% agreeing and 71.4% strongly agreeing to the statement. i. Statement 9- Assurance of future job recruitment is important.The excellence in future profession is why most of them enrol into specificuniversities; for that future job assurance is important factor. Especially most of theconsumers tend attend college where a future job is guaranteed to top firms andorganizations. Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent PercentValid Strongly Disagree 1 .5 .5 .5 Disagree 4 2.0 2.0 2.5 Neutral 20 10.0 10.0 12.5 Agree 54 27.0 27.0 39.5 Strongly Agree 121 60.5 60.5 100.0 Total 200 100.0 100.0The respondents from India gave great response which ended up with only .9%strongly disagreeing, 2.8% disagreeing and 10.2% remained neutral. 27.8% agreedand 58.3% strongly agreed to the fact that future job assurance is important.South Asians and Africans gave a response to the statement that future job recruitmentis important which included 2.4% disagreeing, 14.3% remained neutral, 21.4%agreeing and 61.9% strongly agreeing.GCC and Middle East Arabs responded only with positive reviews with 33.3%agreeing and 66.7% strongly agreeing.South East Asian and Australian respondents gave a positive response to the statementwith 25% agreeing and 62.5% strongly agreeing with only 12.5% remaining neutral.West Asians gave only positive response to the statement which included 30%agreeing and 60% strongly agreeing with only a 10% remaining neutral.Respondents from UK, Europe and north America gave a response which included28.6% agreeing and 71.4% strongly agreeing to the statement. j. Statement 10- International schools are better than domestic schools. Page 15 of 28
  16. 16. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorThe world renowned schools are one of the first choices when choosing a school thanchoosing a domestic one; so some consider it as an important factor of influencingconsumer’s choice. International schools are a better choice than domestic schools Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent PercentValid Strongly Disagree 4 2.0 2.0 2.0 Disagree 12 6.0 6.0 8.0 Neutral 60 30.0 30.0 38.0 Agree 57 28.5 28.5 66.5 Strongly Agree 67 33.5 33.5 100.0 Total 200 100.0 100.0Indian respondents gave mixed response to the statement which included 2.8%strongly disagreeing, 8.3% disagreeing, 28.7% remained neutral, 26.9% agreeing and33.3% strongly agreeing.South Asian and African respondents also gave mixed response with 4.26%disagreeing, 30.95% remained neutral, 30.95% agreeing and 33.3% strongly agreeingto the statement of the survey.GCC and Middle East Arabs response included 8.3% disagreeing, 25% remainedneutral, 41.7% agreed and 25% strongly agreed to the statement.Respondents from south East Asia and Australia gave a mixed response with 12.5%strongly disagreeing, 37.5% remained neutral, 12.5% agreeing and 37.5% stronglyagreeing to the statement.West Asian s responded to the statement with 30% neutral, 30% agreeing and 40%strongly agreeing.UK, Europe and North American respondents gave a positive result with 28.6%agreeing and 42.9% strongly agreeing with only 28.6% remaining neutral to thestatement. 8. Different Consumer Segment: a. Indians:According to Indian respondent, the accreditation of business school is veryimportant. In the survey, 55% of the Indian respondents strongly agree with thisfactor. From this we can understand that they seek educations which are high inquality and standard. They also considered accreditation important because it givesthem an easy entry to profession and easily recognized by other. The quality ofeducation plays important criteria for Indians. The survey shows that 45% of theIndian respondents agree with this criterion. This is based on the fact that from ancienttimes onwards Indians have strong ethical belief, patrons on intellectual theory andrespect their elders. About 38% of Indians agree that they give strong importance forfinancial aspects of the education because of the reason that they give high value fortheir money. External factors such as friends, relatives and advertisements influencethe behavior of the Indian respondent a lot. This is because they have strong family Page 16 of 28
  17. 17. MARK217 Consumer Behaviorvalues and inter community faith which has considerable influence on selectingcolleges. The survey shows that 37% of the Indians strongly agree that they requiresports and recreational activities in colleges. This is mainly due to the fact that Indiansare from an outdoor environment and are very interested towards sports. Indiansconsider campus environment an important factor because they consider that campusenvironment has a strong impact on their education. The Indians prefer that theireducational institution should be easily accessible. This we can understand from thesurvey which shows that 47% strongly agree that they consider location importantcriteria. Different courses provide different job opportunities. So the people willprefer the school with different variety of courses. In case of Indians, about 42% ofthem require variety of courses. It is a fact that most people study in business schoolthat guarantees future job recruitment. In our survey, 58% of Indians states that thisfact is true. The survey also shows that Indians believe that international schools arebetter choice that domestic schools. This is mainly because of the multi culturalenvironment found in the international schools which helps the student to interactwith people with different culture. As South Asian & African nationals are addictedtowards sports more than half of these respondents agree that sports and recreation isa major factor in their academic life. b. GCC and Middle East Arabs:The job market in the GCC and Middle East countries are growing. So there is agrowing importance of quality education. In order to get quality education,accreditation of the school is important. From the survey, about 91% of the GCC andMiddle East respondents think those accreditations of the schools are important. Agood faculty is a must factor for a good school. About 83% of the GCC and MiddleEast respondents state that the quality of the faculty affects the choice of school. Morethan half of the people of the GCC and Middle East respondents think that thereshould be comparison of fees between schools. They wanted to get high value for themoney they are spending. Looking at the external factors, the GCC and Middle EastArab respondent had a mixed response to this statement. These respondents give apositive opinion to sports especially football which is found as part of their culture inMiddle East. Campus environment and location are a very important to GCC andMiddle East consumers. They also believe that a good campus environments and abest location can uplift school’s prestige. As many varieties of new job arises in GCCand Middle East due to a high development in logistics, real estate and other servicesector, different types of educated personals are demanded in the current job markets.So assurance in future job is considered as a serious issue. GCC and Middle Eaststrongly agrees that international schools are better than domestic schools. Lack ofstandard domestic schools in GCC and Middle East region can be a strong reason forsuch responds. c. South East Asia and Australia : Page 17 of 28
  18. 18. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorThe responds from the survey shows that 87% South East Asian and Australians givesa great importance to accreditation of business schools which gives them a great valuefor the degrees they gained, but they shows a moderate importance to the teachingstechniques of school faculties. They don’t give much importance to the fees of theschools demanded and influences for external factors because accreditation andoverall quality of business school could be one of their first priority. South East Asiaand Australian consumers depends mostly on sports activities outside academy, morethan 80% of these nationals don’t give much importance to sports and recreationactivities in schools. Most of the standard business schools with better campus aresituated in best locations in South East Asia and Australian regions. So they expectsame factors in the business schools they wish to enroll for. 87% of these nationalsgive importance for variety in courses offered as well as assurance of future jobbusiness schools. The current competitive employment market can be a strong reasonfor such response. d. West Asia:85% of the respondent in West Asia considered accreditation and the quality offaculty as an important criterion. This is mainly because these people are looking forthe job outside their home country and they want their courses to be recognized byothers. 60% of the respondents agree with the fact that they compare the fees betweenschools. So wanted to make sure that they receive the best education from the feesthey are paying. When looking whether the external factors will affect their decision,the result shows that most of them disagree with the fact. This is mainly because theserespondents are individualistic and they don’t consider these external factors a lot.When taken into account the campus environment, sports and recreational activitiesand location, they strongly agree that they considered this as an important factor. Thesurvey shows that the results are 55%, 75% and 85% respectively for these factors.They consider these factors as an important element to their education. They alsolook for variety in courses because they feel that it will help them to find job easilyand they also want to make to that the schools provide job assurance for them. Theystrongly agree with the fact that international schools are better than domestic schoolsbecause it gives them a wide experience. e. UK, Europe and North America : Page 18 of 28
  19. 19. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorRespondents of UK, Europe and North America strongly agree with the fact that theylook at accreditation and quality of faculty. This is mainly because the citizens ofthese regions have inherited strong value in education that includes accreditation.Whenasked whether they will compare the fees between student, around 70% of respondentagree with the fact they will compare the fees. The existence of education grants andlong term financial planning deviation doesn’t exempt them from comparing fees. Therespondents in these regions have a neutral response towards the external factors aswell as the sports and recreational activities. They give prior importance to campusenvironment as well as the location of the school. They also feel than it is better tostudy in international schools rather than domestic schools because it will help themto develop a cross cultural perceptive and also provide an international outlook f. South Asia, Africa excluding India:The response of South Asians and Indians looks very similar to each other. 88% of theSouth Asian & African respondent finds a great value for the accreditation of schools.Majority of countries in South Asia and African regions face the problem of highunemployment rate and poverty. As a result, respondent from these countries will beforced to find job outside their own countries and graduation from an accreditedschool gives a high employment opportunity in developed countries. Understandingthe course is an important factor for studying in a business school. As South Asian &African consumers believe that quality of faculty is positively related to the future job,88% of these nationals agrees that quality of faculty affects their decision makingprocess of business schools. As South Asian & African nationals can find manyuniversities which are very expensive as well as cheap, 57% of these nationals revealthat they will compare the fees of universities before enrolling in one of them. Around40% of total South Asian & African nationals give a neutral response which shows usthat not only the financial part they also care about the other factors for quality ofeducation. 40% of South Asian & African respondent has a neutral response that theymay or may not get influenced by external factors. Independent choice and thesituation they prevail can be a reason for such response. Majority of universities inSouth Asia has a big campus due to the availability of free land and governmentsubsidies. So they have obvious reasons for demanding a better campus environment.71% of South Asian & African respondent prefer location of the university as animportant criteria, because they wanted their university nearby to their area. 64% ofthese categorized nationals prefer the international schools more than the domesticschools and 80% prefer to have variety in courses. The course offerings made by theinternational universities is more than their domestic schools can be a best reason forsuch response. As mentioned above South Asian & African consumers give big valuefor their job, 83% of respondents prefer such schools which ensures the future jobafter the graduation. 9. Targeting and Positioning Page 19 of 28
  20. 20. MARK217 Consumer Behavior a. British University in Dubai (BUiD)Market TargetingBUiD is located in Knowledge Village in Dubai. As it is located in KV they can offera best campus environment and a mixed culture due to the presence of other schoolsfrom different countries of the world. BUiD has gained high raking in quality offaculty that can also be a reason that their all courses are accredited by Ministry ofHigher Education and Scientific Research. As a business school variety of courseoffered by them is reasonable BUiD is an British based international universities andthey give less importance to sports and other recreation activities. BUiD is a bestchoice for that consumer who takes location of school, variety of courses andaccreditation of school as an important matter.Market PositioningQuality of faculty is one of the main factors that cares by British university in Dubai.They are also accredited by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.BUiD is a best choice for GCC and Middle East Nationals, because these nationalsgive more importance to accreditation of schools and Quality of faculty in businessschools.Fees demanded by BUiD is a major challenges faced by academic management. Thereare many suggestions came from public that their fees structure is not up to theircourse offered. BUiD can be a best choice for South Asian and Australian nationalwho are least cared about fess that schools demand as compared to other respondentsin the survey.BUiD is located in Knowledge Village which is located in the prime centre of the citywhich provides one of the best campus environments and a cream of students fromdifferent universities. BUiD is a best choice for South East Asia and Australiannationals as they finds campus environment and location of school as importantcriteria for enrolling in one of them.BUiD is one of the least among universities who keeps a certain amount of annualspending for advertisements. BUiD can be an option as business school for consumerswho are not influenced by external factor. b. Manipal University in Dubai: Page 20 of 28
  21. 21. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorMarket TargetingThe Manipal University in Dubai is currently situated in the Dubai InternationalAcademic City (DIAC). There are wide-ranging and well combined facilitiesavailable here. They include auditorium, attractively site, sports facilities, libraryservices, and a variety of clubs. The Manipal University in Dubai has a multiculturalenvironment. Students of different nationalities study here. Socializing is promotedamoung the students which helps them to create a good global civilization.Market PositioningThe Manipal University in Dubai offers a wide range of courses. So this universitywould be most suitable for the students of UK, Europe, North America and AlsoIndia. This University also promotes multicultural environment and background,which would be best suited for the people of East Asia and Australia.The price level of the Manipal University in Dubai is relatively low. This university isone of the best choices for the students from India as they agree that it is necessary tocompare fees between the universities.This University is situated in the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC). Herethere are Universities that belong to about 32 countries. So this University would bebest suited for the South East Asians and the Australians. The Manipal University in Dubai is mainly promoted by word of mouth. But theyalso are providing advertisements about the university. c. American university of sharjah Page 21 of 28
  22. 22. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorMarket targeting American University of Sharjah is undeniably one of the best university inmiddle east, giving the opportunity to study in the intersection of 3 continents andalso one of the most developing and booming place in the world. Recognised andaccredited by the UAE government, it is a premium place for people seekingrecognition and high standard. With a very rich faculty coming mainly from NorthAmerica and occidental Europe, it has the elite of the scholars. Greatly directing towards sports and recreation, they are excelling againstother based universities and teams. The campus is huge, warm and well organised,giving the feeling of belonging to a community. Facilities are present and offer all thecomfort needed. Finally, it is an international school, directly linked to the US,making it valuable globally. Also it is the best place for people wanting to study in anenvironment following thoroughly Muslim laws and who want to be out of the busycity, in a calm and green atmosphere.Market positioning Located in the suburb of Sharjah, next to the Sharjah international airport, it isimplemented in University City. With a very well organised road system, it is easy toreach from Sharjah and other emirates, especially from Ajman, and to some extentalso from Dubai. The location is great for those living in Sharjah and Ajman, becauseof the traffic present when going to Dubai. Offering one of the largest varieties of courses, it brings together business, IT,Engineering, Art, Science, Architecture and Design…. This amount of choice is veryrare in this part of the world, bringing new skills and opens now doors. Regarding the price, it is definitely one of the most expensive universities inthe region, but it is in comparison of the quality of education and the worldwideimage of the school. Finally, it is talked through the word of mouth and landmark it already has,being a relatively old institution. d. ZAYED UNIVERSITY Page 22 of 28
  23. 23. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorMarket Targeting This university was formed to prepare and excel national students for betterpotential and career by the U.A.E. government. The university curriculum coversbilingually excelling in English and Arabic. They have five campuses; three in AbuDhabi and two in Dubai. They have separate campuses for male and female. Theyrecently opened their campus admission for international students. They haveexcellent faculties from different parts of the world from west to east. In the case ofthe sports the university is one of the best with vast sports environment facilities andare much appreciated who interest in that field. The varieties of courses offered arelimited with business and IT.Market Positioning The Zayed University is one of the best university in UAE which excels inboth education and recreational wise. The education provided is of high standard andpowerful of that available. Zayed University is usually open through scholarships but the fees ranges arequite high even though it is normal to the standard education, facility and faculty theyare providing. Zayed University is located in the main suburbs of the Dubai and Abu Dhabiwhich makes it easy accessible people from each emirate. The Dubai campus islocated next to the knowledge village and in Abu Dhabi campus is in main city part.Through it is much appreciated organization that runs under full support ofgovernment it doesn’t lack or require promoting it publicly. Page 23 of 28
  24. 24. MARK217 Consumer Behavior e. UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG IN DUBAIConsumer TargetingUniversity of Wollongong is one of the most famous universities in Dubai as well asUAE. It is currently situated in Knowledge village. So people from almost allcountries who consider location as an important factor can be enrolled in thisuniversity. Looking at the fees, people from Asia and Africa compare the feesbetween schools. Since UOWD is charging high for their courses people from thesecountries finds it difficult to afford. UOWD can target people from India, MiddleEast, GCC and West Asia because majority of them strongly agree with the that theyneed sports and recreational activities and UOWD is providing extra-curricularactivities. Since UOWD is doing campus recruitment, they can target people from allregions who considered campus recruitment an important factor. They can also targetpeople who considered accreditation, international school and campus environment animportant criterion.Consumer Positioning Uowd is providing both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in businesscourses. Almost all the business programs are accredited by the Ministry. They haverecently introduced new business programs also. Even though the course fee is high in UOWD, they can include other optionslike instalment plan, financial aid to students who can’t afford the money at thebeginning of the semester. They can provide scholarship for more students who areachieving high marks. UOWD has to think about the location. Since majority of students are comingfrom places like sharjah, Ajman, deira and qusais, it has become a great difficulty forthem to reach the university. So one possible idea is that they can change the locationto academic city which are nearest to all the above mentioned pace or they can start aseparate branch in any of these region. UOWD is making use of the promotional techniques a lot. They are givingadvertisement of television as well as in radio to attract more students. They are alsoattracting people through scholarship, fees reduction for current students whointroduce new students etc. UOWD has to find some more promotional strategy toattract more consumers Page 24 of 28
  25. 25. MARK217 Consumer Behavior 10. Limitations As we all know, the backbone of the project is the survey. By definitelyimproving the diversity of the respondents, results could be more accurate and better. So, first of all, we mostly surveyed people already enrolled in a businessschool. It could have been interesting to know what younger students think about thequestion we asked, and how they would have reacted to it. Also, it could also be goodto have more graduated student, doing their master or working, so we could have theopinion of experimented people. Also a large majority of the respondents were Indian, even if we know thatthey a big part of UAE’s population, it could have been interesting to have more ofother nationalities. A slack lack of female was observed, so an even number of maleand female could have been appreciated also. The survey being limited at 200, the answer couldn’t precisely reflect thethousands of students in UAE, so a bigger number of surveyed would have helped usgetting more accurate number and figures, which would reflect the situation in a bettermanner. Locations asked were also limited, so a better coverage of our area would ahave given us what people in other locations and in others part have to say. Finally the time we asked the question was during the actual crisis, so peopleare more reluctant towards economical question. So it could have been good to knowpeople’s opinion before this crisis and to realize what has changed in their behavior. With few limitations and constrains, the project hasn’t reached the summit ofits potential, but we have done the best we could we the available tools. Things canalways be better and be improved, but can never be perfect. Page 25 of 28
  26. 26. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorConclusionThe objective of this report was to find out the behaviour of consumers who arerelated to the business schools in U.A.E. Five universities in U.A.E. were selected forthis report. They are Manipal University, Zayed University, University ofWollongong in Dubai, British University in Dubai and American University inSharjah. A survey consisting of ten main statements were given to 200 people and theresults from these respondents were collected. These statement results were thenanalysed using software called SPSS. The responses of the statements in total wereanalysed. Then the results were analysed according to the to the six regional segmentswhich are Indians, South Asians And Africa excluding Indians, GCC and Middle EastArab countries, South East Asia and Australia, West Asia, UK, Europe and NorthAmerica. From these results it was found that almost all the regional segments havethe same opinion regarding most of the statements. Based on this, targeting andpositioning of the selected universities were done. Lastly, the limitations of theconducted research were pointed out. Page 26 of 28
  27. 27. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorReference listZayed university, n.d, ‘Welcome to Zayed university’, (online)URL: [Accessed Date 19/03/2009]Manipal University, 2009, ‘The Institution’, (online)URL: [Accessed date 20/03/2009]University of Wollongong in Dubai, 2009, ‘UOWD Profile’ (online)URL: [Accessed Date 20/03/2009]American University, 2009, ‘About Us’ (online) URL:[Accessed Date 20/03/2009]British University in Dubai, 2009, ‘About BUiD’ (online)URL: [Accessed Date 20/03/2009] Page 27 of 28
  28. 28. MARK217 Consumer BehaviorAppendices Case Processing Summary Cases Valid Missing Total N Percent N Percent N PercentAccrediation of the schoolis important * recode 196 98.0% 4 2.0% 200 100.0%region (N)Quality of faculty affectmy choice * recode 196 98.0% 4 2.0% 200 100.0%region (N)Comparison of feesbetween school isnecessary * recode 197 98.5% 3 1.5% 200 100.0%region (N)External factors do notinfluence my choice ofschool * recode region 196 98.0% 4 2.0% 200 100.0%(N)Sports and recreationactivities are important * 197 98.5% 3 1.5% 200 100.0%recode region (N)Campus environment isimportant * recode region 196 98.0% 4 2.0% 200 100.0%(N)Location of the school isimportant * recode region 197 98.5% 3 1.5% 200 100.0%(N)Variety of courses offeredis important * recode 197 98.5% 3 1.5% 200 100.0%region (N)Assurance of future jobrecruitment is imporant * 197 98.5% 3 1.5% 200 100.0%recode region (N)International schools area better choice thandomestic schools * 197 98.5% 3 1.5% 200 100.0%recode region (N) Page 28 of 28