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Make online donations easy and secure. The most comprehensive donation engine on the market enables you to build your online fundraising efforts smoothly and safely
Drive donors to your site and donation engine using highly personalized communication.

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  • Typically organizations like yours have the following questions in mind. “What if. . .
  • Papilia Overview

    1. 1. What if your donors’ experience could be more joyful, more relevant, more convenient?
    2. 2. Would you attract more new donors?
    3. 3. Would your existing donors stay longer?
    4. 4. Would they give more generously?
    5. 5. Would they help you spread the word?
    6. 6. Treat Every Donor Like a Major Donor SM
    7. 7. 3.6 Months Avg time to break-even Avg ROI 1087%
    8. 8. How We Improve the Donor Experience <ul><li>More Joyful, More Relevant, More Convenient </li></ul>
    9. 9. More Joyful More Relevant More Convenient Show your donors the difference they make.
    10. 10. More Joyful More Relevant More Convenient
    11. 11. More Joyful More Relevant More Convenient
    12. 12. More Joyful More Relevant More Convenient New donors give 4X more when engaged throug h Papilia.
    13. 13. More Joyful More Relevant More Convenient Tell Donors the Impact of their Gifts
    14. 14. More Joyful More Relevant More Convenient
    15. 15. More Joyful More Relevant More Convenient Give your donors a fundraising widget.
    16. 16. What Donors Like Are Saying “ This helps direct more funds to the gift of smiles!” “ This is a wonderful way to see how our dollars go to help those who need it most. Thanks for providing it!” “ This service is outstanding. It gives me a lot of pleasure.” “ Very, very useful. I love it! Thanks again.”
    17. 20. Delight Your Staff Simple, Supportive, Rewarding <ul><li>Our Philosophy: </li></ul><ul><li>No relationship happens in a vacuum. </li></ul><ul><li>A tool is only as good as its use. </li></ul><ul><li>If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t count </li></ul>VP of Client Service Hillary New We Never Drop Off Software in Your Lap and Walk Away
    18. 21. “ My staff is acting as if I’d bought them a gift by buying the Papilia product. This is worth much more than what we’re paying you.” ODC Dance Company
    19. 22. “ Papilia makes donor communications much simpler and less time-consuming.” Catholic Charities of Denver
    20. 23. “ Wonderful, service. Donors have called and e-mailed me telling me how much they appreciated and enjoyed it.” Operation Smile
    21. 24. “ Using Papilia for Online Fundraising Is like striking gold.” Museum of the African Diaspora