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Introduction to Broadband Internet. Originally created in April 2002 for Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Introduction to Broadband Internet. Originally created in April 2002 for Oskaloosa, Iowa.

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  • 1. Broadband Internet ArrowQuick Solutions, L.L.C. April 2002
  • 2. Broadband Internet - Agenda
    • Introductions
    • Definitions and Terminology
    • Types of Broadband
    • Availability in Oskaloosa
    • Questions & Answers
  • 3. Broadband Internet - Intros
    • ArrowQuick Solutions
      • Partners
        • Rob Hammann
        • Perry Lund
        • Melinda Stonebraker
        • Ryan Jund
  • 4. Broadband Internet - Intros
    • ArrowQuick Solutions
      • Services
        • Web Development / Hosting
        • Computer Software Training
        • Multimedia
        • Technology Consulting
  • 5. Broadband Internet - Terms
    • Broadband
      • A type of connectivity using a large spectrum of energy. The medium may be over traditional copper wires, fiber optics, radio, or microwave.
    • Broadband transmission
      • A type of data transmission in which a single medium (wire) can carry several channels at once. Cable TV, for example, uses broadband transmission.
  • 6. Broadband Internet - Why?
    • Why do I need broadband service?
      • Eliminates long waiting periods while data is transferred
      • Makes work-related tasks similar to tasks at office via LAN
      • Moving large documents via e-mail, FTP, and other means quickly
      • Online gaming is more immersive experience and more realistic
  • 7. Broadband Internet - Why?
    • Why do I need broadband service?
      • Broadband's speed eliminates the so-called "world wide wait" that users encounter with dial-up services. Broadband connections to the Internet are at least 5x faster than a 56kbs dial-up connection.
      • Speeds can reach into the Gbps range.
  • 8. Broadband Internet - Why?
    • Why do I need broadband service?
      • A broadband link can make such work-oriented chores as accessing databases less frustrating, because results to database queries can be downloaded faster to your web browser.
  • 9. Broadband Internet - Why?
    • Why do I need broadband service?
      • A broadband connection allows e-mail attachments such as MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat documents to be downloaded in a matter of seconds, not minutes or hours.
  • 10. Broadband Internet - Types
    • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
      • transforms copper telephone lines into powerful carriers of digital data. DSL uses the same copper wires that carry voice traffic to your telephone to carry high-speed data.
    • Cable modems
      • taps into the same cable TV company lines that deliver TV pictures and sound to your TV set. Modems usually are placed next to your computer.
    • Wireless
      • typically made up a antenna-to-antenna systems, commonly called "fixed-wireless" systems.
    • Satellite
      • direct broadcast satellite (DBS) companies like DirecTV and EchoStar, as well as new companies focusing only on Internet connections.
  • 11. Broadband Internet Pricing Pros Cons DSL
    • Many packages to choose from
    • Price ranges from $20 to $300 / month
    • Std pricing from $40 to $60 / month
    • Doesn’t tie up phone line
    • Good for small/ home offices
    • Installation can be time consuming
    Cable Modem
    • Price ranges from $49 to $79/month in Quest market area
    • Fastest top speed
    • Generally easy to install
    • Speed can vary based on local traffic
    • Limited availability
    • Prices and packages similar to DSL
    • Consistently high speeds within local area
    • Newer technology than DSL and cable modems
    • Pricing similar to cable modems
    • National availability
    • Slow upstream bandwidth
    • Requires dish outside the home
    • May have to get “duo” type dish
  • 12. Broadband Internet - Cable
    • Cable is used by twice as many home users as DSL. 46% of US homes have cable modem access.
    • Time Warner Cable, Cox Cable and AT&T Broadband have the vast majority of subscribers.
    • Real world speeds of .5 to 1 Kbps
    • Costs run $35 - $40 per month in addition to existing Cable TV bill
  • 13. Broadband Internet - Cable
    • Cable service is a shared resource, so Internet access speed slow as more people use cable service.
    • Security issues arise from shared cable use. Get a personal firewall for your computer.
    • Radio frequency interference and weather can cause problems.
    • Upload speeds are slower than download speed.
  • 14. Broadband Internet - DSL
    • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
    • Provider include EarthLink, Verizon, and SBC
    • $50 per month is average cost
    • Speeds range from 256 Kbps to in excess of 8 Mbps and cost varies with speed
    • DSL has steady speed that is reliable and does not vary
  • 15. Broadband Internet - DSL
    • Supports multiple speed / cost structure which is applicable to home and business users
    • DSL can act as second phone line
    • DSL is not effected by changing weather conditions
    • DSL is hacker friendly, so consider a personal firewall for your computer
  • 16. Broadband Internet - DSL
    • Geographic location issues make DSL an option only within a 3 mile radius of telephone company office
    • Upload speeds are not as fast as download speeds
    • Installation is more difficult than cable modems and often takes weeks after order
    • Risky endeavor due to weak economy, so go with large ISP
  • 17. Broadband Internet - Wireless
    • Fixed wireless includes technologies based on:
      • Cellular
      • Radio
      • Microwave
    • Distances can range up to 35 miles potentially
    • Many small wireless ISPs and many are in rural areas
  • 18. Broadband Internet - Wireless
    • The speed of wireless is very reliable and steady
    • The response of wireless services is very good; there is very little latency
    • Monthly costs start as low as $50 per month, but vary with speed
    • Initial equipment costs and installation can be high, but recovered over 2 - 3 year contract
  • 19. Broadband Internet - Wireless
    • Shared access of fixed wireless could be potential bottleneck; ISP needs to plan for bandwidth issues
    • Weather can sometime disrupt service or damage equipment
    • Direct line of sight is required between antenna for fixed wireless to function; trees and foliage are major obstacles to wireless signals
  • 20. Broadband Internet - Satellite
    • Hughes Network Systems' DirecPC and StarBand are the players
    • Download speeds of 400 - 500 Kbps
    • Upload speeds of 40 - 128 Kbps
    • Cost of equipment runs about $400 to $500 plus a $200 installation
    • Monthly costs run $60 - $70
    • Satellite option is good for areas where DSL and cable are not an option - rural and suburban areas
  • 21. Broadband Internet - Satellite
    • First year cost is high at about $1700
    • Getting the dish pointed to exact coordinates of satellite is difficult
    • Older satellite receivers use USB connection to Windows PCs only; newer receivers work with computers via 10 Base-T connections
    • Weather can interfere with signal
    • Trees or other foliage can block the signals
  • 22. Broadband Internet - Satellite
    • Satellite access to Internet is a shared resource and limited by number of users online at one time
    • High volume downloader may have their access speed restricted; this is not acceptable
    • Latency is a problem with satellite signals; as it takes time (740 ms) for signals to get to a satellite orbiting 22,240 statute miles in space
  • 23. Broadband Internet in Oskaloosa
    • Options Currently Not Available
      • TCI of Southern Iowa does not provide cable modem access
      • Quest does not provide DSL service to Oskaloosa yet.
    • Issues
      • Degraded copper phone wire infrastructure limits DSL services
  • 24. Broadband Internet in Oskaloosa
    • Options Currently Available
      • Wireless providers include:
        • KDSI for residential / business
        • Mahaska Communication Group
      • Satellite providers include:
        • DirectTV
        • Starband
  • 25. Broadband Internet in Oskaloosa
    • Future Broadband Access
      • Businesses
        • Fiber optic loop in downtown area
        • Digital Cable TV / Radio which will include local station access
        • 8 telephone lines
        • Internet access at T1 speed
        • Local expertise in connecting, configuration and training
  • 26. Broadband Internet in Oskaloosa
  • 27. Broadband Internet in Oskaloosa
    • Future Broadband Access
      • Residential Area
        • Fiber optic loop to follow the recreational trail around Oskaloosa
        • Digital Cable TV / Radio which will include local station access
        • 4 telephone lines
        • Internet access at 256kbps to T1 speeds
        • Local expertise in connecting, configuration and training
  • 28. Broadband Internet in Oskaloosa
  • 29. Broadband Internet via MUSCO
    • Wireless service speeds range from 128 kbps to 10,000 kbps over wireless (line of sight) to following towns:
      • Eddyville
      • Fremont
      • Ottumwa
      • Oskaloosa
  • 30. Broadband Internet via MUSCO
    • Fiber service speeds in selected areas of Oskaloosa running north to south are 10,000 kbps to 100,000 kbps.
  • 31. Future Broadband via MUSCO
    • Investigations are ongoing in offering broadband Internet access to other areas in Oskaloosa with a fiber to the home initiative.
    • Available speeds would be in the range of 128 kbps to 10,000 kbps via a dedicated link. No bandwidth sharing would be involved as with cable or DSL services
  • 32. Broadband Internet Possibilities
    • Entertainment
      • Movie Trailers
    • Online Gaming
      • Warbirds | Movie
    • Real Estate / GIS
      • Mahaska County
    • Virtual Tours / Education
      • Sydney Opera House
  • 33. Broadband Internet Possibilities
    • Legal Research
      • Lexus Nexus
    • Website Databases
      • Musco’s Project Showcase
    • Education Management
      • IMSeries (curriculum)
      • PowerSchool (school mgmt.)
  • 34. Broadband Internet Q&A