Secure Email Communications from Symantec


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View the recent Arrow ECS webinar discussing the Symantec Encryption Platform, Symantec Gateway Email and Symantec Desktop Email.

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Secure Email Communications from Symantec

  1. 1. Secure Email Communications from Symantec Chris Collier Presales Specialist - Security E:
  2. 2. Agenda Symantec Encryption Platform Symantec Gateway Email Symantec Desktop Email Target Markets Summary Questions
  3. 3. Symantec Encryption Platform
  4. 4. Symantec Encryption Platform 3rd Party Solutions Symantec Encryption Solutions Disk and Device File Key Lifecycle Email Mobile Devices Mainframe Key Storage Commercial Hardware Custom Applications Authentication / Authorization Policy Management Automated Operations and Provisioning Symantec Encryption Platform Existing Infrastructure Commercial Software Auditing Reporting Logging
  5. 5. System Requirements • Runs on CentOS – No need for a native server OS • Can be installed as a hard/soft appliance • Uses a web based management interface – easy administration access Certified Hardware list If installing the Encryption Management Server as a hardware appliance; Symantec require it to be installed on specific hardware for it to be supportable. More info can be found here: Note: If installing as a virtual appliance the list isn’t as restrictive
  6. 6. Symantec Gateway Email Encryption
  7. 7. Symantec Gateway Email Encryption • Emails are encrypted/signed on the gateway server • Supports both standards transparently (OpenPGP + S/MIME) • Protection “on the border” • Granular security policy control • Integrates with enterprise directories • Automatic key management – Failover: Web and PDF Messenger • Granular logging • Integrates well with SYMC Brightmail and others Mail Client Mail Server Gateway Email PDF Messenger
  8. 8. Symantec Gateway Email - How It Works In Motion Email at Risk Email at Risk Recipients’ Mail Server Recipients’ Systems Email at Risk Email at Risk Email at Risk PGP® Desktop Email Internet Symantec Gateway Email + Symantec Encryption Management Server Symantec Encryption Management Server Secures All Communications Web Messenger PDF Messenger
  9. 9. What is Web Email Protection? • A secure web-style mailbox chosen by an external user – Stored on Encryption Management Server – One of the external user options from Symantec Encryption Management Server – Secured by a passphrase and SSL/TLS and viewed through a browser SSL/TLS Symantec Encryption Management Server External user
  10. 10. Feature: PDF Email Protection • Organizations want to send secure statements to their customers • To satisfy this need Symantec have developed PDF Email Protection • The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a widely-used format – This format works with RC4 and AES encryption ciphers • With PDF Email Protection we can encrypt only PDF attachments or entire emails – And then deliver these ‘secured’ PDFs to external recipients – The recipient does not need to have a Encryption Desktop client or a Symantec Encryption Management Server
  11. 11. Symantec Desktop Email Encryption
  12. 12. Symantec Desktop Email Encryption • Emails encrypted/signed on the client Universal Server • Protection at data origin • Both standards transparently supported (OpenPGP + S/MIME) • All email protocols supported (MAPI/Notes/SMTP/POP/IMAP) • Centralized granular policy control (PGP Universal Management) • Centralized key management • 2 factor authentication (smartcard/token) • Windows/Mac OS support Mail Server
  13. 13. Symantec Desktop Email Encryption How It Works Client Systems Email at Risk Corporate Mail Server Email at Risk In Motion Email at Risk Recipients’ Mail Server Email at Risk Desktop Email Desktop Email Recipients’ Systems Email at Risk Desktop Email Internet Desktop Email Support Package for BlackBerry, Support Package for BlackBerry, iOS iOS End-to-End Email Encryption Protects Email in Motion and at Rest
  14. 14. Desktop Client System Requirements Supported Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise (32- and 64-bit versions) Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (32- and 64-bit editions) Microsoft Windows 7 (all 32-bit and 64-bit editions, including Service Pack 1) Microsoft Windows Vista (all 32-bit and 64-bit versions, including Service Pack 1) Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 1 and 2) Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32-bit (Service Pack 1, 2 and 3) Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64-bit (Service Pack 2) Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2 and 3) Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (requires attached keyboard) Apple Mac OS X 10.5.x, 10.6.x, and 10.7.x (Intel) Hardware 512 MB of RAM 64 MB hard disk space
  15. 15. Target Markets
  16. 16. Target Markets and User Bases Gateway Solution – Enterprise Level or specific requirements Desktop Solution – SMB or small user bases Any industry is a prime target, however a particular focus should be taken to the following industries: •Banking •Engineering •Energy •Financial •Government •Healthcare •Manufacturing •Technology •Telecoms •Transport
  17. 17. Summary
  18. 18. Summary Why Symantec? •Most extensive portfolio of business protection solutions available •More experience - 30+ years of protecting the world’s systems and information •Market leadership - in both security and data protection •Trusted technology - Symantec protects 99% of the Fortune 500 •Symantec’s encryption solutions enable organizations to deliver data protection • The Encryption solutions provide: •Standards-based technology •Centralized policy management •Compliance-based reporting •Universal management for your customers encryption products.
  19. 19. Questions?