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  • How do VNX, VNXe and Isilon fit in the EMC storage portfolio? Let’s take a moment for a high-level review of the EMC storage portfolio. Effective backup and recovery is about doing it quickly and efficiently. In the Scale-out block. market, it’s about scalability and availability for block based applications. In the Unified storage market, It’s about simple and efficient file and/or block. And lastly, in the Scale-out file and Object market, it’s about scalability, operational simplicity and automated distribution of file or object based data. <click> And EMC has the best of breed back and recovery products in Data Domain, Avamar and Networker. EMC has the best of breed scale out block family in the VMAX family EMC has the best of breed Unified Storage family in the VNX and VNXe And EMC has the best of breed scale-out file and object platforms in Isilon and Atmos. So as you can see, EMC has the strongest storage product portfolio in the industry – bar none. And we need to ensure sell the right product for the Job. Now let’s focus on the mid-tier products, namely VNXe, VNX and Isilon.
  • In summary, the VNXe series systems are simple, efficient, and affordable unified storage designed for the IT generalist who needs to be up and running quickly. It’s easier than ever. And the VNX series of systems offer the most scalability and flexibility, and is the most powerful midtier unified storage solution. It’s reliable, as always.
  • Cloud computing promises not only a more efficient IT infrastructure but also a greater level of agility, allowing IT to be more responsive to business requirements. EMC now offers three paths to the private cloud: Build your own: The ultimate in customizability, this path enables you to select the specific best-of-breed parts you want. It gives you unmatched flexibility by allowing you to design a solution to your exact specifications. Although it provides for ultimate flexibility, it requires a significant amount of expertise, overhead, and time to deploy and manage. Vblock: Converged infrastructure offers a single point of management and support, and is pre-integrated. The high degree of standardization inherent to Vblock platforms makes Vblock an ideal infrastructure foundation for large enterprise, service providers, and public sector customers, allowing them to transform to virtualized environments based upon VMware, Cisco, and EMC technologies. It is the most transformative and simplest to manage option available on the market. For customers looking at some of the benefits that converged infrastructure offers, EMC offers Vblock. VSPEX: VSPEX is a more open solution built on proven infrastructure. VSPEX significantly enhances EMC’s ability to offer customers true choice in terms of the hypervisor layer, servers, EMC storage, and networking components. VSPEX offers some of the benefits of a converged infrastructure while offering you the flexibility to choose best-of-breed components that fit your existing IT infrastructures. VSPEX solutions use VNX and VNXe for the storage component.
  • VSPEX also provides more opportunities because it helps drive a more strategic sale. You can now sell complete solutions to your customers resulting in a higher attach rate of components, higher deal sizes, and at the same time, become more strategic in the eyes of IT. Sell proven solutions that offer validated infrastructure stacks and focus on driving value to the business applications like Oracle, Microsoft and SAP. VSPEX also can grow the sale. While leveraging the anchor components of VNX and VNXe at the storage layer, and VMware and Microsoft at the Hypervisor layer, VSPEX allows the customer to create customized solutions using the entire EMC portfolio – such as RSA, Data Domain, or Avamar. You maintain better account control as you can deliver the optimal components within the solution while preserving their margins.
  • Here is the chart of program requirements for Partners in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom. Please notice the Isilon requirements that have been added to the Consolidate Specialty. To maintain your Specialty designation going into 2014, you must have both VNX and Isilon Technology Architect certifications and Advanced Sales accreditations.
  • Driving Innovation Forward

    1. 1. Arrow ECS/EMC Partner DayDavid ReynoldsDriving Innovation Forward
    2. 2. Why EMCEMC is the world leader in systems, software, services, and solutions for building and managing secure and flexible information infrastructures. With these infrastructures, customers are able to intelligently and efficiently store, protect, and manage their information so that it can be made accessible, searchable, shareable, and, ultimately, actionable. Recognised Leadership • #1 external storage Strategic • #1 external RAID Alliances • #1 networked storage •VMware • #1 NAS •Cisco •SAP • #1 total storage software •Oracle •Microsoft • #1 storage management software • #1 replication software • #1 device management software
    3. 3. Velocity Partner Accelerator (VPA)– Take EMC education to the next level– Learn how EMC SEs deliver solutions and problem solve– Take advantage of the tools and resources available to you – Poolsizer – Mitrends – Vlabs – Arrow ECS resource– Develop a community and partnerships– Bring you the training you think you need 3
    4. 4. EMC Storage Portfolio Best of Breed Best of Breed Best of Breed Scale-Out Block Unified Storage Scale-Out File/Object Scale-Out Block Unified Storage Scale-Out File/Object Scalability Scalability Simplicity Operational Simplicity VMAX Availability VNXe / VNX Efficiency Isilon / Atmos Automated Distribution Block only File & Block File only Best of Breed Backup and Recovery Backup and Recovery Speed Data Domain, Avamar, Networker Deduplication
    5. 5. Next-Generation Unified StorageOptimized for today’s virtualized data IT Scales large and fast Self-optimizes for performance and capacity efficiency Works on any network Everything is fully Plug and play automated Works on any IP network Up and running quickly Easier than ever VNXe3150 VNXe3300 VNX5100 VNX5300 VNX5500 VNX5700 VNX7500 Affordable. Simple. Efficient. Powerful.
    6. 6. Three Paths to the Private CloudBuild Your Own VSPEX Vblock Best-of-Breed Proven Converged Components Infrastructure Infrastructure
    7. 7. VSPEX – A More Strategic SaleApplications Partner Deployed Supported by EMC CollateralHypervisor/VDIServerNetworkingStorage & DataProtection Based on RA Based on RA, Partner Chooses Brand
    8. 8. Build your own VSPEX solution Infrastructure Security, Network & Convergence Virtualisation Storage Software Servers DCIM Security Network & Convergence ArrowSphere Cloud Services
    9. 9. EMEA Requirements 17
    10. 10. Channel Enablement – Next Steps• Meet and plan sales and technical training to rise throughVelocity Status• VSPEX enablement• VPA best practices• Assessment and VLAB training• Develop new solutions using Isilon and Arrowsphere