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Arrow ECS/IBM Partner Jam – MobileFirst – A BP’s Perspective -  David Peacock - Portal

Arrow ECS/IBM Partner Jam – MobileFirst – A BP’s Perspective - David Peacock - Portal






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    Arrow ECS/IBM Partner Jam – MobileFirst – A BP’s Perspective -  David Peacock - Portal Arrow ECS/IBM Partner Jam – MobileFirst – A BP’s Perspective - David Peacock - Portal Presentation Transcript

    • §  Award  winning  technology  and  business  consultancy   –  Listed  in  the  Sunday  Times  Tech  Track  100  for  2012   –  IBM  UK’s  SoEware  Business  Partner  of  the  Year  2011   –  CRN  Channel  Award  for  Mid-­‐Market  Reseller  of  the  Year  2011    §  More  than  70  employees  including  40  cerNfied  consultants  in  UK    §  Based  in  Bracknell,  Berkshire,  with  a  Technical  development  &   support  hub  in  India  and  satellite  office  in  Ireland    §  IBM  SoEware  Premier  Partner  cerNfied  to  sell  &  transact   all  IBM  soEware  brands   –  Consistently  in  the  top  3  of  IBM  UK’s  SoEware  VARs   –  Experienced  selling  IBM  soEware  and  with  aligned  programs     SVI,  Lead  passing,  Special  bids  process,  etc.     www.chooseportal.com   1  
    • IBM’s transformed software portfolio   IBM meets clients’ business and IT needs by industry and roleIndustries Banking Energy Government Healthcare Education Transportation Retail Communi- cationsFunctions/roles Marketing Finance Human Supply chain Executive IT CMO CFO resources CSCO CEO CIO CHROBusiness and IT needsTurn Deepen Enable Deliver Accelerate Optimize IT Manage risk,information engagement the agile enterprise product and and business security andinto insights with customers, business mobility service infrastructure compliance partners and innovation employees www.chooseportal.com   2  
    • Portal addresses three key client needsNeed Capabilities Need CapabilitiesTurning §  Business Analytics Deliver §  Mobile Development andinformation §  Data Management enterprise Connectivityinto insights mobility §  Big Data §  Mobile Analytics §  Data Warehousing §  Mobile Management and §  Enterprise Content Mgmt Security §  Information Integration Accelerate §  Application Lifecycle ManagementDeepen §  Social Collaboration product and §  Complex and Embedded Systemsengagement service §  Enterprise Modernization §  Unified Communicationswith innovation §  Web Experiencecustomers,partners and §  Talent and Workforce Mgmtemployees Optimize IT and §  Cloud and IT Optimization business §  Asset and Facilities Management §  Commerce infrastructure §  Enterprise Endpoint Management §  Procurement §  Expert Integrated Systems §  Enterprise Marketing ManagementEnable the Manage risk, §  Identity and Access Managementagile business §  Smarter City Operations security and §  Data Protection §  Business Process Management compliance §  Application Security §  Connectivity, Integration & SOA §  Infrastructure Protection Application Infrastructure §  Security Intelligence and Compliance Analytics www.chooseportal.com   3  
    • Mobile  is  everywhere  -­‐  5  Trends  with  significant  implica/ons  for  the  enterprise  1! Mobile  is  primary   91%  of  mobile  users  keep  their  device  within  arm’s  reach  100%  of  the  Nme  2! Insights  from  mobile  data  provide  new  opportuni/es   75%  of  mobile  shoppers  take  acNon  aEer  receiving  a  locaNon  based  messages  3! Mobile  is  about  transac/ng   96%  year  to  year  increase  in  mobile  cyber  Monday  sales  between  2012  and  2011   Mobile  must  create  a  con/nuous  brand  experience    4! 90%  of  users  use  mulNple  screens  as  channels  come  together  to  create  integrated   experiences   Mobile  enables  the  Internet  of  Things    5! Global  Machine-­‐to-­‐machine  connecNons  will  increase  from  2  billion  in  2011  to  18  billion  at   the  end  of  2022   www.chooseportal.com   4  
    • IBM  has  been  building  up  their  mobile  enterprise  capabiliNes  10  acquisi/ons  to  strengthen   125+  patents  for  wireless   Doubling  2013  their  posi/on  in  mobile  since   inven/ons  in  2012,  bringing  the   investment  …  2006  …   total  to  270  …   200+  IBM  SoLware  apps   Cited  as  a  leader  in  app  design  and   available  in  App  Stores;  ~   managed  services  by  Forrester  and   1M  downloads  …   Gartner  …   www.chooseportal.com   5  
    • IBM introduced IBM MobileFirst offering portfolio Industry Solutions! Development & Integration Services! Banking! Insurance! Retail! Transport! Telecom! Government! Healthcare! Automotive! IBM & Partner Applications! Application & Data Platform! Application Platform and Data Services!Strategy & Design Services! " " " Management! Security! Analytics! " Devices! Network! Servers! Cloud & Managed Services! www.chooseportal.com   6  
    • IBM Mobile Enterprise Development Lifecycle Design & Develop! Instrument! IBM  Worklight   IBM  Tealeaf   IBM  Mobile  Development   IBM  RaNonal  Test  Workbench   Lifecycle  SoluNon  IBM  ExcepNonal  Web  Experience   Obtain Insight! Integrate! IBM  Tealeaf   IBM  Worklight   IBM  Cast  Iron   IBM  Websphere  MQTT   “Industrialise”" IBM Mobile Development ! Lifecycle Solution! Manage! Test! ! IBM  Worklight    IBM  Mobile  Development   " IBM  RaNonal  Test  Workbench   Lifecycle  SoluNon   Deploy! Scan & Certify! IBM  Tealeaf   IBM  AppScan   IBM  EndPoint  Manager   www.chooseportal.com   7  
    • What  are  we  upto?  §  Building  out  our  ApplicaNon  Development  capability   (primary  focus  to  date  is  B2E/B2B)     –  IBM  Worklight   §  Pladorm  capability,  so  we  can  deploy  our  mobile  applicaNons   –  Cross  CompilaNon     §  Titanium  Appcelerator   –  Custom  Containers   §  Excitor  DME   –  Hybrid  Apps   §  HTML5,  Cascading  Style  Sheets  3  (CSS3)  and  JavaScript   –  Mobile  Web   §  HTML5,  Cascading  Style  Sheets  3  (CSS3)  and  JavaScript,     §  Sencha  Tools   www.chooseportal.com   8  
    • What  are  we  upto?  §  Building  our  User  Experience  capability     –  Surfacing  the  appropriate  funcNonality  on  mobile  devices   §  The  big  screen  desktop  experience  is  likely  not  going  to  be  always  appropriate  on  mobile   devices   –  ExploiNng  capabiliNes  of  mobile  devices  to  expose  new  possibiliNes   §  Fine  grained  personalisaNon  data   §  SpaNal  awareness  (geo-­‐locaNon)   §  Media  capabiliNes;  audio,  image  and  video  capture   –  Understanding  and  delivering  against  mobile  Human  Interface  Standards   §  UI  is  a  vital  component  of  adopNon  and  successful  applicaNon  deployment   §  We  don’t  leave  it  to  the  developers  ;-­‐)     www.chooseportal.com   9  
    • What  are  we  upto?  §  Building  out  Mobile  Service  Desk   –  “Follow  the  Sun”   –  24  x  7  x  365  manned  support  desk   –  Infrastructure  and  user  support   –  Device,  ApplicaNon  and  Data  Management   –  Service  capability  for  both  customers  and  partners   www.chooseportal.com   10  
    • www.chooseportal.com   www.chooseportal.com   11