A Presentation During Vacation Term Activities At Afro Caribbean Achievement Project (Acap), Uk By Arrey Mbongaya Ivo

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A presentation of Arrey Mbongaya Ivo of African Centre for Community and Development at the Afro Caribbean Achievement Project, Bradford, UK

A presentation of Arrey Mbongaya Ivo of African Centre for Community and Development at the Afro Caribbean Achievement Project, Bradford, UK

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  • Picture1:playing African drums with Jacob in Badtolz,Germany(2007), Picture2: teaching Mrs Torhorst and her son Basti, how to eat the Bayang traditional meal, called eru and fufu


  • 1. The African & African Caribbean Nation is alive A presentation by Arrey Mbongaya Ivo for Afro-Caribbean Achievement Project (ACAP), Bradford UK
    • A presentation for ACAP Vacation Term Activities
    • Arrey Mbongaya Ivo is founder and Director of African Centre for community and Development
    • www.africancentreforcommunity.com
    • http://youtube.com/user/AfricanCentreforCom
    • P.o.box 181, Limbe, Cameroon
    • 46 Ascot Parade, BD7 4 NJ
    • Bradford, West Yorkshire
    • [email_address]
  • 2. How African& African Caribbean Youths should go
    • In pride
    • In achieving
    • In confidence
    • In knowledge and understanding
    • In education and work
    • In tradition, documentation and intercultural exchanges
    • All these leads to empowerment and pride in our nation/states
  • 3. Education empowers youths. A picture of pupils in Grace Orphanage. Cameroon copyrights(2006)
    • It makes them to know the world and how to defend themselves in it.
    • It helps them have an identity and to stand against intimidation
    • Know yourself, your culture and others and read history
  • 4. Empowerment is either formal or informal picture of Oroko boy learning with elders(copyrights2006)
    • It can come from schools
    • It comes from parental education
    • It resides in progressive traditions
    • It comes from the self
    • It can take various forms. From science, sports, Arts, poetry, respect, responsibility, work, socio-economic life etc
  • 5. How do you empower yourself and others? Below are pictures of African ways in Germany(2006)
    • By knowing your role models with African and Caribbean origins
    • By striving to achieve
    • By making others follow your example
    • By not giving in to bullying
    • By knowing your rights. every one is born equal
    • By cooperating and sharing with others in most fields of life
  • 6. We must have pride in our nation, ourselves and our activities
    • Picture1 are girls in Bonadikombo market, Cameroon helping their mothers to sell clothes during holidays
    • Traditional healing plant called “ nkwa ndek ” known for curing skin diseases like ring worm and eczema . Many are not known to science. It grows in South West, Cameroon
  • 7. What should we do when are bored, bullied, happy, sad etc? Use your time and life To create To report you r Problems and Find solutions Write, learn, draw, work, dance, Sing, pray, Laugh and share
  • 8. Lets build true networks between ourselves
    • Networks between the strong and weak
    • The poor and the rich
    • The educated and the uneducated.
    • Traditions and Modernity
    • Africans in Africa and the Diaspora
    • Between our brothers, sisters and parents
    • Between Development people, associations around the world and our visions
  • 9. When we are strong as a group we shall be strong as
    • Youths
    • Mothers
    • Pupils or students
    • Artists
    • Scientists
    • Blacks, Africans/Caribbean
    • Nation/States
    • As citizens of the world
    • We are meant to be winners.
  • 10. Event Pictures
  • 11. Slides, Pictures and Paintings by Arrey Mbongaya Ivo
    • African Centre for Community and Development, p. o. box 181. Limbe, Cameroon.
    • www.africancentreforcommunity.com
    • P.O. Box 181, Limbe, Cameroon
    • 46 Ascot Parade, BD7 4NJ, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK
    • Hansa Str. 121, 81373 Munich, Germany
    • http://youtube.com/user/AfricanCentreforCom
    • http://www.africancentreforcommunity.com
    • http://community.eldis.org/falcazo
    • All Rights Reserved.