Filipino youth delinquency
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Filipino youth delinquency






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Filipino youth delinquency Filipino youth delinquency Presentation Transcript

  • Filipino Youth Delinquency Presented by: Arnel O. Rivera LPU-Cavite
  • What is Youth Delinquency?
    • It is an act or misbehavior that is different from the normal procedure of rules and regulations, customs and traditions; and culture being committed by the youth.
  • Classification of Delinquency
    • Social Delinquents
    • Neurotic Delinquents
    • Asocial Delinquents
    • Accidental Delinquents
  • Social Delinquents
    • Youths who hate the authority specially those who have control of their behavior. They are always in conflict with what is right and does it with friends.
  • Neurotic Delinquents
    • A youth who always acts alone by internalizing his or her own conflicts and is largely preoccupied with his or her own feelings. He/she suffers insecurity in life.
  • Asocial Delinquents
    • A youth who acts as cold, brutal and vicious quality for which s/he does not feel anything.
  • Accidental Delinquents
    • A youth who has an identifiable in character but happens to be at the wrong place and time to commit delinquency.
  • Common Offenses Committed by the Youth
    • Stealing
    • Truancy
    • Vagrancy
    • Sexual aberration
  • Stealing
    • Causes of Stealing:
        • Desire of Possession
        • Loose morals at home
        • Lack of resources
        • Vices
  • Truancy
    • Absenting oneself without reasonable cause (e.g. cutting classes).
      • Unattractive school life
      • Fear of punishment
      • Parental indifference
      • Undisciplined pleasure seeking
  • Vagrancy
    • Running-away from home
      • Disagreeable home conditions
      • Misdirected love for adventure
      • Seduction
      • Clouded consciousness
  • Sexual Aberrations
    • Includes prostitution, inordinate attractions and abnormal heterosexual and homosexual activities.
      • Misdirected love for adventure
      • Clouded consciousness
      • Curiosity and misinformation
  • Causes of Behavior Disorders
    • Social Factors
    • Personal Problems
    • Necessity
    • Imitation
    • Curiosity
    • Ignorance
    • Disease (Mental and Psychological)
  • Important Needs of Youth
    • Acceptance
    • Security
    • Faith
    • Independence
    • Guidance
    • Control
    • Love
  • Family-related Delinquency
    • Lack of harmonious relationship existing between parents and children.
  • Categories of Delinquent Parents
    • Runaway parents
    • Vicious parents
    • Aiders
    • Triangular
    • Inadequate
  • Assignment:
    • Research on other cases of juvenile delinquency in the country. Write a one-page reaction paper containing the following information:
      • Source
      • Summary (not more than 10 sentences)
      • Reaction (not more than 3 sentences)
    • Use short (8.5 x 11”) bond paper with 1” margin, TNR 12 font, single spaced.