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Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Presentation Transcript

  • Entrepreneurship Presented by: Arnel O. Rivera LPU-Cavite
  • What is Entrepreneurship?
    • The practice of starting a new business in response to identified opportunities. (Onuoha, 2007)
    • It is the result of new industries or a combination of new industries.
  • What is an Entrepreneur?
    • A person who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise (Sober,2009).
    • When you reach an obstacle, turn it into opportunity
    • Mary Kay Ash
    • No one gets rich by working for someone.
  • Ten Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • 1. Entrepreneurs decide on long term perspective.
    • They see to it that they always make the best decision.
    • Whatever you do today will affect your future.
  • 2. Entrepreneurs value time.
    • They do useful things every minute of their lives.
    • Time is money. You waste time, you waste money.
  • 3. Entrepreneurs are easy to get along with.
    • They try to blend in any situation and can deal with even the most difficult people.
  • 4. Entrepreneurs see the best even in worst situation.
    • They consider any situation as an opportunity and a lesson to be learned.
  • 5. Entrepreneurs are tenacious.
    • They are obsessed in getting what they want.
  • 6. Entrepreneurs are great salespersons.
    • They talk well, urge people to buy what they are selling whether concepts, good or ideas.
  • 7. Entrepreneurs never cease to learn.
    • They welcome new ideas, technology and new methods of doing things.
  • 8. Entrepreneurs expect the best from themselves and others.
    • They give their best performance and expect others to do the same.
  • 9. Entrepreneurs are versatile.
    • They can do almost everything or can lead others to do things for them.
  • 10. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers.
    • They are not afraid to fail.
  • Kinds of Business
    • Trading – buying and selling goods without altering its form.
    • Manufacturing – creating new products out of raw materials.
    • Service – sells services instead of products
  • Tips on how to succeed in business
    • Start with the right business.
    • Know your market
    • Evaluate the business industry you are interested in.
    • Evaluate your management style.
  • Tips on how to succeed in business
    • Have a solid financial control.
    • Be focused
    • Be ethical in business
    • Accept the fact that competition exist and face it.
  • Final Exams Coverage
    • Emergency Rescue and Transfer (ERT)
    • Filipino Youth Delinquency
    • Leadership
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Date: October 9, 2010 (Saturday)
    • Time: 7:30 – 9:00
    • Venue: Library