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Job analysis - Unitedworld School of Business
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Job analysis - Unitedworld School of Business


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • Human Resource Management, 5E Human Resource Management, 5E
  • Transcript

    • 1. Analysing WorkandDesigning Jobs
    • 2. Job Description and Job Specification inJob AnalysisJob DescriptionA statement containing itemssuch as• Job title• Location• Job summary• Duties• Machines, tools, andequipment• Materials and forms used• Supervision given or received• Working conditions• hazardsJob specificationA statement of human qualificationsnecessary to do the job. Usuallycontains such items as• Education• Experience• Training• Judgement• Initiative• Physical efforts• Physical skills• Responsibilities• Communication skills• Emotional characteristics• Unusual sensory demands such assight, smell, hearingJob AnalysisA process of obtaining all pertinent job facts
    • 3. Job Analysis offers CompetitiveAdvantage to a Firm• is a foundation for HRP• foundation for employee hiring• foundation for t & d• foundation for performance appraisal• foundation for wage and relay fixation• foundation for safety and health
    • 4. Process of Job AnalysisGather InformationProcess InformationJob DescriptionJob SpecificationStrategic ChoicesUses of Job Description and JobSpecification• Personnel Planning• Performance Appraisal• Hiring• Training and Development• Job Evaluation and Compensation• Health and Safety• Employee Discipline• Work Scheduling• Career Planning
    • 5. Process of Job Analysis• Strategic choices– employee involvement– levels of details– timing and frequency of analysis– past or future– sources of data• Information gathering• Information processing• Job description• Resulting in various outcomes
    • 6. Methods of Collecting Job DataObservation QuestionnaireChecklists DiaryInterviewsJob DataTechnicalConference
    • 7. Job EnlargementTasksDrill holesAssemble PartsTestTasksDrill holesAssemble PartsTestTasksDrill holesAssemble PartsTestEmployee 1 Employee 2 Employee 3
    • 8. Uses of Jobs AnalysisJob AnalysisJobDescriptionJobSpecificationJob EvaluationRemunerationTraining and DevelopmentRecruitment and SelectionHRPPerformance AppraisalPersonnel InformationSafety and Healthy
    • 9. Job RotationTasksDrill holesTasksAssemblePartsTasksTestComponentWeek 1 Week 2 Week 3
    • 10. Nature of Job Design• Job design is the conscious efforts toorganize tasks, duties and responsibilitiesinto one unit of work. It involves– identification of individual tasks– specification of methods of performing thetasks– combination of tasks into specific jobs to beassigned to individuals
    • 11. Job Design FactorsOrganisationalFactorsEnvironmentalFactorsBehavioural FactorsJob DesignProductive andSatisfying JobFeedback
    • 12. Comparison of Five Design ApproachesMediumLow HighLowMediumHighImpactComplexityJob RotationJob EngineeringJob EnlargementJob EnrichmentSocio-technical Systems
    • 13. Contemporary Issues• Telecommuting• Alternative work patterns• Technostress• Task revision• Skill Development
    • 14. Reality Check• Why do people like jobs but hate work?
    • 15. Reality Check• is one company that hasde-jobbing practice. Here a worker isswitching from a job to job three months’intervals. The .com puts more emphasison broader worker specification than ondetailed job description. Do you find anyother organisation (s) practising de-jobbing?
    • 16. Reality CheckList the expectation of each of the followingjobs:• A programmer• Receptionist• Executive assistance• Sales Rep