NATIONAL FINALIST          TEAM: eLEMONators                IIM KOZHIKODE  MAHESH KOPPAD             SWATI GOVIL          ...
Packaged Water in India: Market Overview                                                           DRIVERS AND CHALLENGES ...
Reasons for failure of Vedica in 2010                                     Target Segment                                  ...
PRIMARY RESEARCHMethod of Primary Research1.  Survey : 32 respondents;     1.    Profile: working professionals (high     ...
PRIMARY RESEARCH                                                                                                          ...
GO TO MARKET STRATEGY                Phase I (0-3 months)                                              Phase II (3- 6 mont...
GO TO MARKET STRATEGY: Package RedesignThe bottle design should attract everyone who saw it, from busy trade            Th...
ATL Activations: Promoting Pristine Purity                                                                                ...
Promoting ‘Pristine Purity’    Kiosks in Offices, malls                                                    •   Tie up with...
GO TO MARKET STRATEGY : Distribution Channel                                                                              ...
GO TO MARKET STRATEGY : Distribution Strategy                                                                             ...
Phase II : Customer Engagement                                  Vedica ‘Pure at heart’ campaign      This campaign helps t...
Execution: ‘Pure at heart campaign would be promoted through various channels such as TV, Radio, print  ads, billboards/ho...
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  • Modify 8000 cr of 2011
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    1. 1. NATIONAL FINALIST TEAM: eLEMONators IIM KOZHIKODE MAHESH KOPPAD SWATI GOVIL ARNAB GUHA Ph:8943455233 Ph:9645867004 Ph:8943994677 Registration ID: 50880b7ecccea5.53904776
    2. 2. Packaged Water in India: Market Overview DRIVERS AND CHALLENGES Current Market Size : 5000 cr Growth Rate : 12-15% Competitive Analysis: Premium Segment Himalayan Evian Vedica (old) Natural Mineral Water Market Size : Parent Tata Global Beverages Danone Group Parle 150 crore Company Tagline Live Natural Live Young Natural mountain water Water Himalayas Evian-les-Bains on Himalayas Market Share Source the south shore of Others(including Lake Geneva Oxyrich, Bailley, Kin Target Institutional customer segment: Same Same gfisher, McDowells) Hotels, airlines, other organized players 28% Segment Consumer segment: People willing to Bisleri pay higher price 43% Price per 30 70 40 Natural Mineral Water Kinley litre (Rs.) 3% 11% Aquafina 15%Distribution Joint Venture Marketed in India Existing Bisleri Network by Narang GroupPositioning Untouched by human hands and Luxurious & naturally pure and mineral- unprocessed, with a very unique taste expensive, healthy balanced water that mineral water supports your bodys youth
    3. 3. Reasons for failure of Vedica in 2010 Target Segment  “Masstige segment”(between mass & prestige markets) Low awareness  high-end consumers in posh neighbourhoods, in about difference hypermarkets or when they visit fine-dines and five-star between natural hotels. mineral water and processed Accounts for 10% of packaged water market, i.e.- 500 crores water Profile of the “Masstige Segment” Unclear  Have High Aspirational Values marketing  Desire to be distinctive strategy  Ideal Self Concept: Classy Sophisticated  Tend to define themselves with their possessions High End Customers Retailers and  Lifestyle and Health Oriented, Sophisticated distributors  Want the best products in terms of quality unwilling to keep  Not at all Price Sensitive Vedica as it is a small business for STRATEGY them Packaging unable to The Image of the product should be aligned to the desired self concept of reflect its the target segment: It must improve and maintain their self concept premium positioning The product should give a feel a premium and distinctiveness to the masstige segment It should portray itself as a high quality healthy and pure mountain water for the high end consumers
    4. 4. PRIMARY RESEARCHMethod of Primary Research1. Survey : 32 respondents; 1. Profile: working professionals (high income group) 2. 18 male and 14 female respondents2. Depth Interviews : 10 respondents 1. Profile: High end customers Young Professionals Working Executives High End Customers willingness to pay premium The Awareness of Vedica is negligible as compared to the other brandsNo 17% 67% do not know the benefits of the natural mineral water, whereas 64% did not know the benefits between Mineral and natural mineral water Hence there is clear need to educate the masses about the product category as aYes 83% whole 83% of the respondents said that they will pay a premium if the water brand 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% claims to be purer and more beneficial to the health Brand Awareness Benefits of Natural Benefit Awareness about Mineral and Catch Clear Water: Awareness Natural Mineral water 8% Evian 19% Yes 36% Qua Yes 19% 33% Himalayan Nestle Perrier 32% No No 13% 67% 64% Vedica 9%
    5. 5. PRIMARY RESEARCH Attributes Disliked Packaging Insights Yes No Indifferent Doesn’t look Aestheticaly beautiful 78% Too Many Colours 66% 10% 8% Childish graphics, does not look sophisticated 67% Text 21% Graphic on Label 82% 82% Design/Shape of Body 74% Bottle Cap 55% We showed the respondents the picture of the current bottle  82% of them did not find the looks of the bottle premium 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%  82% did not like the graphics on the label  74% said the design and shape was pretty boring and old fashioned Package Attributes For the consumers attractive packaging mattered the most. They rate the bottle as the most distinctive in the market and worth paying more for. 2nd 14% preference was brand name Fresh Look Availability 65% When we talked to consumers about water, they would play back powerful feelings about water being the essence and engine of life, yetInformation on packaging - water consumer choice in the category was made in such a shallow way, with 43% source, etc. 86% little or no understanding of what the brands were about. This Brand Name represented a critical lack of involvement. Price 36% The packaging of the product and the brand communication strategy are 87% thus instrumental in the Go-to- Market strategy Atrractive Packaging
    6. 6. GO TO MARKET STRATEGY Phase I (0-3 months) Phase II (3- 6 months) Product Awareness + Interest Product Engagement• Package redesign • Campaign for customer engagement• Above the Line promotions • Customer engagement will result in word of• Retailer/dealer education is necessary in this stage to mouth, thus facilitating more brand awareness ensure the success of the strategy Placement of premium Vedica bottle to be placed on tables in fine dines, 5 stars will automatically draw customers interest towards the bottle. The unique packaging will portray a sense of premiumness which customers will be able to relate to. Placement of the bottle in shelves will also attract the attention of the target set of customersWe however leverage on the latter 2 in our Go To Market Strategy in order to prevent any legal issues with usingthe word Himalaya
    7. 7. GO TO MARKET STRATEGY: Package RedesignThe bottle design should attract everyone who saw it, from busy trade The brand marque can include a faceted brandbuyers to savvy consumers. The suggested packing is done so that icon composed of Green to signify nature, which Stand out from competitors echo the blue of compacted glacier ice, rising Gain distribution in major multiples above a distinctive angular typeface inspired by Justify its premium price point the structure of glacier ice. Reflect the products HIMALAYAN and glacial originsFront side modification Back side modification• The proposed new package would have Vedica written in green color to • The backside of the bottle would contain all the symbolise that the water is derived from the lap of the nature. The text necessary information as mandated by the law. would be written horizontally in order to better catch the customer • However we propose to display the source of attention and promote brand recall water at the top right side of the bottle in order• The present tagline would be retained as ‘natural mineral water’ and to ensure customer visibility and thus capture the word ‘mountain’ will be highlighted in order to indicate its origin their trust with the brand from the glaciers
    8. 8. ATL Activations: Promoting Pristine Purity Print AdsOOH (Out-of-Home)  High-end magazines, e.g. Print Ads in health/ personal care/Escalator digital signage in selected stations fashion Magazines for both male and females. E.g.Outdoor billboard Femina, vogue, Filmfare, GQ, Forbes, fortune , Wedding EssentialsAirport advertising Magazine etcAds on Volvo bus services  Key messages  Vedica’s elegant image and package  Designed from the ground  Product benefits of unique water source and good for health Television Commercials The TVC would focus on the pristine purity of Vedica. It would portray a young women experiencing the purity and beauty of the Himalayas (mountains) as and when she gulps each drop of Vedica. The imagery will be that of the himalyas while the purity of the glaciers will be portrayed The TVC may end with the Bottle rising from the glacial water to show how the packaging reflects the source and oozes purity
    9. 9. Promoting ‘Pristine Purity’ Kiosks in Offices, malls • Tie up with corporates and offices for a BTL campaign. Target segment: The working professionals • We can set up small kiosks in get-together areas of corporate office buildings, SEZs to create awareness about the importance saving water and how each one can contribute to safe water • They will also be educated on the diseases caused from water and the benefits of safe and pure drinking water • The kiosks can also be used to focus on working women professionals and create awareness about the functional benefits of Vedica which will induce them to consider Vedica for their familyEvent Sponsorship Cricket, Hockey tournaments Charity Dinner Sponsor for Fashion show –lifestyle product Product Placement in Movies
    10. 10. GO TO MARKET STRATEGY : Distribution Channel Institutional Trade Promotions Channel • Offer credit to the restaurants, hotels, clubs and bar owners • offer them a price reduction on the product price at the time of billing for a limited period of time. • Objective: stimulate higher than normal purchase orders Institutional Retail and push through products • Benefits retailers & distributors Retail: Mix of Consumer + Trade Promotions High End Supermarkets/ hyper Hotels, Restaurants markets  offer them a price reduction on the product price at the time of billing for a limited period of time.  Provide retailers with the racks/hangars/other promotional merchandise to provide adequate shelf display area and visibility Exclusive Retail shops in Clubs, Bar Airports and Malls selling high  Retail merchandising support (on shelf price cuts, retailer end food items feature advertisements, in-store displays)  Objective: category management  Benefits all partiesWe have to convince retailers that it is worth embracing a new brand and compel customers to try Vedica.Seasonal Aisle, End of Aisle to include the entire Bisleri PortfolioRecommended displays: • Planogramming : 3 Facings of Vedica in the category shelves • Dedicated displays: 10 Facings with backing sheet of the new product and shelf strips of Vedica) • Posters at store entrance and in-store banners at beverages sectionsThe packaging is stylish and sure to capture attention
    11. 11. GO TO MARKET STRATEGY : Distribution Strategy Using 120 of its own trucks, along with the The transport of logistics of itsnatural mineral water Unlike players such as distributors and from the source to Tata Teas retailers, Bisleri canvarious regions incurs Subsequently To Himalayan, which has deliver its bulkvery high cost for the make Vedica a only distributors in The direct to packages at the company. So Vedica success, Bisleri should key cities such as institutions model can doorsteps of those should initially focus fine tune and Mumbai, Bisleri has its be leveraged upon to who call up the on metros and tier I leverage on its own storage facility focus on high end companys hotline. cities such as strength - service and to put the client at malls and restaurants The service should beMumbai, Delhi, Calcut multiple ease. The just-in-time kept on for 24 hoursta, Bangalore, Gurgao manufacturing units. principle is at work to accommodate fine n etc where it has a here. This netwok dines and five star strong distribution should be leveraged hotels who find it network difficult to forecast consumption Place of PurchaseFrom our survey we find the preference for the Pubs 72%place of purchase.The product should be positioned in fine dines, high Grocery Stores 14%end restaurants , hotels and pubs. They should also Supermarkets 57%be present in the grocery markets in international Airport Grocery Markets 71%airports and high end hyper and supermarts Fine Dining Restaurants and… 86% Malls 43%
    12. 12. Phase II : Customer Engagement Vedica ‘Pure at heart’ campaign This campaign helps the The target customers will be customers to show their Vedica team will send a asked to email us the details of love/affection/gratitude greeting card on their behalf to the person whom they want to towards one person whom that person. And along with the gift a greeting card and why they consider as the most pure message give him a Vedica they consider them as the most person they have met in their bottle as a sign of purity pure at heart. life. The most unique reactions to the gifts (say 5) in the entire campaign will be shown on live TV as a promotion material for Vedica. This will The person’s photograph with improve the brand perception for Vedica. 10- the card and vedica can be put 15 such short clips can be posted on the on Social media pages Youtube channel. The entire process creates an engagement with the brand Rationale:• Every person has someone in their life whom they respect for their sincerity and pure nature and want to appreciate that.• But factors such as time, distance may have forced them to forget this.• This campaign would give the ‘admirer’ an opportunity to reconnect with the other person free of cost while bringing in the element of surprise for the ‘admired’
    13. 13. Execution: ‘Pure at heart campaign would be promoted through various channels such as TV, Radio, print ads, billboards/hoardings and social media which would create awareness and encourage customers to participate by mailing us the details TV: A short clip of 15 sec would be displayed after the main Vedica ad informing customers about the launch of such campaign Radio: The campaign can be advertised during the evening shows when the customers return from work and are relaxed Print ad: This is again used to create maximum awareness among the customers. Leading national dailies can be used Facebook: We can post the images of the ‘admired’ person with the greeting card in hand, Vedica strategically placed in the photo on the Facebook page. The message in the greeting card would be posted as a description below the image. We can post the information of the photos and message being uploaded on our Facebook page via email to the admirer as well as the admired. Message from the admirerIn this way we are getting more customers to follow us on Facebook which can be used a medium for futurepromotions
    14. 14. THANK YOU