Army Contracting Command Brochure


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Army Contracting Command Brochure

  1. 1. Contracting with ACC as a Small BusinessThe U.S. Army Contracting Command Office ofSmall Business Programs is committed to helpingsmallbusinesseswhoarelookingtoconductbusinesswith the government. The office provides supportto small businesses through a variety of methods,including acquisition forecast plans,individual smallbusiness counseling sessions,workshops,roundtablesessions, expositions and trade fairs.Dedicated smallbusinessspecialistsarelocatedateveryinstallation in theUnited States andoffer counselingon a multitude oftopics to include:information onthe governmentcontracting process; acquisitions directly related tothe mission of the installation; and subcontractingopportunities.It is the goal of the Army Contracting CommandOfficeofSmallBusinessProgramstoprovideavarietyofopportunitiestosmallbusinesses.Theseprogramsinclude ones that are: - Small Businesses - Small Disadvantaged Businesses 8(a) - Women Owned Small Businesses - Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses - Historically Underutilized Business Zones - Historically Black Colleges and Universities/ Minority InstitutionsTo learn more about doing business withACC, and click on the“Small BusinessOffice” listing on the left.If a Soldier needs it, ACC buys it.
  2. 2. Army Contracting CommandACC provides responsive, innovative and efficientprocurement solutions to enable the Army’s globalwarfightingdominance.AsamajorsubordinatecommandoftheArmyMaterielCommand,ACCisatwo-starcommandwith Soldiers, civilians and contractors who supportSoldiers worldwide by acquiring equipment, supplies andservices vital to our Soldiers’ mission and well-being.ACC is headquartered atRedstone Arsenal, Ala.,with two subordinateone-star commands,t h e E x p e d i t i o n a r yContracting Command(also headquartered atRedstone Arsenal) and theMission and InstallationContracting Command(headquartered at FortSam Houston,Texas). Fivemajor contracting centersprovide support to AMC’slife cycle managementcommands and majorsubordinate commands.The major contracting center locations are:ACC -Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen ProvingGround, Md.ACC - New Jersey, PicatinnyArsenal, N.J.ACC - Redstone, RedstoneArsenal,Ala.ACC - Rock Island, Rock IslandArsenal, Ill.ACC -Warren,Warren, Mich.In fiscal year 2012, the command awarded more than228,000 contracts valued at $74 billion.This contributionwasnearly69percentoftheArmy’scontractdollarsand15percent of the total dollars spent on contracts by the entirefederal government.ACC accomplishes these actions withmore than 6,500 military and civilian employees at morethan 100 locations worldwide.Expeditionary Contracting CommandThe ECC provides essential contracting support to the Armyand other defense organizations at installations outside ofthe continental United States. It also provides expeditionarycontracting services during military and humanitarian operationsto support the war fighter. ECC has seven contracting supportbrigades, eight contingency contracting battalions and 83contingency teams throughout the world.Mission & Installation Contracting CommandThe MICC provides contracting support for the war fighteracross military commands, installations, and activities locatedthroughout the continental United States. The MICC has fourfield directorate offices and 35 contracting officesthroughout the is ACC’s commercial recruitingwebsite that spearheads its recruitment initiatives. Itprovides a plain language introduction to the jobs andbenefits available throughout the command. It alsopromotes overseas assignments and positions, sincethose are frequently the hardest to fill.The main audiences for are non-governmental contracting professionals, collegegraduatesandcurrentgovernmentcontractengineeringprofessionals.ACC at a Glance