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Principles of Building an Online Reputation
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Principles of Building an Online Reputation


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Principles of building an online reputation for re:think in Oslo, Norway.

Principles of building an online reputation for re:think in Oslo, Norway.

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology

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  • 1. Principles of Online Reputationarm e ntd ie trich .co m G ini D ie trich , C EO , Arm e nt D ie trich, Inc. sp insu m
  • 2. Bo ne s G ini
  • 3. There is sucha thing as bad PR
  • 4. Seven Tips for BuildingYour Online Reputation
  • 5. C re ate aS tro ng O nline M o nito ring Pro g ram
  • 6. D e cid e W hich Ke yw o rd s to M o nito r
  • 7. M o nito r Tw itte r
  • 8. S e t U p G o o g le Ale rts
  • 9. M o nito r Blo g s Yo u Find In Re ad e r
  • 10. M o nito r C o m m e nts, Q & A S ite s,Fo ru m s, and D iscu ssio n Bo ard s
  • 11. U se “W h at D o Yo u Lo ve ?”
  • 12. C re ate a D ashb o ard
  • 13. C re ate Eng ag ing and Valu ab le C o nte nt
  • 14. C o m m e nt O nO th e r C o nte nt
  • 15. Bu ildC o m m u nity
  • 16. “Yo u d o n’t have a co m m u nity u ntil p e o p le are talking to o ne ano th e r, w ith o ut th e inp u t o fthe au th o r.”– M itch
  • 17. S tro ke Eg o s
  • 18. H ave a C risis Plan Re ad y
  • 19. Th e b e st d e fe nse is aw e ll-p lanne d o ffe nse .
  • 20. Pre d ict: Anticip ate and Id e ntify Issu e s
  • 21. Po sitio n: S trate g y fo r the Anticip ate d Issu e s
  • 22. Pre ve nt: H o w W ill Yo u Play O ffe nse ?
  • 23. Plan: Be Re ad y fo r Anyth ing
  • 24. Pe rse ve re : Fo llo w Plan; S tay O n M e ssag e
  • 25. Evalu ate : D e b rie f H o ne stly
  • 26. W rite a Bo o kAh e ad o f Its Tim e
  • 27. Gini Dietrich©2012 Arment Dietrich, Inc. May not be reproduced, quoted, or used in PR/advertising/marketing materials without written consent from the company