Corporate Gift Collection 2011


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The business world can often be stressful, but our products are certain to bring peace to your work environment. They are the gifts which keep on giving.
Armen Iskandaryan Photography\'s Corporate Gift Collection is ideal for your promotional and marketing requirements and can even be applied to your range of products. Let our images enhance your image. We invite you to use the existing images from our extensivelyexpanding library - one of the largest collections of Armenian panoramic photographs.

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Corporate Gift Collection 2011

  2. 2. PERSONALIZED GIFTS TO REWARD, INSPIRE AND HONOR OVER THE MOUNTAINS - CHCH808P42 We are all committed to helping you develop and enhance your business relationships, reward contribution and strengthen ties by making sure you have the finest corporate gifts that reach you promptly, meticulously & flawlessly. We invite you to use the existing images from our extensively expanding library - one of the largest collections of Armenian panoramic photographs. These images are ideal for your promotional and marketing requirements and can even be applied to your range of products. Let our images enhance your image. The business world can often be stressful, but our products are certain to bring peace to your work environment. They are the gifts which keep on giving. Wishing you a rewarding business year. Like most people, I’m always striving for excellence in my professional life and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to work in a medium where the artistic boundaries are always being tested. I believe my quest for unique, superior products is reflected in this year’s Corporate Gift Collection and I know this pursuit of excellence is also followed unwaveringly by each and every member of my superb and dedicated team.
  3. 3. WWW.ARMENISK.COM LAKE DSEGH (TSOVER) - DSL810P23 When beauty is brought into the workplace, peace, harmony and creativity flow more freely. For our superb 2011 Limited Edition range, Armen has added new images which celebrate the beauty of our country. By placing one of these limited edition prints in your boardroom, showroom, offices or reception area, you will create a refreshing window on an inspiring world that many people would never experience. With Armen’s ever-expanding collection of panoramic views, you are sure to find exceptional images to suit your environment. Magnificently presented, these are images that help calm, invigo- rate and refresh, inspiring the mind to think 'beyond the square we live in'. As an added benefit, these Limited Edition Prints can be personalized with a plaque, making them perfect as executive or motivational gifts for that special client or colleague. To ensure that you are making a valuable investment for your company, all of our framed Limited Edition Prints are created using the finest archival materials to enhance preservation and permanence. WINDOWS OF CREATION T U R N Y O U R W A L L S I N T O W I N D O W S WHY A PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGE Photographic images are able more than any other media to capture the feeling of a place and bring it indoors. Photos are of the places that we see with our own eyes and that is why the effect of a photographic image on us is strong and long lasting. A beautiful image can open up the wall and take us to another place, it’s a window to an emotion that will surface each time we look at the image. TURN YOUR WALLS INTO WINDOWS
  4. 4. WWW.ARMENISK.COMLIMITED EDITION CORPORATE PRINTS LIMITED EDITION CORPORATE PRINTS Each elegantly framed image in our extensive range of Limited Edition Corporate Prints is titled, signed and numbered by Armen Iskandaryan personally. They are registered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity, which is your guarantee of exclusivity. Each of our images is part of a numbered edition and produced in strictly limited number of 50, 75 or 100 copies. That means when that number of images, have been sold, there are no more... ever. The only way to get a one of that particular image is to buy it off an existing owner. Your purchase becomes an investment, as demand for that image increases the value goes up. LAKE DSEGH - DSL810P10 OVER THE MOUNTAINS - CHCH808P42 LIGHT FROM THE HEAVENS - ARG712P7 MOUNTAIN ARARAT - REFLECTION IN BLUE - AR712P15NEW MORNING NEW HOPE - RP712P1AUTUMN COLORS IN SPRING - SVNP805P16 MOUNTAIN TIGRANASHEN - TG712P5 EXPLOSION IN THE SKY - ARY712P11 SPRING IN APARAN - APR806P11 LAKE NEAR RANCHPAR - RP710P4BLOOD OF EARTH - NV805P3MOUNTAIN ARAGATS AND THE OLD BRIDGE - ARG805P19DANCE OF CLOUDS - RP711P2 ARDENT MOUNTAINS - AZR809P13 ARMENIAN PLANET - AZR805P10 HAGHARTSIN MONASTERY - DLH708P7 FROSEN LAKE - AZR702S1
  5. 5. WWW.ARMENISK.COM CHURCH AMBERD - AB806P6 An Armen Iskandaryan calendar is recognized without doubt as the most prestigious calendar you can give - simply the best in Armenia! Personalized with your company’s logo it is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools you can employ. Clients and colleagues will again and again come back to these powerful panoramic images throughout the year. Each year we select fresh images and incorporate them in a brand new design, then use the latest techniques and processes to produce our calendars. The result is a product of unparalleled quality that you'll be proud to display or give as a gift. 2012 ARMENIA: SYMPHONY OF NATURE – WALL 2012 ARMENIA: SYMPHONY OF ARCHITECTURE – WALL Large format Wall Calendar with plenty of space to write important dates. 2012 ARMENIA: SYMPHONY OF NATURE – DESK High quality Desk Calendar in a compact self-standing design. 2O12 CORPORATE CALENDARS 2O12 CORPORATE CALENDARS OVERPRINT YOUR DETAILS HERE YOUR LOGO OVERPRINT YOUR DETAILS HERE WALL CALENDARS ACTUAL SIZE 490 x 380mm DESK CALENDARS ACTUAL SIZE 220 x 145mm Their personal and professional service has led to repeat business, and the quality of the calendars has resulted in our customers personally requesting them year after year... VAHE STEPANYAN ASSISTANT TO THE GENERAL DIRECTOR ARMRUSGASPROM CJSC ALSO AVAILABLE IN 680 x 430mm SIZE
  6. 6. WWW.ARMENISK.COMPERSONALIZED POSTERS PERSONALIZED POSTERS Images of nature help to reduce stress in people’s lives. Show how much you appreciate key business customers with these elegantly framed posters carrying your corporate logo or personal message. Each poster is produced to exacting standards under Armen's personal supervision. Available in 3 sizes from Mini to Large, these high quality posters add color and light to any environment. This premium range is certain to impress and inspire. WARM AND COLD - PSARY712P4 MOUNTAINS OF GEGHARD - PSGE810P3 SPRING IN GAVAR - PSSVG807P10 APARAN RESERVOIR - PSAPR610S1 MT. ARARAT IN BLACK WATER - PSAR807P30 LAKE DSEGH-AUTUMN - PSDSL810P6GEGHARD MONASTERY - PSGEM810P9 ROCK GROUP - PSKH810P44 BRIDGE FROM THE PAST - PSARG805P23 LAKE NEAR NORAMARG - PSRP710P5 MOUNTAIN ARARAT WITH REFLECTION OF TREES - PSAR806P23 Contact us now for an obligation-free consultation including the selection of appropriate images, sizes and framing options. Phone: +374 93 467766 | Email: FROSEN LAKE - PSAZR702S1 QUALITY PRODUCTS CREATING COST-EFFECTIVE PROMOTION! FIERY END OF A DAY - PSRP710P9
  7. 7. WWW.ARMENISK.COMDESK PRINTS DESK PRINTS Desk prints provide the perfect way to keep encouraging and uplifting thoughts where they can be easily seen. Our exclusive desk prints are beautifully presented in elegant, free standing brushed aluminium frames and can be individually inscribed with your corporate logo or message. These desk prints will enhance any decor. MOUNTAIN ARAGATS - REFLECTION - DPARG805P9HILLS OF GREEN - DPTSTS810P31 SEVAN - MORNING REFLECTION - DPSV905P9 In answer to the need for premium quality, yet affordable gifts that clients will treasure, Armen Iskandaryan Photography provides a range of superb products. Featuring the outstanding photographs of award winning Armenian photographer Armen Iskandaryan, the Corporate Gift Collection is a very inexpensive way of increasing brand awareness and enabling companies to enhance their own corporate image with products of high impact and exceptional design. Let the Armen Iskandaryan Corporate Gift Collection work for you to impact your most valued clients with gifts that leave a lasting impression. Most items featured in this gift collection can be personalized and customized with your own company logo - making them the precisely corporate, executive, motiva- tional and promotional gift. We can create and design specialized products for your own business. The possibilities are almost endless... CORPORATE GIFT COLLECTION RIVER IN KHOSROV RESERVE - DPKH810P14 AZAT RESERVOIR - DPAZR809P8 ZVARTNOTS TEMPLE - DPZV609S3 SEVAN - EVENING SONG - DPSV805P25 REFLECTION OF A MOMENT - DPAZR711P1 APARAN RESERVOIR - DPAPR610S6 Please contact us to discuss how we can meet your corporate needs. Phone: +374 93 467766 Email: ACTUAL SIZE 300 x 145mm GOOD MORNING ARARAT - DPAR712P4CHURCH AIRAVANK - DPSVA807P8
  8. 8. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US Phone: +374 93 467766 | Fax: +374 10 566212 | Email: A R M E N I S K A N D A R YA N P H O T O G R A P H Y