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Drupal atlanta presentation

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A great look at the developer level of Drupal and Alfresco Integration.

A great look at the developer level of Drupal and Alfresco Integration.

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  • DOUG
  • Some of you may have already said to yourself, what can Alfresco do that Drupal cannot? What can Drupal do that Alfresco cannot? Why would I need to make an investment in both of these technologies.In order to answer these questions, I would want to for us to do a little exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to create a Drupal Website that has de-sensitized corporate information. I will need two Volunteers. The volunteers will be team leaders.I will split the room into two: the Yellow team and the Orange team. I am currently training for Tough Mudder and I Cross Fit so, everything is for time.You will have 5 mins to complete this exercise. The team that finishes first wins.We are going to hand everyone a piece of paper. This paper represents a piece of Content within your organization or government agency.That piece of content can be insurance documentation is you are an insurance agency;Health records is you are a health system or hospital;Standard Operating Procedures is you are in Pharmaceuticals;Or finance records if you are in banking.On this paper there will be two sections: Metadata which represent data about data. And the actual content itself.There will also be instructions on each sheet of paper. Read and follow those instructions carefully. Its up to your team leader to make sure things run smoothly.
  • Companies have a lot of information, and in many cases, this information lives in Boxes in warehouses, or in File Cabinets in cubicles, or on many desktop and laptop computers.Because of the many advances in Search technology, (Thanks Google), people are used to accessing and sifting through a lot of information. Companies and Governments in attempt to stay relevant, be transparent, reduce the marginal costs of customer support, and allow their users access to self-service portals are embracing more interactive, more content-centric web presences or web experiences.To simply have a website with Pamphlet like information: who, what, where doesn’t work anymore. To be competitive, to convice your customers that you “get it” you need CONTENT. And lots of it…not just blogs, marketing slicks etc. But you need to streamline how your customer, partners do business with you.Take for example, Delta: I book a flight through Orbitz., log into Delta. See my flight, get notified via text message. When I go to the airport I can use my iphone to scan my information. If there is inclimate weather, then flight control can notify Delta, and Delta can easily rearange its fleet. This is the new Web 3.0 for corporattions and businesses. Exposing operations to users.
  • Companies and governments have all of this operational information. But the trouble is how can you securely expose a subset of this information to the public, your customers, partners without comprising your rest of your data?People want more transparency into their health records, more access to all of their insurance policies in one place, even if you are a small design shop, your customers want to know where you are with their projects. They don’t want to just keep calling you. but they don’t want other people seeing them, and they want to see them on their phones and tablets.
  • One solution is to through bodies at it, and hire people to manually find the information and then bombard the Marketing, Web, and IT departments to push them to the appropriate constituents.Atleast there will be a lot of Drupal work if we use this method.However, we all know this is not sustainable.
  • How can a company or government successfully expose some of its operational data to its constituents? You will need a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management strategy.This is the point of inflection of where Alfresco and Drupal meet.
  • JOHN S.
  • I am a huge proponent of integrating best of bread technologies to solve business challenges.
  • I don’t have to explain the benefits of using Drupal…after all this is a Drupal users group.Many of you make your living building Drupal sites…so you know the benefits of it modularity, portability, simplicity, broad community.
  • Alfresco is a Disgustingly beautiful platform for streamlining an entire Enterprise Content Management Strategy.It is an open source product that is Open Standards. It facilitates integrating many different types of technologies
  • DIMY
  • DIMY
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  • DIMY
  • JOHN W
  • JOHN S.
  • DOUG
  • DOUG


  • 2. $500+ MillionCumulative budget of projects delivered by Armedia