Armedia Case Management with Alfresco ECM


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  • Main Points:Position Cloud Connected Content Platform. We manage Business Critical Content – The content that you need to run your business, The content that is most important to youWe believe that the tablet has changed the way users want to work. This is why Alfresco have adopted a ‘Tablet First’ approach. This allows Alfresco to design solutions that are easy to use and lead to greater adoptionBy complying to open standards and providing a single API that can be used in the cloud, on-premise and on the mobile devices. Customers are free to choose a solution that meets their needs – working in the cloud, deployed on premise or a combination of both. <NOTE> Alfresco can also be deployed to a private cloud (it is not just the hosted Alfresco in the cloud service that we supply)
  • Points to make:Alfresco was founded in 2005 with the goal of disrupting the ECM market. We did this by launching a new open source business and providing a commercial open source ECM subscription. Over the last 7 years we have been very successful We have over 2300 enterprise customers – customers who realize the value of support and no need to pay for licenses We know from the heart beat data that there are over 6.6 million users using Alfresco on a regular bases. Are they are using Alfresco The community is important. It helps improve Alfresco (by having more users using the software, reporting issues and submitting fixes). The community build extensions to the product
  • Points to make:Some of the largest companies are using Alfresco – The majority of customers are large with over 10,000 employeesWe have global reach – with customers in 75 countriesThe customer base is spread across commercial companies, government organizations and the educations sectorCompanies value the support services – with a renewal rate greater than 90% - companies are committed to using Alfresco for business critical applications<NEED TO ADD ONE LINE FOR EACH COMPANY ON THE LIST> <TWO VERSIONS – ONE FOR US AND ONE FOR EMEA>
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  • Armedia Case Management with Alfresco ECM

    1. 1. Armedia Case Management withAlfresco ECMOctober 9, 2012Melissa Meinert, Alfresco Channel Marketing CoordinatorJames Bailey, Armedia PresidentBalaji Rajamani, Armedia Senior Project Manager
    2. 2. Agenda• Alfresco Overview• Armedia Overview• Armedia Case Management• Solution Demo• Q&A
    3. 3. What is Alfresco?Alfresco is the cloud connected content platformthat allows you to work anywhere, on any device,with the apps of your choice business critical content platform in the cloud, on-premise or both tablet & mobile workplace in the cloud, on-premise or both open standard API for content apps in the cloud, on-premise or both in the cloud on-premise or both multi-tenant SaaS full ECM platform enterprise cloud sync
    4. 4. …the largest openAlfresco Success source content management2,300 enterprises company in thecustomers in 75 countries world.6.6 million users70% of which are paid3.3 billion filesbeing managed globallyactive communitythousands of developers, 300+ partners revenue by quarter since founding
    5. 5. Enterprise Customers70% With over 10,000employeesscale & service to meet the demands ofsome of the largest companies in theworldCustomers in 75 countriesa truly global company, with 24x7 supportcapability around the worldCommercial, government, NGO& educationa healthy mix of customers &requirements, across industries90% Renewal rateour subscription model creates anaccountable relationship with ourcustomers
    6. 6. Alfresco PlatformAlfresco Enterprise A robust, modern ECM platform focused on scalability & usability Consumer like UI drag-and-drop HTML5 & integrations with content toolsAlfresco Cloud B2B collaboration document management & collaboration feature set Quick evolution fast release cycle for new features Surpassing popular cloud services metadata, folder rules, workflow, support for WebDAVAlfresco Mobile Secure access to Alfresco Browse sites, folders & files
    7. 7. Armedia Case Management with Alfresco Case Study >>James Bailey, Balaji Rajamani from Armedia >>October 9, 2012
    8. 8. Contents• Introduction – About Armedia – About – About Army Strong Bonds• Armedia Case Management with Alfresco• Case Study – Business Drivers – High Level Concept – Solution Design – Solution Demo• Questions• Technology Stack
    9. 9. About ArmediaEnterprise Content Management, Case & Records Management • Design and Implementation of Enterprise Content / Case / Record Management solutions leveraging Alfresco, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet and Microsoft SharePoint. • Certified content management professionals • Partnership with major ECM vendors including Alfresco, Documentum, FileNet and SharePoint • Also staff experience with Oracle UCM/Stellent and OpenText..Implementation and Advisory Services • Case Management • Portal architecture, design and implementation services • Document Scanning, Indexing and Hosting • Business Process Reengineering • Business Intelligence and Information Access / Search • Program Management Office • Custom web applications (.NET and JEE)CMMI Level 3 appraised • Standardize Delivery Methodology • Agile and Test Driven Development Principles8(a)/SDB thru 2014, Veteran owned, and LDBE thru 2014
    10. 10. Armedia provides services end to end or point solutions in support of your ElectronicDocument/Case Management/Records Management program… Intermediate Capture Document Control Collaboration Deliver Processing Caliente OCR Document Document Review Delivery File Server Zonal OCR Management Document Approval Web Content Database Language Records Content Sharing PDF / Print Scan Translation Management Wiki User Interface Design Kofax Web Services Case Management Blog Search Captiva Entity Relationship Web Content Social Networking Fast (InputAccel) Processing Management Calendaring Lucene Email Auto Redaction Autonomy Web Crawl Categorization Analytics and Reporting Business Objects Cognos i2 Analyst Notebook Palantir Workflow / Business Process Management Security: Access Control, Authorization, Audit Trails, E-Signatures Program Management: Governance, Business Process Re-Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Regulatory Compliance, Virtualization Operations: Performance Management, Production Support, Information Lifecycle Management (including- data management, archiving)
    11. 11. Customers
    12. 12. About ACM• Case Management Framework – Manage Case – Manage Case Participants – Manage Task – Manage Documents/Records – Workflow – Search / Reporting – Security / Audit• Seamless User Experience (developed with user in mind) – Intuitive – Progressive Disclosure• Mobile friendly
    13. 13. Features – Case Management• Ability to create draft cases• Advanced filtering• Quick views
    14. 14. Features – Task Management• Formal activities within a case (e.g. interviews)• Assign and track closure of tasks• Easy to mark complete, reassign, etc.
    15. 15. Features – Document Management• We’ve conducted our research and created an easy approach for connecting with collaborators/approvers.
    16. 16. Features – Integration• Services Based Architecture • RESTful APIs• Integrations Directory Services• CMIS support for repository access (Records Management)
    17. 17. User Experience“We believe in building software based on user research andcarefully measured data. That’s how we get it right the firsttime!” • Test early, Test often • Do user research and persona development • Use qualitative and quantitative measuring techniques • Respond to change quickly
    18. 18. ACM Use CasesCase Management• Law Enforcement• Medical• Social ServicesComplaint ManagementEvent ManagementTask Management
    19. 19. ACM User Interface
    20. 20. About FederalConference.comProfile • A service-disabled veteran-owned small business, provides professional event planning services for both governmental and commercial clients at an affordable price.Volume • Currently planning and delivering over 3,000 events annually for the federal government. Services include: • Site Selection, Graphic Design, Printing, Professional Staffing, Event Management, Food & Beverage Management, Audio Visual, Transportation Management, Child Care and Administrative / Logistical Support.Rapid Growth fueled by technology • pioneered a fast-paced, assembly line event planning process that includes an automated event management system to streamline and expedite the process involved with delivering successful events for our clients. • 7000 percent growth since 2006 (23rd fastest growing company per Inc 500)
    21. 21. About Army Strong Bonds Strong Bonds is a unit-based, chaplain-led program which assists commanders in building individual resiliency by strengthening the Army Family. The core mission of the Strong Bonds program is to increase individual Soldier and Family member readiness through relationship education and skills training. Strong Bonds is conducted in an offsite retreat format in order to maximize the training effect. The retreat or “get away” provides a fun, safe, and secure environment in which to address the impact of relocations, deployments, and military lifestyle stressors.
    22. 22. Business Drivers Drive Efficiencies Throughout Event Management Process Enhancing Office Automation Greater Visibility into Event As It Is Processed Standardization of Records Keeping & Centralization of Event Files Automated Workflow – Event & Task Assignment & Tracking Customized /On-Demand Reports Monitoring of Employee Workflow
    23. 23. Armedia Case Managementan Alfresco Based Solution FEDERALCONFERENCE.COM Event & Task Management In support of Army Strong Bonds
    24. 24. High Level Concept
    25. 25. Solution DesignUser Interface/Framework • Web 2.0: HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript, AJAX, JSON … • jQuery with many pluginsBulk Ingestion of Events • Events added quarterly based on simple Excel spreadsheet • Batch program reads the spreadsheet and uses Alfresco API to create eventsAlfresco Integration • CMIS all the way • Add / Retrieve / Version documents • Full-text searchHosted Case Management Solution • Customized UI & Branding • Customized Workflow • Taxonomy & Content Model (objects & metadata) • Role-based security and authentication • Document Management • File Plan & Records Management
    26. 26. Why Alfresco?• Documents Management – Version Control – DOD 5015.2 compliance• Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Support• Scalability• Search – Metadata – Full-text Search
    27. 27. Solution Demo
    28. 28. Questions• Armedia – – http://www.armedia.comOffices:• Washington DC Metro – 8221 Old Courthouse Rd, Suite 206 – Vienna, VA 22182 – 703-272-3270• Atlanta Metro – 200 Galleria Parkway, Suite 440 – Atlanta, GA 30339 – 678-945-4417
    29. 29. ACM Customization & Integration• Extensions – Dashboard: added portlets for NCI (via jQuery table library)• Customizations – Event Checklist • Gathers all information needed to fulfill each event • Customized for NCI’s specific needs • Built on jQuery wizard plugin – Workflow • Custom-built (not using JBPM) • Specific workflow coded just for NCI • Custom JavaScript library / Spring MVC controllers• Integrations – Alfresco Repository via CMIS (Document Management, Search) – Authentication & Access Control via LDAP – Event Bulk Load via Excel, jExcel library, and Alfresco API
    30. 30. Components• CMS - Alfresco Enterprise 3.4• Virtualization - VMware ESXi 4.0.1, vCenter 4.0• Storage – Shared NAS• OS – 64 bit Linux (CentOS/RedHat)• Java – OpenJDK 1.6.0_20• Authentication – Spring Security / OpenLDAP• Database – Oracle Express 10g• Application Server - Tomcat 6.0.32 with APR and JSVC• Application Framework: Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Security• User Interface – Web 2.0 (HTML 5 / CSS3 / JavaScript) – jQuery + many plugins
    31. 31. Contents• Introduction • About Armedia • Business Drivers • High Level Concept • Solution Design• Solution Demo• Alfresco in the Cloud • Cool Stuff • Hosted DRMS Solution • The Ingredients• Questions