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Duration: 25-30 minAim: Oral Fluency PracticeSummary: Students hear anecdotes from class mates and retell them            ...
Retelling a story
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Retelling a story


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Transcript of "Retelling a story"

  1. 1. Duration: 25-30 minAim: Oral Fluency PracticeSummary: Students hear anecdotes from class mates and retell them ▶Introduction: ▶This is another story-telling activity, but in this case stories are provided by the students rather than the ▶teacher. Students will swap stories in pairs. Initially, they will tell their own story, but after that they will haveto retell other peoples stories.Preparation:Bring enough small slips of paper for every student to receive one.Procedure:Students need time to think of a good story from their life, therefore it is best if the activity is introduced justbefore the break so that the students can think of a story during that time and be ready to start the activity inthe second half of the lesson.Demonstrate by telling the class an interesting story from your own life. This may be the only time during thesemester when you will have every students undivided attention!Instruct the students to think of an interesting story from their life during the break. But remind them not totell anybody yet! Write some ideas on the blackboard to help them: a funny thing that happened when you were young a lucky escape an embarrassing moment your best day ever a romantic evening an adventure while travellingLet the students tell their story to their partner. As will soon become clear, this is really only a practice run.Instruct the students to write their name and a title for their story on the slip of paper which you give them.Explain the rules of the activity (perhaps get two students to stand up and go through the motions as ademonstration). Work in pairs, tell each other the story, and then swap the piece of paper. Then when youform a new pair with another student, you will repeat the proceduce, telling the story on the slip of paperwhich you now hold. Check: What do you do after telling the story? (swap cards) After you find a new partner, do you tell them the story about yourself, or the story on the sheet of paper in your hand? (the sheet in your hand)Retrieved From: