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English 12 syllabus 2013 14

  1. 1. Page | 1Specialized Science and Math Secondary SchoolTHOMAS ARMSTRONG TOROPonce, Puerto RicoEnglish ProgramTwelve Grade Advance English Course SyllabusCourse : Twelfth Grade Advance EnglishCourse Code : INGL 012Credits : 1Period : 2013/2014Professor : Armando Castillo EscobarTextbook : 1. College Writing Skills with Reading2. Literature for Composition3. Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless ThemesI. Course Description: This course has been designed to help the students improve theircommunication skills and the information obtained by the students during this course will helpthem succeed in the United States as non-native speakers. This course has been designed takinginto consideration the English Content Standards and Grade Level Expectations (2007) &the Curriculum Frame Work (2003) established by the Department of Education of PuertoRico and the English Program Circular Letter: 11-2011-2012.II. Learning and Developmental Goals: A general goal of this course is for all students tobecome more confident in their own abilities as they make improvements in the English/Language arts and working closely to achieve the standards of the DEPR.During this course the teacher will work with students to help them achieve the learning anddevelopmental goals: To experience success in areas of the four language arts. Improve the basic skills in the language arts area. Speak and write with confidence. Understand the importance of English as they relate it to everyday life. Acknowledge the writing process Improve reading skills from a range of simple to complex texts. Identify the literary concepts and techniques Improve skills such as comprehension and analysis Work with basic grammar skillsIII. Curriculum Standards:A full description of the curriculum standards of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico isavailable at English Program by request.IV. Teaching Approach:a. Assessment Techniquesb. Whole language approachc. Oral Approachd. Balanced Literacy Approache. Natural ApproachV. Teaching Methods:a. informal lectureb. note-takingc. worksheet activitiesd. Vocabulary activitiese. teacher created supplementary materialsf. internet use ( when available)g. groups activitiesh. demonstrations / modelingI. recitingJ. ConferenceVI. Student Evaluation: Assessment activities Oral communication evaluation Partial Tests Special Assignments Class Participation Portfolio Rubrics for all activities Attendance
  2. 2. Page | 2VII. Tentative Course CalendarDate Topics Activities/EvaluationObservation12.1 My Journey so far: Biography, autobiography & memoirFirst WeekGeneral Introduction of the CourseA. Classroom RulesB. Discuss SyllabusC. General OrientationD. Portfolio Presentation /Prep1. Parts & DocumentsSyllabus, Handouts,Rules, Index CardsSecond WeekPre Diagnostic TestingA. TabulationB. Individual Discussion of results1. Oral Reports: Travel BrochureDiagnostic Test (2) GradesTravel BrochureThird WeekGeneral Grammar Review for WritersA. The SentenceB. The Parts of SpeechBoard Exercises andPower PointPresentationTest #1Fourth WeekThe Writing Process,Pg.974Literature for Composition,By Barnet, Burto & CainAdvance English TextThe Essay: Elements of a good Essay1. When I was Puerto RicanBy Esmeralda SantiagoVocabularyHandoutsBio-CubeBio-CubeTest #2Fifth WeekGeneral Introduction of: Timeless voicestimeless Themes, Silver Level.A. Introduction to the Short Story & LiteraryGenres1. Elements of Fiction2. Thank You M’amBy Langston Hughes, Pg. 186-1893. Charles, By Sherly Jackson, Pg. 15-214. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,By Maya Angelou Pg. 22-315. The House on Mango StreetBy Sandra CisnerosBlank DocumentsText ExercisesNotebook Essay 1Sixth WeekWhat is Poetry?A. The Elements of Poetry1. The Road not taken, By R. Frost Pg.34-352. All But Blind, By W. La Mare, Pg. 353. The Choice, By D. Parker, pg. 36-37B. College Board ReviewHandoutsTextbookPortfolioCollege BoardPamphlet ActivitiesEssay 212. 2 Walking into the Future: Career Research ProjectSeventh WeekCareer Research Project will be Posted onthe Class blog:http://tatenglish12.blogspot.com/Rubrics forPresentations(2) GradesPresentationHand InEight WeekLeading the way1. Email from Bill Gates,By John Seabrook Pg. 422. The NinnyBy Anton Chekhov Pg. 1743. The GovernessBy Neil Simon Pg. 176Text ExercisesNotebookClassAssignment(1) GradeNinth WeekLeading the way (cont.)1. Harriet Tubman Guide to FreedomBy Ann Petry Pg. 1322. Club pilot on the MississippiBy mark twain Pg. 109Textbook exercisesTest #2ClassAssignments(1) GradeTenth WeekIntroduction to the SpeechA. Elements of Public Speaking1. The American DreamBy Dr. martin Luther King Jr. Pg.689-6912. The Trouble with TelevisionBy Robert Mac Neil Pg. 686-6883. Sharing The American DreamBy Collin Powell, Pg. 694-695B. Special Assignment: Idea Bank Pg.693TextbookHand InQuestions onthe selection(2) GradesOralPresentation(FamousSpeeches)
  3. 3. Page | 3Eleventh WeekReview: The Writing Process,Pg.974The Essay: Elements of a good Essay1. Brown vs. Board of EducationBy W. Dean Mayer, Pg. 238-2472. Build Your portfolio, Pg. 248The Personal StatementTextbook, notebook12.3 The Long & The Short of it: Fictional Novels & Short StoriesTwelfth/ThirteenthWeek Introduction to Shakespearea. Biography1. Romeo and Juliet(textbook)2. Midsummer Night’s Dream, Pg.7843. The Tell Tale HeartBy Edgar Allen Poe, Pg. 540-549Special Assignment:Shakespeareans’WorksDVD- MidsummerNight’s DreamDVD- The Tell TaleHeartMovies will bewatched uponcompletinglectureAssignmentswill be postedon the classblog.FourteenthWeekWhat is a Critical Analysis?1. Parts2. ExamplesHand InCritical AnalysisFifteenth WeekRole Play Activities1. Criteria’s/rubrics2. Group ActivitiesPresentationsSixteenthWeek/SeventeenthWeekPower Point Presentations1. Group selection2. Topics should be discussed and presentedto the teacherEighteenth /NineteenthWeekPost Diagnostic testing1. Independent Reading2. Book ReportsTwentiethWeekFinal Reports and Assignments Course syllabus is Subjected to Changes Special Assignments may be announced without prior knowledge Essay will be announced Assignments will not be accepted after due dates NO EXCEPTIONS!Materials need for the Course: VOX (Green) Spanish/ English Dictionary (1) grade Overall School SuppliesReferences:1. Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes. (2000). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey:Prentice Hall.2. Barnet, S., Burto, W., & Cain, W. E. (2011). Literature for Composition. New York: Pearson.3. Langan, J. (2008). College Writing Skills with Reading. New York: Mc Graw Hill.I have read and understood the responsibilities of my child and agree to follow the courserequirements.______________________ _____________________ ____________Parent Signature Student Signature DateACE©2013/2014