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Engl 2125

  1. 1. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION ASSISTANT SECRETARIAT TECHNICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM ENGLISH DEPARTMENT SYLLABUSTitle of course : Business English IICode : ENGL 2125Duration : One (1) semesterCredits : Three (3)Requisite : ENGL 1101Hours : Three (3) of coferenceDate of revision : 2009 El Departamento de Educación no discrimina por razón de raza, color. Género, nacimiento, origen, condición social, ideas políticas o religiosas, edad o impedimento en sus actividades, servicios educativos y oportunidades de empleos. El Instituto Tecnológico de Puerto Rico reconoce las leyes ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) y 51 (Servicios Educativos Integrales para Personas con Impedimentos) para dar igual acceso a la educación y servicios. Los estudiantes con impedimentos deberán informar voluntariamente al (la) profesor (a), Trabajador (a) Social o Consejero (a) Académico (a) sobre sus necesidades especiales y/o de acomodo razonable para el o los cursos. Deberá informarlo a mayor brevedad posible. Mantendremos total confidencialidad.
  2. 2. ENGL 2125 Business English IICOURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed for collage students in the Office Administrative Systemsfield. Practice of written English skills used in the office is developed. It reinforcesgrammar structure skills. It represents the various categories of businesscorrespondence, presenting an overview of the styles and formats necessary for aneffective written and oral communication.GENERAL OBJETIVESAt the end of the course, students will:1. Comprehend the fundamentals of English grammar2. Enrich their vocabulary3. Apply skills studied in actual English communication activities4. Add communication skills to business written documentsSPECIFIC OBJETIVESDuring the course development, the students will:1. Learn and apply grammar rules.2. Use the correct sentence structure of the language: punctuation, capitalization3. enrich their vocabulary.4. Identify appropriate elements of business styleCONTENTS The students will understand spoken and written English to express confidently,accurately, and fluently in the following areas.LEARNING STRATEGIES • Conferences • Critical thinking questions • Network diagram • Panel • Cooperaive learning • Special projects • Moral dilemmas 1
  3. 3. ENGL 2125 Business English IIASSESSMENT STRATEGIES • Essay • Exhibition/demonstration • Interview • Observation • Performance task • Portfolio • Question & answer )oral= • Quiz, test, examination • Response journal • Select response • Self’assessment • Cooperative learning • RubricsEVALUACIÓNPeriodical testOral presentationSpecial assigmentsQuizzesDaily class participationAttendancePortfolioBig booksCALIFICATION SISTEMS 100 - 90 A 89 - 80 B 79 - 70 C 69 - 60 D 59 - 50 FTEXTSaslow, J: Sahcher, A: Kissinlinger, Top Notch: workbook 2 or 3 level Pearson Longman ISBN 0-13-110661-9 2
  4. 4. ENGL 2125 Business English IIREFERENCE • Bibliografic Richards, J; Hull, J; Proctor S. New Interchange English for International Communication Student Book I Cambridge University Press • Internet Site Resources www.longman.com/topnotch www.elt.thomson.com 3