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Conv market
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Conv market
Conv market
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Conv market


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  • 1. Where do you usually buy fruit and vegetables?Why do you go there?How many kinds of markets do you know?Work in group. Brainstorm.Is there a market near you? What can you buythere? How often is it held?Do you prefer to buy at the market or thesupermarket? Explain why.FARMERS’ MARKET VS. SUPERMARKETIf I need a vegetable, I go to the back yard to seewhat’s in the garden. If that’s a disappointment,my next option is the farmers’ market. There I findbeautiful, fresh, and uneaten vegetables (as well asbreads, meats, eggs, plants and crafts) to suit myneeds. Only if I can’t find what I need at thefarmers’ market do I go to the supermarket forproduce.Why is the local supermarket my third choice forproduce?• Supermarket produce is not as fresh as farmers’ market fare.• Some items are coated or treated to give the appearance of freshness.• Supermarket produce typically loses nutritional What are the advantages and disadvantages of value as it is transported from far away. local markets? Make a pro and con list.• Produce in supermarket tends to come from large producers who use heavy pesticides and What are the advantages and disadvantages of petroleum-based fertilizers to provide supermarkets? Make a pro and con list. “perfect” specimens for the consumer.• Produce in supermarkets tends to be varieties When was the last time you went to the that ship well, but don’t necessarily taste good. market? What did you buy? Tell the class.Why do I prefer the farmers’ market?• Produce is fresh, sometimes picked only a few Are markets important? Why or why not? hours before I buy it. Could we live without markets?• In general, the produce has fewer pesticides.• Talk about customer service. Local farmers What could you possibly buy at a flea market? literally stand behind their produce, eager to talk with you about varieties, preparation, and Do research and give examples. preservation.• It’s local. That impacts quality, taste, Are there any seasonal or festival markets nutritional value, even carbon footprint. where you live? What can you do or buy there?What about price? Compare prices of some goods sold at theThe supermarket offers convenience and variety.But on comparable items the farmers’ market market, supermarket and convenience storecompetes well in price and, in my opinion, quality. (e.g. kilo of tomatoes, bread, meat, showerThe farmers’ market doesn’t replace the cream). Do research if necessary.supermarket, but it’s a good alternative for fresh Where is the best place to shop?produce.