PMP(Project Management Professional)


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Introduction to PMP, PMI, PMP Exam Eligibility to Maintenance, PMP Exam Fee, Exam Format & Course Content Overview for 35 Hours of Formal Education & Training.

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PMP(Project Management Professional)

  1. 1. Based on latest PMBOK 5th Edition PMP CERTIFICATION YOUR VALUABLE 4 DAYS OF LIFE CHANGE ACCELERATED! About us: Project Management & Agile/Scrum Expert Trainers
  2. 2. Are you fit to be a PMP? (PMP - Project Management Professional) You are a professional with following traits & hunger to succeed in your career:  with corporate experience of 4+ years  with an attitude to be successful, carve out a brand of yourself  with an intention to earn handsome monetary value  with an intention to gain respect among peers & professional community  with a mindset to take charge and get results for the organization  with a zeal to gear up the corporate ladder faster & smarter Did you say ‘yes’ for the above? Welcome, you are going to be a PMP. We will guide you to become one.
  3. 3. All about PMP eligibility to maintenance  Fulfill PMP eligibility criteria. See the table.  Have project dates & project areas handy before process.  High School Diploma or equivalent At least 3 years of project management experience with 4500 Hours of leading & directing projects At least 5 years of project management experience with 7500 Hours of leading & directing projects Prepare & submit the PMP application process.  Four year Bachelors degree or above PMI will scrutinize & send an approval. In case of PMI audits, keep facts and evidences ready, just in case.  Once PMI approves, schedule PMP exam in next 1 year duration to your convenience & availability at Prodevia.  At end of exam, results are made available immediately.  Results are broken down into 5 Process group areas and performance rated in each area.  Prodevia provides the result summary on a printed copy.  PMP certification hardcopy will be couriered directly to your specified address provided in application.  Maintain PMP certification every 3 years with 60 PDU’s. 35 Hours of PM Education Exam format for 4 hours 200 Multiple Choice Questions 175 will be evaluted for award of PMP 25 will be pretest Once PMP certified, over the period of next 3 years from the day you are certified, you will need to accumulate 60 PDU’s to maintain your PMP credential. You may accumulate PDU’s from a wide variety of sources, and is quite easy. We have already compiled this and is ready made source for you to maintain your next term. PMI fee PMI Membership Non PMI Membership Membership Fee USD 129 – Annual USD 10 – Local Chapter - Membership Benefits Multiple Benefits. Most importantly access to Digital version of PMBOK guide. - PMI Exam Fee USD 405 USD 555 Total Payment 129+10+405 = 544 555 PMI Re-Exam Fee USD 275 USD 375
  4. 4. What will this four days of course cover?  This training course is a four-day deep dive immersion in to the “project management subject” that enables you to prepare for and take the PMI-PMP Exam with success. We assure, you will be ready to head confidently to take the PMP Exam any day after this course.  During the four-day’s of your investment, you will not just be PMP ready but also will gain practical exposure to real world PM situations to equip you on day to day project to handle, organize and fightback effectively on all aspects to become the most coveted & role model person in your organization.  And finally, you will go through PMP-exam like simulated questionnaire. Your Preparation & Involvement:  Basic knowledge, awareness about Project management  Your dedication during this session is very critical to success of your PMP achievement
  5. 5. Bird’s eye view of course coverage 5 Process Groups 10 Knowledge Areas Initiating Process Group Integration Management Planning Process Group Scope Management Executing Process Group Time Management Monitoring & Controlling Process Group Cost Management Closing Process Group Quality Management Human Resource Management Communication Management Monitoring & Controlling Risk Management Planning Initiating Closure Procurement Management Stakeholder Management Executing
  6. 6. Detailed Overview Each process has  Inputs to the process  Tools & Techniques applied to the process  Outputs from the process 47 Processes Initiating 13% Questions 2 Processes Integration 4.1 Develop project charter Planning 24% Questions 24 Processes 4.2 Develop project management plan Executing 30% Questions 8 Processes Monitoring & Controlling 25% Questions 11 Processes Closing 8% Questions 2 Processes 4.3 Direct and manage project execution 4.4 Monitor and control project work 4.5 Perform integrated change control 4.6 Close project or phase 5.1 Plan scope management 5.2 Collect requirements 5.3 Define scope 5.4 Create WBS 5.5 Validate scope 5.6 Control scope 6.7 Control schedule Time 6.1 Plan schedule management 6.2 Define activities 6.3 Sequence activities 6.4 Estimate activity resources 6.5 Estimate activity duration 6.6 Develop schedule 7.1 Plan cost management 7.2 Estimate costs 7.3 Determine budget 7.4 Control costs Cost Scope 8.1 Plan quality management 8.2 Perform quality assurance 9.1 Plan HR management 9.2 Acquire project team 9.3 Develop project team 9.4 Manage project team 10.1 Plan communications management Quality 10.2 Manage communications HR Communications 11.1 Plan risk management 11.2 Identify risks 11.3 Perform qualitative risk analysis 11.4 Perform quantitative risk analysis 11.5 Plan risk responses Risk 8.3 Control quality 10.3 Control communications 11.6 Monitor & Control risks 12.1 Plan procurement management 12.2 Conduct procurements 12.3 Control procurements 13.2 Plan stakeholder management 13.3 Manage stakeholder engagement 13.4 Control stakeholder Management Procurement Stakeholder 13.1 Indentify stakeholders 12.4 Close procurements
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  8. 8. You may contact us on the coordinates mentioned to book your PMI Certifications Training courses delivered at: Bangalore | Hyderabad, INDIA Book your seat today for Bangalore or Hyderabad locations OR request for training course at other locations: / +91 95382 99652 Your partner to redefine success Armadillo Consultants #401, HIG-364, 6th Phase KPHB Colony, Hyderabad 500072 INDIA Contact: +91 95382 99652 Email: Web: All registered trademarks, symbols are acknowledged marks of their respective owners.