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  • 1. Arlington County Public Library Community Forum Saturday, June 5, 2010 Fairlington Community Center
  • 2. Welcome!
    • “Today is the beginning of a long-term, ongoing community dialogue. The result will be a better and more exciting Library.” - Diane Kresh, Director, Arlington Libraries
  • 3. Purpose
    • To get your thoughts on 4 main topics…
          • Current services – type and level of satisfaction
          • Barriers to current services
          • Unmet current needs
          • Library services in the future
    • And, in the process…
          • Refine our tools and procedures
    • In order to shape the future of Libraries by…
          • Setting priorities.
          • Managing and sustaining the appropriate types of services.
          • Using best budgeting and planning know-how.
  • 4. Agenda
    • “ Timed” 90 Minute Small Group Discussion:
      • Opening, Introductory and Transition (25 minutes)
      • 4 Main topics (50 minutes)
      • Closing and Summary (15 minutes)
  • 5. Some Details…
    • We’ll move quickly!
    • Use index cards for additional comments.
    • Comments will be grouped by themes; no individual attribution.
    • “ Bumps” and “hurdles” are OK and expected.
    • Your voice will be heard!
    • Have fun and stay engaged! We need your input.
    • Be concise and allow others to talk.
    • There are no right or wrong answers!
    • Bio and snack breaks encouraged!
    • We end Noonish.
  • 6. Questions - Opening
    • What comes to mind when you think of Arlington County Libraries?
    • Think back to your most recent use of the Library: What was your experience?
  • 7. Questions - Main
    • How do you use the Library? What services do you use? How satisfied are you with that service(s) on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent)?
    • Is there anything preventing you from using the current Library services?
    • What Library services would you like to use that are not currently available?
    • Looking forward, what do you need from the Library in the next five years ?
  • 8. Questions - Ending
    • Summary
    • Did I capture the discussion? Did I leave anything out?
  • 9. Next Steps
    • Raffle winner!
    • Refine tools, additional outreach
    • A variety of ways to participate; possibly on the horizon:
      • Additional focus groups
      • On-line survey
  • 10. Arlington County Public Library Questions and Comments: Diane Kresh http://arlingtonvalib.blogspot.com [email_address] (703) 228-6342