Parks and Recreation Drought Impact 2011


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In 2011, the City of Arlington Parks and Recreation Department was impact from a severe drought in North Texas. this presentation was given the Park Board to update them on the challenge.

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Parks and Recreation Drought Impact 2011

  1. 1. Arlington Parks & Recreation Drought Impacts
  2. 2. DROUGHT UPDATETexas Experiences Worst Ever One Year DroughtAs Heat Wave Continues• Nearly 99.93% of Texas is experiencing droughtconditions, with 73.49% experiencing “exceptional”drought conditions.• The temperatures in July were the hottest everrecorded, with an average temperature of 87.2°F(previous record was 86.5°F).• The state has also received its least year-to-dateprecipitation, with 6.53 inches of rainfall (historicalaverage was 16.03 inches and previous record was in1917 at 9.36 inches).
  3. 3. DROUGHT UPDATETexas Drought 2011: State Endures Driest 10-Month Span On Record
  4. 4. DROUGHT UPDATE Forestry & Beautification Irrigation systems  Turned on old systems on larger trees  Repair abandoned systems  Daily monitoring to ensure proper working order Supplement water trucks (city / contract)  Supporting new landscapes w/ drip irrigation  Supporting spray systems with poor spray coverage  Supporting trees w/o irrigation - watering over 1,000 weekly
  5. 5. DROUGHT UPDATE Forestry & Beautification Risk Assessment  Monitoring trees for failure  Removing dead trees  Documenting loss and replacement needs Property Focus  Focus more on properties with most value added  Monitoring all properties and identifying changes necessary to survive future droughts
  6. 6. DROUGHT UPDATE Golf Impacts to Golf  Highest water consumption in July  Evaporating faster than consumption (June - August)  Hand watering hot spots daily  Hand watering trees  Applying wetting agent throughout the summer  Severe reduction in play
  7. 7. DROUGHT UPDATE Park Maintenance Issues with Park Infrastructure  Parking lots  Trails  Fencing  Formal athletic fields  Informal practice fields Actions  Hand watering trees as much as possible  Filling in cracks with sandy loam  Daily monitoring of all properties
  8. 8. DROUGHT UPDATEHPSC Fencing w/o HPSC Common Mow Strip Areas
  9. 9. DROUGHT UPDATEHPSC Parking Lot C Constructed inAugust 2010 Cracks limited toedgesCaused by treespulling water fromunderneath lot
  10. 10. DROUGHT UPDATE Woodland West Park Open Space
  11. 11. DROUGHT UPDATE HPSC Multi-Purpose Fields (North Quad)
  12. 12. DROUGHT UPDATE Lake Arlington Lake level is +/-9’ below normal as of 9.1.11 Bowman Springs Ramps have been closed since 8.5.11. Simpson Ramps are projected to close the week of 9.12.11. Boat traffic is minimal due to low levels and extreme heat.
  13. 13. DROUGHT UPDATE Water Restrictions – Stage 1 Effective August 28, 2011 APRD watering on Tuesdays and Fridays Golf – greens and tees daily, Ditto exempt Watering skinned areas of athletic fields to control dust Exceptions Athletic complex, ATC and Golf - extended watering times because of business case
  14. 14. DROUGHT UPDATE Water Restrictions – Stage 2 No plans to enter in to Stage 2 at this time… Stage 1 requirements plus… Watering parks once per week No dust control on athletic fields
  15. 15. DROUGHT UPDATE Drought Recovery Plan 2012 City Business Plan Short term – What is the plan until the drought ends? Long term – What is the plan if the drought continues into next summer?
  16. 16. Arlington Parks & Recreation Drought Impacts