Multimedia Tools Part 1


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  • Media is messages and images, as well as devices (TV, movies, videogames, books, magazines, internet, cellphone, computers and more)
  • Example: Students use their definition of courage as inspiration to create their own advertisements where they promote an act of courage
  • Multimedia Tools Part 1

    1. 1. What is multimedia? The use of computers to present text, graphics, video, animat ion, and sound in an integrated way.
    2. 2. 1-Year-Old Plays WithMagazine Like It’s an iPad
    3. 3. SCREENAGERS A term that combinestwo words to describe"teenagers whoare online" andwho are "always looking at the screen.”
    4. 4. How Teens Use Digital Media
    5. 5. Interactivity: you do not just watch TVprogram, you text our votes, text your reactions and email your opinions.
    6. 6. Advertisement Commercial with a positive message Morality based ads stories-tv-spots/112-Purse
    7. 7. Audio Podcast Internet worlds form of broadcasting, known as podcasting, is the new face of radio journalism
    8. 8. Activities Classroom activities for VE Sample:
    9. 9. Activities Differentiated Instruction Ideas and activities Activities (based on Bloom’s Taxonomy) Activities easily adaptable for technology- enhanced education
    10. 10. Animation Artful storytelling with animation STANDING TALL:
    11. 11. Animation
    12. 12. Bank 100 Ways to Promote Values Education in Schools
    13. 13. eBooks (free eBooks)“Bullying at School and Online” e-Book
    14. 14. BlogA web site on which an individual or groupof users record opinions, information, etc.on a regular basis. It’s like an e-diary!
    15. 15. Imagine this…
    16. 16. Bulletin Board Online Bulletin Board
    17. 17. CalendarMulticultural and DiversityCalendar is a monthly calendarof selected events andcelebrations from differentcultures.
    18. 18. Calendar Multicultural Online Calendar April 201224 25 26 27Martyrs Day (Armenia) Easter Rebellion of 1916 Gathering of Nations Pow Freedom Day (South• This solemn day Wow (Ireland) Africa) • Albuquerque, N.M., is commemorates the • On Easter Monday in • On this day the first all- the venue of more death of 1.5 million 1916 Irish militants than 600 Native race election took Armenians who were attempted to gain American tribes and place and South massacred in 1915- freedom from the nations participating Africans brought 1916. in a three-day event United Kingdom, but Nelson Mandela into where more than were unsuccessful. 4,000 participants political power in 1994.Yom Hazikaron (Israel) Celebrates a day of share, teach and• Israels memorial day remembrance. exchange traditions Arbor Day (USA) honoring soldiers who with each other. • Communities across died while fighting for the United States plant Anzac Day (Australia, trees in an ongoing their country. New Zealand) effort to conserve • Commemorates the American forests. slain of their army corps in World War I.
    19. 19. Calendar Kindness Calendar April 2012 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Cheer on a Help someone Drink more water. Plant a tree. Say something nice teammate. learn. to someone. 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Put gas in Be generous with Bake someone a Help a coworker or Share an inspiring someone’s car. compliments. cake. classmate. quote. 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Visit someone who Leave a positive Give a prepaid Write a thank you Be polite on the is lonely. comment on a phone card to note. road. website or blog. someone who needs it. 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Be spontaneous. Forgive someone. Thank your Volunteer at a Clean your room. employees. community garden. 29 30 Eat a healthy snack.
    20. 20. Tutorial Online instructional teacher videos TeacherTube
    21. 21. Tutorial Online instructional teacher videos Topic: Constructivism TeacherTube
    22. 22. Tutorial Online instructional teacher videos Topic: How to Facilitate TeacherTube
    23. 23. Tutorial Videos created by students & teachers
    24. 24. Cartoon Create your own comics and cartoons!
    25. 25. Cartoon
    26. 26. Collage
    27. 27. Collage
    28. 28. Biographical Dictionary The Biographical Dictionary contains information on 33000 notable people from ancient times to the present day.
    29. 29. Biographical Dictionary
    30. 30. Photo EssayPhoto essays rely on a simple truth: Tellingstories with pictures can be more evocativeand moving than using words.
    31. 31. Research
    32. 32. Research Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles.
    33. 33. Research – google book