SDC Data Center Campuses Brochure


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SDC Data Center Campuses Brochure

  1. 1. SABEY DATA CENTER CAMPUSES Intergate.Seattle Technology Campus comprises approximately 1,200,000 square feet of data center space and is the largest privately owned multi-tenant campus on the West Coast. The campus accommodates a wide variety of tenants including some of the world’s leading enterprises, mid-sized operators, and colocation providers. Power requirements are met with two feeds supplying 77 MW to the campus with the capacity to increase through a third feed. Twelve fiber optic suppliers serve the campus from a loop surrounding it and accessible from several points. Backup is supplied through 38 onsite generators and multiple fuel tanks. Intergate.Columbia is a 430,000 square foot data center campus sited on 30 acres in North Central Washington and comprising two buildings with a redundant transformer substation. The project broke ground in April of 2008 with both core and shell; tenant improvements for VMware were completed by January of 2009. Building B’s shell and core are LEED Gold certified. VMware, for which Sabey constructed the tenant improvements, has received a platinum LEED certificate. Many energy efficient components were built into the mechanical system, including evaporative cooling, a feature well suited to the region’s dry climate and the source of major cost savings for our customers. The campus is fully leased with Phase II underway. Intergate.Quincy is a 525,000 square foot data center campus currently under development in Central Washington. Like Intergate. Columbia, Intergate.Quincy offers the advantage of low power rates, close proximity to the region’s power grid, and a mild climate ideal for evaporative cooling. Intergate.Quincy’s Building C has recently been completed and is currently being leased. Intergate.Ashburn is a 490,000 square foot data center campus under development in Virginia. Located in the heart of the east coast data center corridor, Intergate.Ashburn offers highly efficient design, extremely flexible, enhanced security, low power rates and SDC’s signature high efficiency modular prototype building design. Intergate.Manhattan is a 1 million sf high rise data center located at 375 Pearl. The structure is also New York’s only purpose-built data center, constructed originally to house New York Telephone’s gigantic switching operation. Intergate.Manhattan is under extensive renovation with all new infrastructure and 40 MW of electricity to the building, by far New York’s most robust data center. Although construction is still underway, Intergate.Manhattan has just received its first tenant, the New York Genome Center, a consortium of twelve major research hospitals and institutions that will rely on Intergate.Manhattan to manage the enormous computational load generated by its work.