Take A Pill!


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Take A Pill!

  1. 1. Take A Pill!______________________________There is a new business emerging which includes been flourishing in recent years. Struggling lawfirms that used to focus on running after ambulances are now running after the victims from thepharmaceutical corporations. These are representing the people (or their surviving family members )who are suffering sickness, condition and death as a result of horrific side effects associated withsome of the pills they are ingesting.______________________________One of the latest favorites of law firms is Heparin. It is a blood-thinning substancerecommended mainly to dialysis patients to prevent blood clots. If you type "heparin" into asearch engine you will come up with over 13-million entries, beginning with many law firmlinks (heres one of them) offering to assist patients of Heparin using cases. The shown sideeffects of Heparin are: Bleeding assaults ; easy bruising; nostril bleed; blood throughout urineor chair ; hives; itching; using skin; difficulty breathing; inflammation of the face, lip area ,tongue or neck ; numbness or weak point (particularly on one side from the body); suddensevere headaches ; confusion; problems with perspective , speech or equilibrium ; pain orswelling in one or both legs; temperature ; chills; runny nostril ; watery eyes.______________________________If you might be amazed by this large list of possible side effects, avoid being. It is typical ofrecommended and OTC medications. There is a growing suspicion among the scientific and alsomedical community : and now backed by the Alzheimers Foundation : that the steady, extremelydeep seated ingestion of tablets and medications are inducing the microscopic residual develop ofchemicals in the brain and leading to dementia disorders for instance Alzheimers.(Ive been warning individuals about this for years!)And whos critical to this state associated with events? Well, in cases like this , the buck puts a stop tohere. There "here " being the individual the truth is in the mirror. NObody forces these patients to takethese tablets. The possible negative effects are told for many years in the commercials which usuallyhawk them. These are listed on the bottles and in the literature which usually comes with them. Andalso hopefully, theyre discussed by the doctor that prescribes them.That being said , there actually is another party who is at fault : The FDA.If you look the FDA on Wikipedia, youll find this: The U.S. Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) isan agency of the United States department of Health and human Services and is in charge ofregulating and supervisory the safety of foods, dietary supplements, drugs, vaccines, biologicalhealthcare products, blood products, medical devices, radiation-emitting devices, veterinary solutions, and cosmetics.With an agency this way in place, how : you might ask, i understand I do - are common of thesedangerous and also deadly drugs receiving onto the market?That is the billion dollar question, isnt it?
  2. 2. _______________________________________________________________When Jenny McCarthys son ended up being diagnosed with autism, your woman refused tocalmly sit back and accept it as a fact which usually she could do nothing about. Throughdetermined research and a specific diet, Jenny made it possible for her child to recovercoming from autism.You can read her story here______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________When a pharmaceutical company markets a new drug it is alert to the possible dangerousand/or deadly negative effects , and it knows there will be lawsuits as a result. These numbersare taken into consideration and if the estimated profits are high enough, following theseexpected law suits , the drug is marketed anyhow.And once again , the million dollar problem : Where is the food and drug administration ?_______________________________________________________________"The thing that bugs us is that people feel the FDA is actually protecting them. It isnt really. What theFDA is doing and exactly what the public thinks it can be doing are since different as day and night."-Herbert Ley, Jr.(1923-2001), quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, January 2, 1970I wrote down just a few of the medicines I see promoted incessantly on TV, and also later looked upthe side-effects. This required a total of a pair of mouse clicks on the aol search engine. Looky sometips i found! (The side effects are placed in order of the possible occurrence - that may be , the mostlikely are usually listed first.)Levitra (Vardenafil) A muscles relaxer used for impotence. Possible Side effects: Sudden visiondamage ; hives; difficulty breathing; inflammation of face, lip area , tongue or neck ; during sexualactivity: light headed or nauseated : pain, numbness, pain in chest, arms neck or mouth ; ringing inears or abrupt hearing loss; chest pain or heavy feeling; soreness spreading to shoulder or arm (isntthat a heart attack?!) sweating; general not well feeling; irregular pulse ; swelling in fingers , ankles orfoot ; shortness of breath; light-headed or fainting; painful impotence that lasts four hours or longer.Ambien (Zolpidem) A sedative/hypnotic, impacting on chemicals in the human brain which maybecome out of balance. Used to treat sleep loss. Possible Side effects: Hives; difficulty breathing;swelling associated with face, lips, language or throat; failing sleep problems; depression; ideas ofhurting oneself ; unusual risk-taking habits ; decreased inhibitions; absolutely no fear of danger;hostility ; agitation; hallucinations; distress ; loss of personality; normal drowsiness; dizziness; weakpoint ; feeling "drugged"; amnesia; forgetfulness; vivid or abnormal dreams; diarrhoea ; nausea;vomiting; headaches ; muscle pain; fuzzy vision.Abilify (Aripiprazole) a good anti-psychotic, works by altering the chemicals in the human brain. Usedto treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Promoted to treat depression. Possible Side effects:The normal swelling of confront , lips, tongue or throat; fever; stiff muscles; confusion; excessivesweating ; fast or sloping heartbeats; jerky and also uncontrollable muscle motion ; numbness orweak point ; headache; problem with perspective , speech or equilibrium ; increased thirst or
  3. 3. urination; loss of desire for food ; fruity breath scent ; drowsiness; dry skin; nausea or vomiting ;vomiting; seizure; ideas of hurting oneself ; feeling of fainting ; jaundice; choking or troubleswallowing; weak point ; constipation; mild angry stomach; anxiety; sleep loss ; weight gain.Humira (Adalimumap) recommended for treatment of rheumatoid and psoriatic rheumatoid arthritisand ankylosing spondylitis. Also used to handle Crohns disease. Promoted for the treatment ofarthritis rheumatoid. Possible side effects: Emergency help is recommended for signs of anallergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling associated with face, lips, language or throat.Serious and sometimes dangerous infections may take place duing treatment using adalimumab.Contact your medical professional right away if you have symptoms of infection for instance : fever;chills; sore throat ; flu symptoms; fat loss ; joint pain or inflammation with fever; swollen glands;muscle pains ; nausea; vomiting; unusual thoughts or habits and/or seizure (convulsions ); patchyskin color; reddish spots; butterfly-shaped skin color rash over face and nose (gets worse in sunlight);heart problems ; ongoing cough; paying blood; easy bruising or bleeding; light skin; unusual weakpoint ; short of breath : even with mild exertion ; swelling of legs or feet; mouth area sores; confusion;pain or burning during urination; numbness or tingly feeling; weak point in legs; jaundice; itching;headache; stuffy nose; sinus soreness ; stomach pain. "This is not a complete set of side effectsand others may possibly occur."Symbicort(Budesonide and Formoterol) An inhaler recommended for asthma. Possible sideeffects: Sinus disease ; runny nose; neck pain; headaches; angry stomach; flu symptoms ; backpain; nausea or vomiting; a yeast infection ; diarrhea; voice modify ; muscle spasms; urinary tract orbladder infection; dizziness; headaches and tension severe headaches ; arrhythmia (irregular pulse );worsening breathing problems; blood pressure ; agitation, aggression or anxiety; depression;repeated or severe disease of any type.Reclast(Zoledronic acidity ) Prescribed for bone mineral density , calcium deficiency and alsoosteoporosis. Possible negative effects : Headaches; dizziness; bone tissue pain; joint pain;temperature ; high blood pressure; muscle soreness ; extremity pain; flu-like symptoms; neck,shoulder or chest pain; problem ; swelling of legs or feet; using or tingling; stomach pain; bloating;muscles stiffness; arthritis; diarrhoea ; nausea; vomiting; anemia; weakness; fatigue; vertigo;heartburn; muscle muscle spasms ; dehydration; loss of desire for food ; low calcium quantities ;kidney damage; severe bone, muscle or joint pain; jaw or tooth problems; rapid or irregular pulse.Zicam A nasal cold gel:Zicam has been connect to a condition know as Anosmia (the loss of senseof smell ). Click here to read much more about that._____________________________________________________________We Americans are usually permanently damaging and also killing ourselves while usingillresponsible ingestion associated with pills and medications : be they prescribed or OTC. Wecannot trust the FDA to modify the safety of these chemical substances , any more than wecould always trust in physicians and/or pharmacists to share with us of the possible dangersand negative effects. The buck puts a stop to in the mirror. You might be ultimatelyresponsible for just what goes into you physique.
  4. 4. ______________________________________________________________Story and also layout by: LemonadeMultimediamelatonin for sleep