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Liz Ryan

  1. 1. Innovative Models for WorkplaceDiversity: Gaining GenderEquality in the OrganisationLiz Ryan | Director, People & CultureMaddocks24 May 2011
  2. 2. Who are we? Law firm 420 people across Sydney and Melbourne 55 Partners EOWA – Employer of Choice for Women for past 7 years Won Fair & Flexible Award from Victorian Government for 2 years
  3. 3. Our Strategy To be the best law firm to work To be the law firm of choice for clients in our chosen sectors
  4. 4. Challenges for us Experience significant change and growth Increase in the complexity of issues due to changing demographics of the workforce and the demands of clients Managing flexibility
  5. 5. Challenges for us Contd. Responding to client requirements Living our values – Integrity – Stewardship – Collaboration – Innovation – Diversity
  6. 6. Our approach to achieving genderequality at Maddocks New CEO forms an Equal Opportunity and Diversity Committee as a Sub Committee of the Board Our workforce data is analysed A paper prepared by EEO & Diversity Committee for the Board Female Partners are invited to address the Board
  7. 7. Issues addressed in paper to theBoard Why an increased gender balance at Partnership level is important What government and private corporations are doing An overview and analysis of our Policies An overview of Learning and Development framework An overview of our Performance Management system An analysis of work allocation
  8. 8. Paper to the Board addressed Contd. Career progression Issues specific to Women Barriers to progression – systems, structures and the billable hour – how partner contribution is valued – the biological clock – Issues around practice building Summary
  9. 9. The most significant action toachieve gender equality Lead from the top Outstanding leadership from our Chairman and CEO
  10. 10. Commenced with a pilot group The engagement of a Diversity Consultant Interviews conducted with the senior team and senior females Report prepared and communicated Focus group and one on one coaching
  11. 11. Unconscious Bias What assumptions do we make about others? What we found? What can we do to avoid it?
  12. 12. Flexibility Who wants it? What prevents it being successful? How to manage it?
  13. 13. Retaining Talented Women in theWorkplace Remove systemic obstacles Barriers will be different for each organisation Encourage a culture of inclusiveness – Important for women, the firm and generational diversity
  14. 14. Retaining Talented Women in theWorkforce Have gender neutral policies in place to support the workforce Understand and promote the value that a diverse workforce adds to the business and the bottom line
  15. 15. Strategically supporting a Work /Life balance for successful careers Understand the individual and what they need Have transparency around careers and what needs to be achieved Educate managers and staff Promote the value of Team Have meaningful conversations
  16. 16. Innovative Models forWorkplace Diversity: GainingGender Equality in theOrganisationLiz Ryan | Director, People & cultureDirect 61 3 9288