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  • 1. employeeengagementthrough interactivemediaKatie ReidPwCCorporate Communication Manager
  • 2. About PwC Revenue of $1.43Australia’s largest billion for FY11 professional services firm Avg .age of partners: 44 Avg. age of staff: 28 PwC 2 What would you like to grow?
  • 3. Introducing the grow conversationPwC What would you like to grow?
  • 4. PwC 4 What would you like to grow?
  • 5. PwC What would you like to grow?
  • 6. Building social media onto our intranetPwC 6 What would you like to grow?
  • 7. Social Media guidelinesSocial media is rapidly becoming a regular part of our lives at home and work. Whether tweeting,connecting on LinkedIn or updating facebook, these tools offer endless opportunities to buildrelationships and create value. Below are a few tips to help you have fun, play smart and ensure whatyou do and say online doesn’t take on a life of its own. 1 It’s a conversation, so talk like it is. This is a chance to shape your personal brand. Share your opinions Be yourself by using ‘I’ statements and be honest about your stake in an issue and where you work. 2 If you find something interesting, share it and let people know where you found it. It’s good online Give credit etiquette and makes it much easier for others to pass it on. Share with care 3 Be aware of what you share and, if you think something is inappropriate, politely question it. It’s important that confidential information on clients and colleagues remains private . Add value 4 You get what you give. Others want to hear from you -- so share lots, share often. If it will support others personally or professionally, it’s worthwhile talking about.PwC 7 What would you like to grow?
  • 8. Social Media guidelines Play nice 5 Embrace the breadth of opinion and treat others with the respect you personally expect. We all benefit from working in an environment with such a great diversity of background and thought. 6 Nobody ’s perfect – pause and think before you share or respond, and ask for a second opinion if in Stop and think doubt. If you do make a mistake, be honest and take responsibility. Stay focused 7 Be productive – your interactions on social networks during the day should add value to your job, colleagues and clients. 8 Take responsibility and remember what you write may be around for a very long time. All of PwC’s policies and Be smart guidelines apply to your use of social media.PwC 8 What would you like to grow?
  • 9. The moderation gameWhat would you like to grow?The number of hot guys in the Sydney officeHow much I love Sally JohnsCommunismPwC’s ability to do expenses as efficiently as XYZcompetitor . Our system is horrible.Softness of toilet paper in the L12 bathrooms
  • 10. Bob Roberts the number of days leave I can take which do not have restrictions eg not having to take 3 weeks leaves over Xmas Like 111 people like C0mment 25 comments Choose your categoryPwC What would you like to grow?
  • 11. Dealing with the positive…. & the negative I think we have a Deena Bright peoples whinge wall appreciation for existingThis firm has benefits we get from working so many perks – with the firm. We get a whole lotpeople forget more than other friends I know how lucky they are. Like 104 people like C0mment 25 comments I have learnt more about my team from Choose Working for PwC has your category the Grow Wall than in provided me with the my whole time at PwC unique opportunity to Collaboration between live and work in PwC offices - loved another country, how working with Amar great is that !!!!! PwC Jassal this year! 11 What would you like to grow?
  • 12. Maintaining MomentumPwC 12 What would you like to grow?
  • 13. PwC 13 What would you like to grow?
  • 14. PwC 14 What would you like to grow?
  • 15. PwC 15 What would you like to grow?
  • 16. Grow Wall: internal engagement communications and key firm projects: Introducing Smart phones and webmail - Workplace giving month in June – Technology Fair promoting People Giving and recognitionXVenture Corporate ChallengeSydney TEDx competition Generating ideas – Cloud computing Urgent messages on staffs pay PwC 16 What would you like to grow?
  • 17. Results so far (since September) Reduced email traffic – given Influenced Over 20,ooo change in 2 people a vehicle tointeractions to promote their own policies Reduced date cause leaks (previously to the immovable) public leave policies Staff Engagement up 4%, my Given leadership confidence to use ideas & Connected people and promote other opinions are across the social media listened to up business – groups platforms 9% established (book (April 2011) club, blood giving) and membership Adding grown (GLBT value to network) Other PwC countries and clients people’s building their own GrowWalls experienc PwC 17 e What would you like to grow?
  • 18. Internal Engagement & Comms What’s in it? How do I use it?Brand Pack Context and rationale to guide conversation about our In Town Halls, team meetings or local brand strategy and the global repositioning 1:1sHow PwC is building relationships and Talking points included in slide notescreating value through WWYLTGQ&As The what, why, when & how of all things brand Have it in your back pocket but avoid using the material inCan you tell me more? presentations.Collateral Online “Grow” wall for staff to post their comments Further information, details and Launch video usage/download instructions willEnergising tactics Partner office stickers be provided on where required Gruen Transfer webcast Change stickers (partner offices) Email Signatures Screen saver Digital signage (foyer & office screens) Sydney foyer walls & Level 10 reception Laptop stickers Branded business cardsGrow Conversation Guide Ideas for the many different types of conversations you Town Halls, group meetings or can have about growth with clients and with your teams 1:1sHow can you build relevant & meaningful – macro issues, industry agendas, relationships,conversations around growth? community, coaching etcClient Conversation Guide Guidance for having a conversation about the brand with To prep for client meetings clientsStrategic Marketing wiki Videos, presentations, consumer sentiments from Further reading and reference for ‘Change’, contacts and everything you could ever yourself or to direct others to possible want to know about the brand PwC What would you like to grow?
  • 19. What made it work?1 Aligned to the business strategy 2 Looks familiar 3 Policy in place 4 Have a plan to respond 5 PwC Embrace the uncertain & hold the line 19 What would you like to grow?