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Alister webb Alister webb Presentation Transcript

  • Designing Alister Webb Collaboration Manager 36,000 full time staff“We offer a full range of services and compete in alltelecommunications markets throughout Australia.”
  • Who am I?Some key dates:• Joined Telstra in 1995• Created an Intranet site -building tool in Cold Fusion in 1999• Intranet Site Manager tool launched early 2000s• Joined Intranet & Knowledge Services (I&KS) team mid-2000s mid- • Includes governance of the Intranet• Chaired governance group of early SharePoint Pilot 2007-8 2007-• I&KS team managed global rollout of SharePoint doc mgmt system 2010• Part of core team managing the rollout and governance of ‘Our Knowledge ’ * * Winner (out of a field of 3,000 entries globally) of the 2011 M icrosoft Partner of * Winner (out of a field of 3,000 entries globally) of the 2011 Microsoft Partner of Microsoft the Year Award in the category Portals and Collaboration the Year Award in the category Portals and Collaboration
  • Rabbit in the headlights momentYou meet the CEO in the corridor: “We have some resourcing issues.” issues.” “I need your top three governance priorities – things which will make our Intranet one of the most significant assets of the organisation .” organisation.
  • Did one of them look like this? Or this?
  • The Story of Governance – Part 1The dawn of time.9:00 am on the first day of civilisationA tribe of diverse, competitive individuals have to finda way to live together for common survival – withoutkilling one another!A debate between freedom and constraint takes place...For the sake of the common good, rules are agreedThe story of Governance begins…
  • The Story of Governance – Part 2Fast forward to the modern world.Tribes have evolved into complex societies.Diverse, competitive groups still have to find a way to livetogether for the common good.The debate between freedom and constraint rages on.Rules are agreed – and written down as documents.They are called Constitutions.
  • The Story of Governance – Part 2 Constitutions aim to: constraints strike a fine balance between freedoms and constraints provide a minimum, non -negotiable governance non- non-negotiable structure to provide for the common goodprovide detailed direction regarding ‘universal’ domains – universal’ ‘universal’e.g. citizen rights, customs and excise, taxation, who can vote, etc vote,
  • The Aspirational Constitution ON • USA constitution goes one step VE TI further. TI NCto: EC • It declares the fundamental J LE principles itFU aspires OB LAB • TheO T values of the individual. S AI TYTheOUPof the group. IE R • values AS C G UN SO •S It has a ‘vibe’! A vibe’ ES A BL NAWe the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perf ect Union, establish Justice, insure perfectdomestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence , promote the general Welfare, and secure the defence, EBlessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain a nd establish this Constitution for theUnited States of America.
  • The Constitution isn’t…• A handbook of specific, detailed procedures required to run a country (that’s what the public service does). (that’• A mechanism to flatten differences and enforce conformity.• A mechanism to constrain individual expression.
  • The Good Governance PyramidGuardians of the Constitution
  • hasEach tierspecific de rights cision Real world example 11
  • Speed ListsExamples of ‘universal’ Intranet Governance DomainsExamples of Guiding Principles for your IntranetExamples of Decision Rights for each tier of Governance
  • Black Hat SessionIdentify reasons why this model will NOT work in yourorganisation.
  • The Final WordIf there is one key message you should take away today: “Start governance from a lofty height”• Articulate a set of fundamental principles that ensure the commo n good is not undermined by common individual self-interest. self-• Those principles will determine the road rules.• Every rule must relate back to a principle.• Make sure this Intranet ‘Constitution’ is understood by everyone. Constitution’• The Guiding Principles should carry you through new Intranet models that include collaboration models and social networking . networking.
  • The Final Final Word “Like a well- written Constitution, a good Intranet well- governance structure will live on well after those who designed it have gone.” gone.”• A good Governance structure is not a LIMITER• A good Governance structure is not an ENFORCER• A well -designed Governance structure is an ENABLER well-
  • Any final points or questions?