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  • We are so happy to have you on our staff! I’m looking forward to working with everyone this year, and I know the rest of our staff is as well. Jon Fagg is going to start us off, and then I will let the advisors who are with us introduce themselves.
  • We do ask that you are enthusiastic about the subjects you tutor. When you are, the students are more likely to connect with you on the subject and the opposite.A large part of our job in athletics is building rapport with the student-athletes. We do want you to build professional relationships with them, while creating a relationship.Please have a positive attitude!The students do need to come prepared to tutoring.We expect all of our employees to be professional while tutoring. You are a reflection of our department and of the university.
  • STACY!!!
  • Failing to comply will result in prompt termination and further disciplinary actions. This office is protected under FERPA since it includes specific academic records.We want to offer the best service possible. Let’s create a respectful atmosphere for all in the office! Help any student-athlete who needs help and is prepared. Be as inviting as possible.Your title goes everywhere with you when you are part of the Razorback staff.Be on time for work! If you’re running late, let me know. If you’re going to miss work, you need to notify me at least 24 hours in advance, unless life happens. Life happens if you wake up throwing up, family emergency, or you get a flat tire. LIFE DOESN’T HAPPEN EVERY WEEK! I would prefer for you to text or email me. If you get my voicemail, that’s fine, but a follow up text would be ideal. Missed appointments without notification will not be tolerated and will result in suspension and/or termination.Dress code…. No sleeveless or cutoff tank tops, short-shorts, low-cut and/or revealing shirts, see-through clothing, etc. This will be enforced!!!This does not mean you are to socialize with student-athletes outside of the office. This is actually strongly discouraged. Dating or fraternizing with them is prohibited. You will be completing a form today letting us know of any relationships you have with student-athletes.Be warm, welcoming, and friendly when working. Help student-athletes when you can.Don’t do their work! You are also expected to accurately reflect your time for payroll!
  • There is a whole section in your manual concerning Compliance. Read it, know it, and if you have questions, ask them. You’re responsible for them.
  • This is the portion that tutors and class checkers will need to hear
  • You can now select multiple reasons in the box on the top left. This will allow the counselors to know different information about the sessions (how late the student was, were they unprepared, did they participate, etc.).

S2013 tutor training presentation S2013 tutor training presentation Presentation Transcript

  • TUTOR ORIENTATION WELCOME • Thank you for your service! • You are a very important part of a multi-million dollar operation. • You are not responsible for a student-athlete’s performance. • If you see something wrong or suspicious, say something! Don’t just ignore it! This includes anything that is wrong/suspicious or against the rules • Tutoring for the spring semester will start on Tuesday, January 22nd. Due to the MLK holiday, study hall will not be held on Sunday or Monday.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION Mission Statement As Educators of and Advocates for student-athletes, we guide, develop, and serve. We promote and establish an environment of integrity, diversity, and achievement. We empower our student-athletes to explore ideas, individual paths, and goals. We promote the desire to succeed and to holistically grow as students, athletes and leaders. Committed to excellence in the services we provide, our goal is to impart knowledge and to present opportunities. Vision Statement We strive to provide holistic educational and developmental support for student-athletes to grow in their lives, their future professions, and society.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION • The University of Arkansas takes great pride in student-athlete development and academic success. • As a tutor in the Office of Student-Athlete Success, you provide the means in which to best help student-athletes achieve their potential in the classroom. • You act as an extension of the academic advisors, being the “front line” of contact between the student-athletes and academics. • The staff will look to you to help us spot potential problems in the student- athlete’s academic progress. TUTOR SERVICE PHILOSOPHY Tutors should possess three main characteristics: • ACADEMIC INTEGRITY • ENTHUSIASM FOR THE SUBJECTS TUTORING • PROFESSIONALISM
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS A TUTOR IS NEVER TO DO WORK FOR A STUDENT-ATHLETE! • If you are ever approached to complete work for a student-athlete, immediately notify a staff member. • In addition, if you become aware of any sort of academic dishonesty, you must notify a staff member. • You can be held just as responsible as the person actually doing the dishonest work and may be terminated immediately.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION The following are NOT permitted by a tutor: • Touching any part of the computer (keyboard, mouse, etc.) while in a tutor session. • Having papers emailed to you for proofreading. • Electronic proof-reading/editing is not permitted – all assignments and papers must be printed out and comments marked on the hard copy during the tutor session. The student should be the one making marks on the hard copy during a tutor session. • Having any class work/homework emailed to you. • Helping with online GRADED assignments (i.e. tests, quizzes, assessments, quick prompts for online classes). • Having students provide you with their usernames and passwords for anything university related. This includes ID numbers. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION "Plagiarism" includes, but is not limited to: Appropriation of buying, receiving as a gift or obtaining by any means, material that is attributable in whole, or in part, to another source, including words, ideas, illustrations, structure, computer code, other expression and media, and presenting that material as one’s own academic work being offered for credit. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS "Collusion" includes, but is not limited to: Unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing academic assignments offered for credit or collaboration with another person to commit a violation of any section of the rules on academic dishonesty. When you suspect a student may be plagiarizing… • Report the information to the Tutor Coordinator and Academic Counselor • Try to get hard evidence of what you think the student is plagiarizing. • If you saw a student open an email from someone else that had the paper attached, let us know that as well. • This information will then be forwarded to Eric Wood, Associate Athletic Direct of Academics and Student Development.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION TUTOR POLICIES AND EXPECTATIONS It is the expectation of every academic staff member to promote a quality learning environment for student-athletes while within the Bogle Academic Center. As tutors, it is your responsibility to live up to these standards and help enhance the program. We expect: 1. EVERY TUTOR TO MAINTAIN THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF CONFIDENTIALITY (this includes even when you are no longer a tutor). 2. EVERY TUTOR TO TAKE A “CUSTOMER SERVICE” APPROACH TO TUTORING. 3. EVERY TUTOR TO BE PROFESSIONAL – NOT JUST AT WORK. 4. EVERY TUTOR TO BE ON TIME FOR WORK. 5. EVERY TUTOR TO LOOK AND ACT PROFESSIONAL. 6. EVERY TUTOR TO BE A FAN OF THE STUDENT- NOT JUST OF THE ATHLETE! 7. EVERY TUTOR TO BE READY TO HELP. 8. EVERY TUTOR TO BE HONEST. 9. EVERY TUTOR TO COMMUNICATE.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION 10. EVERY TUTOR TO ABIDE BY THE RULES SET FORTH IN THE MANUAL AND DESCRIBED BY THE NCAA, UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, AND THE BOGLE CENTER. 11. EVERY TUTOR TO BECOME AWARE OF DEPENDENCY. • Tutor dependency is actively discouraged. Tutors should help student-athletes learn for themselves. The tutor’s objective is to improve and refine general learning strategies which can be applied to all subject matter. • A tutor may NOT contact a faculty member or Teaching Assistant regarding a student-athlete. If the tutor feels that there is an issue that needs to be addressed, he/she must contact the Tutor Coordinator or Athletic Academic Counselor. TUTOR POLICIES AND EXPECTATIONS
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION SOCIAL MEDIA You are responsible for your actions. • Anything you post that can potentially tarnish the University’s image will ultimately be your responsibility. Be a “scout” for compliments and criticism. • If you come across positive or negative remarks about the department, its teams, coaches, staff and student-athletes online that you believe are important, please share them with the Student-Athlete Development office. Let the subject matter experts respond to negative posts. Be conscious when mixing your business and personal lives. • The athletics department respects the free speech rights of all of its employees, but you must remember that fans, donors, colleagues and supervisors often have access to the online content you post.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION CHECK-IN & CHECKOUT PROCEDURE 1. SIGN-IN AT THE TUTOR STATION. You will need to swipe your student id or type in your ID number. If you don’t know it, it will be on your ID card and on your GradesFirst screen. 2. PULL YOUR IDENTIFICATION HANG TAG FROM THE STORAGE BOX (ALPHABETICAL ORDER) LOCATED AT THE TUTOR STATION • Identification MUST be worn properly at ALL TIMES while in the Bogle Academic Center.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION CHECK-IN & CHECKOUT PROCEDURE 3. VIEW YOUR ASSIGNED TIME AND LOCATION ON THE SCHEDULE OF TUTOR APPOINTMENTS, which is located outside of Room 2010. • All tutors with appointments in the A Club or on the 3rd/4th floors MUST pull their tutor sign from the expanding file (alphabetical order) and a sign holder located at the tutor station. 4. RETURN YOUR IDENTIFICATION HANG TAG TO THE STORAGE BOX (ALPHABETICAL ORDER) LOCATED AT THE TUTOR STATION. 5. SIGN OUT AT THE TUTOR STATION.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION PAYROLL SYSTEM • Tutors must input your time in webBASIS within 24 hours of the tutoring appointments, keeping in mind the cutoff dates for payroll (there’s a countdown within the system). • The only time that I will approve are those hours that are documented in GradesFirst as tutoring appointments or if you are scheduled to be a walk-in tutor for that time. Additional time will not count without prior approval. • Please fill in the project/tasks with the students you worked with and the subject area. You can use the additional comments for anything that I need to know. • If you went back in to change the time or to clock out at a later date, it will show me that information. • You are to make sure the information is accurate. • I do reserve the right to not approve time where there are discrepancies. We will then have to meet to go over any issues.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION PAYROLL SYSTEM • All hourly employees will continue to use webBASIS to document your hours working. • The web address for it is https://basis.uark.edu • You will use your UArk username and password to log-on. This is where you will “punch in and out.” • You cannot put in future time onto webBASIS. • You can access webBASIS from your iPhone, tablet, or smartphone. • Time should match your reports on GradesFirst. • Do not assume time will count. Please contact me or Stacy with any questions regarding what time will count for pay.
  • webBASIS 1. To log in the following screen will appear, and you will use the Employee/Affiliate Access:
  • webBASIS 2. From the main menu you will select HOURLY TIME. The following screen will be available: 3. Select the TIME CLOCK link.
  • webBASIS 4. You will then be taken to the Time Clock entry screen.
  • webBASIS 5. The system will default the current date and time that you have logged into webBASIS. At this point, if this is the time you are clocking in, you will not modify this date and time. If you are an employee with multiple wage rates, check the one that has me or Felecia as the supervisor. 6. Press the Validate button, then press the Save button to save your time punch.
  • webBASIS 7. If you are modifying this date and time you can access the Clock In Link, and you will have the following screen available: 8. At this point, you have the ability of selecting the day, time, and time. The same feature is available to clock out.
  • webBASIS The above screen also lets you see your punches that you’ve already done under time clock punches, which will allow you to edit them. You can also see the processed time sheets that you’ve done on webBASIS.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION CONSEQUENCES OF FAILURE TO ADHERE TO POLICIES & EXPECTATIONS The following system will be enforced regarding policies and expectations. First offense • The tutor will be verbally warned about the offense and the incident will be documented by the tutor coordinator. Second offense • The tutor will be suspended for a time period deemed fair by the tutor coordinator. Third offense • The tutor will be terminated from working in the Bogle Academic Center and not allowed to return for the remainder of his or her time at the University.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION STUDENT-ATHLETE “NO SHOW” POLICY The following constitutes a “no show”: • A missed scheduled appointment • Failure to let the tutor coordinator know of a canceled appointment at least (4) hours before a scheduled appointment. • Showing up thirty (30) minutes or later to a scheduled appointment After three no shows, tutor privileges will be suspended and a meeting will be scheduled with the student-athlete, the coach, and the academic advisor. We are in the process of charging student-athletes for missing tutoring appointments as well.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION STUDENT-ATHLETE “NO SHOW” POLICY WHAT IT MEANS FOR TUTORS: In cases where a student-athlete is (10) minutes late to his or her tutoring appointment, you MUST: 1. Notify the academic counselor or graduate assistant on duty and requested the delinquent student-athlete be contacted by phone 2. Fill out the session evaluation for that session (via GradesFirst). The GradesFirst report should include the details on the steps you took to have the student contacted. * YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IF STEPS ONE AND TWO ARE NOT COMPLETED. *We do ask that you stay at least 30 minutes of the appointment to see if they come since you are being paid for the whole hour. After the 30 minutes, we ask that you go ahead and complete the no-show report.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION TUTOR APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION POLICY Student-athletes marked as at-risk in GradesFirst MAY NOT cancel tutor appointments through the tutor coordinator. At-risk student-athletes must send all cancel requests through their academic counselor. Student-Athletes not marked as at-risk must submit cancellation request via e-mail to the tutor coordinator at least four hours prior to their scheduled appointment, which the tutor coordinator will confirm through the academic counselor. No student-athletes are permitted to cancel appointments with the tutor. If students text or call you to cancel, tell them they must cancel with the counselor or the session will be reported as a No Show. You do not have the ability to cancel appointments. Additionally, students should not contact you to change dates/times of their appointments. This must be done through the Tutor Coordinator/Academic Counselor for their sport. Some students have mandatory study hall or tutoring sessions and cannot change their own appointments.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION GROUP TUTORING Group tutoring may be utilized throughout the semester as an additional means of support for the student-athletes. Group tutoring will work as follows: • Groups will consist of three or more student-athletes enrolled in the same class. To facilitate these groups depending on size, additional tutors may be added. • Groups of 3 or more must be documented to receive the double rate. As such, two hours should be recorded in webBASIS with the indication of what the additional time is for that’s being documented. • Test reviews can also be held in a group session. These will vary throughout the semester and will focus on the material covered in the class. Test reviews will be held in a classroom-style setting to accommodate larger numbers of people. THERE WILL NOT BE ANY GROUP TUTORING TO ASSIST WITH WRITING PAPERS OR TO HELP WITH HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS WHICH ARE TO BE GRADED.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION TEACHING ASSISTANTS Teaching Assistants make excellent additions to the tutor staff at the Bogle Academic Center. • TA’s who serve as tutors and are actively teaching a class during the current semester of work MAY NOT tutor any student-athlete enrolled in their class. • If you accidentally receive a tutor request for a student you teach in class, you must notify the Tutor Coordinator immediately so that the Tutor Coordinator can schedule that student with a different tutor.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION TUTORS ASSISTING WITH PAPERS Please see pages 22 and 23 in the tutoring manual. You are expected to know what you can and cannot do as a tutor assisting with papers. The students should be doing the work. Even if you suggest one word, you should technically be receiving some credit for the paper. In other words, tutors are “guides” who can assist the student-athletes learn by teaching grammar and punctuation rules. This is best learned through examples. Anything in the paper that is not completely the student’s work is academically dishonest and can be considered plagiarism.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION TUTORING REPORTS To help ensure that student-athletes are attending tutoring and address any concerns, the use of session reports is critical. These reports play an important role in the tutoring process. The reports serve three (3) main purposes: 1. To track the student-athlete’s attendance at tutoring sessions and the subjects tutored. 2. To track the material covered in sessions. 3. To provide useful information regarding the student-athlete’s progress in a particular subject to athletic academic counselors. It is mandatory all tutors fill out a session report every time they meet with a student-athlete with adequate details. This is to be done within 24 hours of the appointment. Without this documentation, you will not be paid for that time.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION HOW TO SIGN-IN TO GRADESFIRST Go to: http://arkansasrazorbacks.gradesfirst.com and the following screen will appear.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION HOW TO SIGN-IN TO GRADESFIRST After you sign in, you should see the following screen:
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION TUTORING REPORTS The following screen is the Tutoring Report which must be completed in order for you to get paid for the session.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION CONSEQUENCES OF FAILURE TO COMPLETE TUTOR REPORT Tutoring Reports play an integral part of the student-athlete’s academic success. It gives advisors and coaches information regarding the academic output of the student as well as alert them to any potential problems. Due to the important nature of these evaluations, any tutor who does not complete tutoring reports may be subject to consequences such as loss of hours and pay, suspension, and possible termination. Consequences are the same for not completing payroll or GradesFirst reports on time. These offenses and consequences were mentioned earlier.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION DON’TS OF TUTORING OVERALL, If you think something may be wrong or impermissible, DON’T DO IT! It is better to err on the side of caution. Ask an Academic Counselor for clarification if you are unsure of anything.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION WHAT SHOULD BE ACCOMPLISHED? • Set objectives and goals • Review what was learned in class • Write notes during the session! • Have them read ahead if they have nothing else to do • Have them make note cards of material to learn important concepts • Sessions should be paced • Check Blackboard and syllabus to make sure nothing is being missed or move on to new material. • Focus: time management, study skills, reading • If you have covered everything, have them read ahead or work on study skills.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION TUTOR OF THE MONTH • New initiative started in the fall to recognize tutors who have stood out to the staff. • Tutors are showcased on the monitors in the center for the month after the win. • Criterion for Tutor of the Month: • Punctual (gives advance notice of when late/needing to cancel) • Detailed reporting • Attitude • Flexible (when applicable) • Communication • Excellent customer service
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION ACCELERATE PROGRAM The goal of the Accelerate Program is to create student-athletes that are independent learners and/or have acquired enough skills to be academically successful with the least amount of intensive support. Student-athletes with learning disabilities and/or ADD/ADHD are no exception to these goals, and will be challenged as much as those without.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION ACCELERATE PROGRAM How Accelerate Students Affect You • Students may come to your session with a goal • You may be contacted by a Learning Specialist -Strategies - Location - Progress • Comfort Level – Speak Up! (We’re here to help you)
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION ACCELERATE PROGRAM Laws Protecting Students with Disabilities Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 • “No qualified handicapped person shall, solely on the basis of handicap, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any program which receives or benefits from Federal financial assistance.” Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), July 1990 • “The ADA was passed to end discrimination against individuals with disabilities. It applies to areas of employment, public entities (including public education facilities), and public accommodations (including private education facilities).” • A “person with a disability” is anyone with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION ACCELERATE PROGRAM If you suspect a student-athlete has a learning disability: DO: • Speak with a counselor or learning specialist who can help work on appropriate strategies to assist the student DO NOT: • Attempt to diagnose a student with an LD or ADD/ADHD Keep In Mind: • Student-athletes do not have an obligation to disclose disability or academic status (i.e. grades).
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION ACCELERATE PROGRAM AND TUTORING PARTNERSHIP • Accelerate works very closely with the Tutor Coordinator to set up tutoring appointments for Accelerate students. • Accelerate staff may contact you to provide information about their students. • No tutoring should take place in Accelerate unless designated by the Tutor Coordinator or Elaina Biffle. • Room 2022 is unavailable for tutoring unless assigned by the Tutor Coordinator or Elaina Biffle since it is used for Accelerate appointments and Accelerate tutoring.
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION • Hog Share (Blackboard Shell) • We have been utilizing this for the past semester to give out information and upload past presentations. • Tutor Training Certification • College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) • Level I, II & III Certification • FREE internationally recognized certification. • As such, you will be observed in the next month on one of your tutoring sessions. This will be random and is required as part of the certification process as we move towards it. It also requires a mid-term meeting with our staff. • At the end of the semester, each tutor will sit down with me for about 30 minutes to receive an evaluation and to determine continued employment (like we did in the fall) • We will continue to do the professional development workshops this spring with using recommendations from your tutor surveys ON THE HORIZON
  • TUTOR ORIENTATION Any Questions??? Before you leave, I need you to sign in, you availability form, your prior relationship form, and confirmation of training/receiving the manual. Thank You!