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A PPT describing how to launch a product, the surveys we conducted were authentic ( interviewing our fellow students).
It was for the final semester project

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SoyaMilk Marketing presentation

  1. 1. A MARKETING PROJECT ON SOY MILK Soy D-lite -Health with Soy brings you joy! Presented By- Amit Jain Aranya Das Arkadip Gupta Indrajit Banerjee Mitosh Bagadia Namisha Podar
  2. 2. Soya Agro PVT Limited Soya Agro Pvt Ltd produces soybean products like – • Soya paneer (tofu) • Soya nuggets • Wheat soy flour • Soya nuts Soya Agro is an environmental friendly company which uses advanced technology and instrumentation to manufacture healthy food items. Soya Agro's headquarter is situated in Delhi and has satellite branches in the metros. Soy D-lite is Soya Agro's new product in an existing product category which has numerous health benefits.
  3. 3. To be leading producer of Soy products with dedication to nature and through innovativeness we continue to diversify the range of our products to contribute to the health and well-being of our customers.
  4. 4. Vision To be India’s Premier Soy Products Company offering nutritious and superior quality health drinks to its customers. By 2016, we aim to achieve 30% of market share being the best in terms of consumer values, customer service and employee welfare for consistent and predictable growth.
  5. 5.  What is Soy Milk ?  Why consume Soy Milk?  Why we chose this Product ?  Market Analysis  Market Research  SWOT Analysis  Segmentation and Target Market  Positioning Strategy  Marketing Mix(4Ps)
  7. 7. WHAT IS SOYA MILK Beverage made from soybeans. Made from whole soybeans or full-fat soy flour. Contains about the same proportion of protein as cow's milk: around 3.5% A traditional staple of Asian cuisine, it is a stable emulsion of oil, water, and protein Unsweetened and contains sucrose as the basic disaccharide
  8. 8. Let’s Compare...
  9. 9. 1. Health concern:  reduces cholesterol  does not cause insulin dependent diabetes  No lactose content; so lactose intolerant people can consume it.  Improve lipid profile 2. Purely vegetable source as it obtained from plants 3. Absence of hormones in the Soy-Milk WHY SOYA MILK ??? Factors driving demand 
  10. 10. WHY SOYA MILK ??? Factors driving demand (contd..) 4. Rich in isoflavones content 5. Promotes healthy living :  Helps reducing weight  Helps in skin sustenance and growth  People less prone to allergic reactions 6. Staple food with high nutritional value  High protein content  High calcium content 7. Cheap than alternate non dairy milk products
  11. 11. 26% 26% 11% 5% 32% 0% Key Factors that influence customers when buying Milk Products price taste Organic status Trustworthy brand Nutritional values
  13. 13. NAME STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Staeta Promotes healthy lifestyle and alternative staple food Only 1 litre packaging available Sofit high brand value as marketed by Godrej; Marketed only in selected outlets without any advertising Silk Available in many flavors. More focus on taste rather than health. Soy Fresh Meets the US FDA heart health claim. Very expensive. Regional players More emphasis on regional spread at a cheaper rate in localized areas Often they compromise in quality while trying to sell at a cheaper rate than the competition market rate.
  14. 14. Age distribution of survey respondents Chart shows gender ratio of our survey. People who know about Soy Milk. Different sources from which people get to know about Soy Milk. People who like Soy Milk. People who tried flavored soy milk.
  15. 15. People who like flavored milk. Preference of choice by people. Rating of Soy Milk Flavors liked by the consumers People who would love to try Soy Milk.
  16. 16. Geographic Variables Tier 1 cities High population density areas Demographic Variables Age –above 20 Gender – Both Male & Female Family – Doesn’t matter Income – Doesn’t Matter Psychographic Variables Personality – No Lifestyle – Yes Value – Yes Attitude – Yes Behavioral Variables Benefit sought Brand Loyalty Income status
  17. 17.  It is also a healthy alternative to dairy milk and can be consumed as a complete substitute for dairy milk.  Advertising on health & wellness  Power-packed nutritional beverage  Good packaging and distribution  Soya milk a new & exciting concept  Strong network of the parent company means good availability  Strong leadership and management team of the company has lead to initiatives and products that are reputable and usually well received by customers.  Being an untouched market, there is a wide scope of growth.
  18. 18.  Unusual taste as compared to ‘normal’ milk. People view it as a different and alternative product, which is partly due to India’s strong dairy culture.  Perception People have a perception that Soy Milk is inferior in nutritional values as compared to normal dairy milk.
  19. 19.  Non-traditional marketing strategies  Advertising  Currently, the market has no advertisements for Soy Milk – EASY PROMOTION  Can focus it as a nutrient rich beverage  Less number of Competitors at National level
  20. 20. • Already established milk products in India who can leverage on their distribution network • Weaker distribution network in India because of which it might lose out on sales even after strong marketing • Milkmen still cater to a major portion of the market in India
  21. 21. People who are- • Health Conscious • Lactose Intolerant • Don't use or consume animal products of any kind • Want to lose weight without compromising on the nutritional deficit caused due to dieting. • In the Upper middle class to higher income segment • Live in the Tier 1 cities • In the age group of 20 and above
  22. 22. Marketing Mix
  23. 23. • Soy D-Lite is a hundred percent agro based product made from fresh soybeans and will be marketed by Soya Agro Pvt Ltd. • Brand Name : Soy D-lite • Obtained from the liquid extract that is left behind when soaked soya beans are grinded and then strained. • Rich source of proteins and suits people of all ages. • Packaging – • Will launch in 250ml tetra packs and 500ml tetra packs. • Labeling – Will go for Persuasive labeling to attract the consumers to try Soy Milk
  24. 24. • Being a new comer in the market with health conscious people which generally include middle to higher income segment population as target market, the price of our product will be on a higher side as compared to the usual cow milk. • The price will be slightly lower than our competitors for easy penetration in the market. • For 250 ml tetra pack – Rs. 20 • For 500 ml tetra pack – Rs. 45 Value Pricing:
  25. 25. Product will be manufactured at a plant near Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh -As Madhya Pradesh is the main soya cultivation area, procuring the material would not be difficult and will be purchased locally. Soy milk being a perishable product will be transported by road to Delhi ,Mumbai and Pune.
  26. 26. Our product lies in the introduction phase of the PLC. •In the first year we expect low sales, mainly driven by innovator customers. •We expect there to be lower margins in the first year. •Main objective is to gain consumer awareness and shelf space initially. •We will use selective distribution. •Dealers will be given discounts and attractive offers to endorse our product. •All this along with heavy sales promotion will give us the necessary sales
  27. 27. • As we are in the introduction phase , our objective is to create awareness about the product through informative advertising. • Hoardings in public, use of TV commercials, print media, radio advertisements and through web marketing. • Inform people about the product by organizing events, sample distribution in supermarkets. • Through tie-ups with gyms and health centers.
  28. 28. (All figures are in Rs. Lac)
  29. 29. • Target of capturing 5% of the market share within 2 years and 20% by 2017. • After two years, we will extend our market to other Tier-I cities and to Tier-II cities after 5 years. • We will introduce some international flavors like cappuccino and malt in the coming years.
  30. 30. References reviewed#.UgXVStJHLaY soy-milk.html#b Ltd/772794