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Our team submission for Bingo product line from ITC. A consumer in the snacking segment is driven primarily by the urge to seek novel tastes and experiences. With a segment over-flooded with various products one needs clutter breaking ATL and BTL activities and a sense of wackiness !!!

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Team gimmickers iim indore_ppt

  1. 1. Team Name:- Gimmickers Institute:- IIM Indore Team Members Arjun Nair |- Ashwin Iyer |- Darpan Mahajan |- Nupur Gupta Bingo! Mad Angles ITC Interrobang Case Challenge 2011
  2. 2. Home consum ption Influencer - Children and youth Buyer - Housewives Home Consumptio n Out-of- home consumptio n Buying Patterns PRODUCT CATEGORY • Health • Novelty • Taste Health Seekers • Health • Novelty • Taste Explorers • Health • Novelty • Taste Easy going Consumption habits Proactively seek novel tastes and experiences Show preference for branded snacks High impulse purchase behavior Prefer small SKUs Taste, flavor, textures used to evaluate snacks Snack Industry !
  3. 3. Market scenario Lagga rd Entra nt Initiator Imitator Snack Segment First Entrant Laggard Entrant Early Entrant Imitates competitors – ME too Product TRY and Gain market share through intense audience engagement and Continuous Innovation unique mix of taste, bite and shapes. Regional Flavors Distribution Muscle Clutter breaking advertising Retail tie- ups Reasons for Bingo‟s success  Continue creating its popularity as an ideal snack amongst target audience who are in-turn influencers when it comes to purchase of this product category  Since Bingo is positioned as a snack for the youth, not using a nation- wide brand ambassador is a good move, Especially with the wacky humor  Explore possibility of advertising Bingo‟s array of flavors as the first choice, or something trendy amongst the youth, in addition to already existing „wild- n- whacky‟ theme 'No confusion. Great combination' !
  4. 4. MARKET Penetration Snacks in Railways aboard Rajhdhani and Shatabdi Identify high Snacking areas Ensure Availability Buzz and heavy POP advertising Bingo! beach trails to generate brand recall and Buzz Exclusive Bingo! Combinations at HORECA outlets leveraging existing SLAs Condition consumers to associate Bingo! with good movies and good times in theatre. Use Social Media as a Sampling Platform: Introduce low price skuS AT RS 3 TO GENERATE TRIALS Increase users! Pop- Point Of Purchase
  5. 5. MARKET Penetration Increase usage! Introduce Higher SKUs with Value Pack specifically with vacuum lock Redefine snacking rules SNACK AT NIGHT Build usage Imagery through advertisements Build Badge Value: by coming up with special packages for Special/festival occasions and gift packs etc. Highlight Health Aspect- that the snacks are Baked or Roasted not fried
  6. 6. Customer Loyalty Intense audience engagement campaigns ! VERY Active FACEBOOK PAGE 1,299,184 likes Daily MAD ACADEMY UPDATES BINGO! And MTV BAKRA DIN Engulf consumer beyond digital space in real life as well as Kurkure does in regular intervals with “spend time with family” or “send in your recipe” Leveraging Web 2.0 for Maximum consumer engagement
  7. 7. Customer Loyalty Cross Variant Coupons -Coupons in packages offering free trials for smaller SKUs of other variants)Bingo SMS Message Tones Twaing !! Product Placement in TV serials Introducing newer variants (flavours and shapes) and sauces satchels: for newer combinations, for tickling sensational tastes.
  8. 8. Dealing with competition PepsiCo •Lays, Kurkure, Lehar Namkeen, Cheetos, Uncle Chips, Kurkure Desi Beats •Desi beats recently launched as a direct frontal attack for Bingo! mad angles •Celebrity endorsements, with advertising outspends of more than 3.5:1 compared to bingo! Parle •Smart Chips, Cheeselings, Must bites, Hippo Haldiram and Balaji •Discount players offfering more grammage for same price points •Largely dominant in the western part of the country , controlling more than 50% of the market •Launching triangular shaped variants imitating Bingo!s Mad Angles Unorganized market •Non Branded packaged snacks •Also includes hot and fresh preparations from restaraunts and small shops Competitive Response Invest to create superior value for customers hav products in Pipeline to be introduced in regular interval Run strong Customer Loyalty programme Collaborative Distribution with PEPSICO Competition TRY and Gain market share through intense audience engagement and Continuous Innovation with a unique mix of taste, bite and shapes
  9. 9. Analyzing Competition- Kurkure Strategy Helps achieve consistency across ads, , High connect with housewives the decision makers for snack purchase for home consumption Advertising Humor and Juhi Chawla as a perfect brand fit - irreverent and chatpatta attitude, She is not endorsing many brands simultaneously, hence kurkure‟s ad stands out High on Consumer Engagement Programs High on variants and direct competition to mad angles with Desi beats BuildING Badge Value: by coming up with special packages for Special/festival occasions and gift packs etc. Houseful PACk and On pack offers COMMON Distribution : vending machines of PepsiCo beverages and snacks together
  10. 10. Market Development in South Craze for over the top south Indian movies provide an excellent platform ROI Brand Fit Consumer Connect High preference for traditional flavours/dishes in South, justifies investment into more variants similar to the habit snacks available in south Unorganized snacks in the form of banana chips and equivalents could be a reason for lackluster performance of the branded snacks