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Arizona Orthotics is your Phoenix resource for Sole Supports™ custom foot orthotics, the only medical grade orthotic calibrated to match your weight, foot flexibility & activity level – truly custom!

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  1. 1. ©2012 Arizona Orthotics
  2. 2. The 1st Reason: Sole Supports™ Actually Correct Your Foot Posture One size fits all over-the-counter arch supports may help a little temporarily, but they’re really not designed to correct or support the unique shape of your foot. Even most of the custom foot orthotics dispensed in doctor’s offices do little more than the orthotics you can buy online or at Costco. Why? Because they don’t actually change your foot posture and function. In other words, they don’t change the way you walk and therefore they’re not changing anything important over the long haul. Sole Supports™ are the only medical grade orthotic on the market to do this. Why? Because we developed an entirely new way to capture the right posture of the foot and then make a device strong enough to put your foot into that posture when you stand on it.
  3. 3. The 2nd Reason: Sole Supports™ Combine Great Comfort with Superior Control When you cast the foot the way we do at Arizona Orthotics, you get both the best of functional control and great comfort. How is that possible? For function, we cast your foot with as high an arch as your foot will easily make. It turns out that it’s the posture of the foot, more than the rigidity of the orthotic, that gives the foot its functional correction. That means we can make our support less rigid and more comfortable and still get the best functional control. Another reason why we can be more comfortable than the typical arch support or orthotic is our custom shape. Actually, it’s your custom foot shape…the shape we capture with our proprietary casting technique. By making full contact in the exact shape of the bottom of your foot we’re able to distribute all of the corrective forces evenly, using the entire surface area of your foot to spread them out. In turn, you feel supported but comfortably.
  4. 4. The 3rd Reason: Sole Supports™ Can Correct Knee, Hip & Back Posture When the arches of the feet slump, as most eventually do over time, they have harmful effects on knee, hip and back posture. This is because, from the spine to the foot, all joints are connected. Fallen arches put a twist in the connection that effects everything up and into the spine. Since Sole Supports™ are designed to restore the proper arch height of your foot, wearing them can help improve the posture and health of the knee, hip and back as well. Postural imbalances at any joint, especially ones that tolerate your full body weight while standing, may lead to excessive wear and tear that results in arthritis and even disc degeneration in the spine. There are many other things necessary for healthy joints, such as good strength, endurance and flexibility, but using Sole Supports™ is an easy way to insure better joint health every day.
  5. 5. The 4th Reason: Sole Supports™ is the Only Orthotic Calibrated to Match Your Weight, Foot Flexibility & Activity Level If you need glasses, do they only ask if you are nearsighted or farsighted? No, they measure the specific sight capacity of each eye, then calibrate the lens for each eye to match its specific need. So, if you need a corrective foot orthotic, why would you settle for a generic shape and flexibility that doesn’t account for the specific need of each foot? And yet that’s how most “custom” foot orthotics are designed. At Arizona Orthotics, we’ve gone the extra mile to offer you a truly custom orthotic. To do that, we figure in your weight, the flexibility rating of each foot, and your general activity level. In addition, we have an accurate 3-D cast of each foot. Each Sole Support shell is made completely from scratch, with no generic starter plates, add-on pads or arch filler. Then we calibrate each orthotic to deliver the right combination of flexibility and rigidity for each foot.
  6. 6. The 5th Reason: Sole Supports™ May Reduce an Established Deformity with Regular Use Sole Supports ™ are the first foot orthotic designed to actually change the posture and function of the foot. All other orthotics are designed to provide local pressure relief on certain areas of the foot while leaving the overall posture and function of the foot unchanged. That means a typical orthotic will only give some pain relief but let the foot degenerate into a number of common foot deformities: bunions, hammertoes, corns and calluses, big toe arthritis and numerous other strange, shoe-rubbing bumps. And the pain relief is usually only temporary since the underlying cause of the foot problem has been ignored. The only way to solve both foot pain and deformity problems permanently is to restore normal working posture and function to the foot. Arizona Orthotics does this by capturing your full available arch with our unique 3-D casting technique. We then make the orthotic completely custom to your foot shape, flexibility, weight and activity level.
  7. 7. Dr. David J. Doperak DC NSCA -CPTSole Supports• Certified Provider – Custom Flexible Foot OrthoticsArizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners• Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic• Physiotherapy CertifiedChiropractic BioPhysics• Certified Doctor of ChiropracticNational Board of Chiropractic Examiners• Part I, II, III, IV & PhysiotherapyNational Strength & Conditioning Association• Certified Personal Trainer
  8. 8. The foot is thebody’s interfacewith the mostpowerful forcethat affects ourbody – GRAVITY.When do we get abreak fromGravity? NEVER
  9. 9. 10
  10. 10. 3.5 times our body weightpasses through our feetwith each step.During the day our feetendure a cumulative forceof several hundred tons.Years of standing andwalking on concrete causechanges in the foot thatlead to the vast majority offoot, ankle, knee, hip andback problems weencounter.
  11. 11. The foot is a biomechanical marvel madeup of 26 bones and 33 joints.25% of bones in the human body arelocated in the feet, which are madeup from 52 bones.
  12. 12. 107 ligaments…200 muscles…all working together to provide balance, stability, and locomotion to take just one step.©2012 Arizona Orthotics
  13. 13. The foot goes through 2 general motions while we walk.Pronation occurs when the foot unlocks or f lattens when it hits the ground. It does t h i s f o r s h o c k ab s o r p t i o n .After the foot unlocks and f lattens to adapt to the ter rain it must re-stiffen or lock i t s e l f f o r e f f i c i e n t l e ve r a g e t o p r o p e l o u r s e l ve s f o r wa r d o n t o t h e n e x t s t e p. Wecall this locking of the foot “Supination.”
  14. 14. With every step force is designed to passthrough the foot in a specific pattern
  15. 15. Withoutpropulsionwalking is harderand less efficient.Walking is verytiring if your feetare not propellingyou forward!
  16. 16. Our feet aredesigned to holdour bodies up!How can we havegood posture inour spine if wedon’t have goodposture in ourfeet?
  17. 17. When footposture breaksdown, addition al stress is placed on thejoints, muscles and ligaments of thepelvis, hips and knees.
  18. 18. When the foot is too flat andfloppy, the archof the foot and other muscles and ligaments have to absorb 30% of theshock when the foot hits the ground.
  19. 19. Over time this poundingon the concrete leads towear-and-tear damagetojoints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.This is why so manypeople have increasingfoot problems as theyage.
  20. 20. 95% of people have flat feetwhich are poor shock absorbers!If your feet aren’t absorbing theshock, what
  21. 21. Yourknees, hips andback which arenot designed to do so! And so begins theprocess of early degeneration.
  23. 23. This is a foot with excessivepronation. It will widen and lengthen with each step – not only increasing your shoe sizeover the years but causing damage to your feet, knees and back.
  24. 24. A rigid, high-arched foot also cannot function properly because it has very little “slack” in itsstructure which sends allthe shock up the leg and into the spine.
  25. 25. Buyer beware! Fancy machinesdo not mean the best product.
  26. 26. A true custom orthotic is made from a 3-D cast of your feet. Also, the orthotic is in perfect contour with your corrected foot posture.©2012 Arizona Orthotics
  27. 27. Sole Supports are the only“full contact” orthotics onthe market. They fully restorethe arch to each person’sunique foot structure.
  28. 28. Are your orthotics in full contact with your supported foot? Hold them up under your arch as you lift your heel off the ground. If there is a space between the orthotic and yourfoot, your orthotic is useless.
  29. 29. Each person’s foot has a unique flexibilityto it. This information is provided to thelab to ensure your orthotic provides thecorrect support to your feet.
  30. 30. 37
  31. 31. Sole Supports will RESTORE normalfoot posture relieving the strain on the plantar fascia, allowing it to heal!
  32. 32. Sole Supports willcorrect the passageof force through the foot, taking all thepressure off the ball of the foot.
  33. 33. When the foot is not functioningcorrectly, arthritis can form over years before it becomes noticeable andpainful. The big toe joint is a common area for arthritis to occur. ©2012 Arizona Orthotics
  34. 34. Sole Supportsrestore functionback to the bigtoe, allowing itto moveefficiently.
  35. 35. Excessive pronation can cause pain and instability in the ankles.It’s not uncommon forpeople with flexible flat feetto have weak ankles and rollor sprain them regularly.Remember, strained musclesand ligaments sendinaccurate messages to thebrain about where the feetare in space. Balance is animportant function of thefeet and can be restored!
  36. 36. Excessive Pronation causes early wear and tear in the knee joints;degenerative arthritis is very common. Sole Supports restore normal structure and function to the ankle and knee by lifting the arch and keeping it there!
  37. 37. Over-pronation of the foot causes excessive internalrotation of the lower leg. This ultimately results in anexcessive curvature of the low back with painfulconsequences – early degenerative changes in thespine.
  38. 38. It’s never too early to haveyour loved ones evaluated. Faulty footmechanics canbe detected and corrected at a young age.
  39. 39. Most people don’t hesitateto make sure their tires arecorrectly aligned in orderto get the maximum wearout of them. Footalignment and correctionworks the same way; it’sall about getting betterfunction right now toprevent future problems.
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