How we used media technologies in the planning, construction and evaluation of our media product
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How we used media technologies in the planning, construction and evaluation of our media product






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How we used media technologies in the planning, construction and evaluation of our media product How we used media technologies in the planning, construction and evaluation of our media product Presentation Transcript

  • How did you use media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?
  • In Research and planning….
  • In the construction, we used several sites like IMDB, YouTube, face book, In face book we made an online group where we posted and shared useful links that can aid us in our pre and post productions.Collective discussions were held by commenting over a singlepost and we were able to stay in touch even after our schoolhours.In IMDB we were able to find out the movies related to ourgenres as they are well tabulated and listed there. In YouTubewe were able to analyze the trailers to study the codes andconventions of making a trailer similar to our genre
  • Using Google search engine and IMDB we were able to find more information onthe films and the directors.
  • The first half of our research was done onYouTube and second on Google. After we hadfinalized what we wanted to make, the next stepwas to see how well received our idea was bythe audience. For that we conducted severalsurveys and research on our target audience byknowing their issues and problems and howthey can relate themselves with the movie. Afterdistributing the questionnaire and studying theresponses, they were tabulated using Microsoftexcel and uploaded on our blog.
  • Use of YouTube• Focus Group• Rushes• First Cut• Second Cut• Final Cut
  • Construction and Research •For research, §Wikipedia, YouTube, Imdb Google was the and rotten tomatoes, •Facebook page best search engine were the sites used to see of the group. that we used. the ratings, trailers, •Bloging at •References from posters, directors, actors Pete’s Media producers of the films we researched on. blog were taken.
  • Use of hardware• Scanners and printers• Camera• Tripod• Cell phone• iPods• Laptop• Internet• USB, portable hard drives.
  • Construction YouTube for analysis of trailers, Facebook page uploading the discussions. videos we Made. Personalized the blog (photoshop)Tweeted on twitter Time Management For audience (schedules on feedback Microsoft Word) Surveys on Facebook and survey monkey.
  • In Production…
  • Use of Photoshop• We used Photoshop to make the ancillaries. The tools we used were magnetic lasso tool to isolate the images from their respective background.• We used color balance and brightness/contrast effects from the view tab to manipulate the colors and make them blend with everything else. We used these effects for the color correction as well.• Problems we faced:• Complicated• After rasterizing layers we cannot edit the image in chunks
  • The reason why we changed the form of the title was because as it can beseen that previous theme of the title did not match with the theme of the wholemagazine. We showed our actors in a more friendly interactive way as themagazine review talked about their personal life more than their role in the film.Therefore we had to keep a green font that would contrast with blackbackground and stand out in the magazine hence making the cover morestylish. Before After
  • Use of Premier for the video editing• We used premiere for editing and adding effects in our movie. We first started with the simple razor tool to align the shots in sequence. We added effects using levels, gradient effect and color balance too in the effects tab in the sidebar.Advantage of using premiere:• If used on a PC with a bigger RAM space, editing and previewing can be real time• Auto-saved data in case the premiere crashes• We had a last year experience of using premiere hence we were able to use the software effectively• This software is used worldwide so we had many tutorials on YouTube.
  • Problems we faced:•Rendering was time consuming•Different formats of video files were not supported in other computers•Premiere file were not opening into another computer unless the work wassaved on USB.•The version of premiere we used did not support some video formats hencewe had to convert them and in the process the quality got distorted. Xilisoft Video Converter This was the converter used for converting video files. We used H126 Mpeg 4.avi format to convert all the raw footage. The final format was in Mpeg2. For uploading on YouTube we used MOV or Mpeg1 format.
  • Use of after effects for animation of our logo and captionsMaking a logo of our production house:• We named our production house shut up productions and we used preset animation of text when shut up production appeared on screen along with manually changing the transformation, adding the dissolve and fade in effect etc.• We edited some portion of our film into after effects as well. An Advantage of using adobe project files is that it is transferrable to different adobe applications. For example adobe premiere project file can be opened in after effects• In captions we used the preset blue flashlight animation and the courier new font. For the coming soon we used the preset exposure text animation in the after effects
  • Problems: Slow rendering The export file is usually bad in quality Less format choices for the export file,AudacityWe used Audacity for voice over. We got royaltyfree music from Soundmixing and editing was done using premiere wherewe used Denoiser form audio effects to normalizemusic and reduce background noise. Also inplaces the volume of the music had to beinconsistent. For that we used audio gain in speedduration tab Picnik: We used the fonts from Picnik for our magazine cover. We found different variety of fonts for our magazine cover
  • Comparison with AS Level:•The main difference between AS and A2 is that we only did relevant researchunlike AS.•We used Twitter for updating our followers.•And the most advancement that we made was in our evaluation process. In AS weonly used one technology in our evaluation questions that was blogging.•This year we have only done one question in a written form. We used prezi.comfor one question. Prezi is a website that we used to make presentations in a morefancy way. It basically lets you jumble up your work in one place and it zooms in thechronological order we want to present our work in. • For this particular question we used PowerPoint and in our audience feedback question we used videography. For which we have been video taping since the beginning of A2. •So in terms of research and technology we were very clear and persistence and very specific.