Music video analysis 1


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Music video analysis 1

  1. 1. Goodwin’s Theory – The Kooks (Naive) Indie/Indie Rock Genre
  2. 2. Music Videos Demonstrate Genre Characteristics• “Naive” by The Kooks falls into the Indie Rock genre. Indie music is often associated with a lot of instruments playing, many shots of the lead singer and a specific storyline. Typical locations for Indie music videos are often rural such as taking place in woods or very urban for example on city streets and subways. Indie music is usually quite upbeat and conveys a positive, feel good mood.• In this music video we can tell that it fits into the indie genre because the locations is very urban and takes place in a club, although the music is not the usual type you would find in a club and the location serves as more of a setting to demonstrate the storyline. The clothing worn by the lead singer is also very stereotypical of an Indie band. He is wearing a leather jacket over a t-shirt which is very casual, casual wear being a typical attribute of the indie audience.
  3. 3. Relationship Between Lyrics and Visuals In the music video, “Naive” by the well known Indie Rock band The Kooks, there is a strong relationship between lyrics and visuals. While not literal and illustrative, the lyrics mirror the story that is being shown through the visuals and help the viewer to further understand what is going on. While he sings about a relationship gone sour, we are seeing the reason for this unfolding on screen. Therefore, this music video would be called amplified. At the point in the music video where we hear the lyrics “I may say it was your fault, cause i know you could have done more”, we see an amplified shot of the couple sitting together looking in different directions as though they do not know what to do about their situation. The girl here is shown to be doing nothing to change the situation, showing the song’s meaning of blaming the girl for the breakup because she did nothing to try and stop it.When the lyrics “such an ugly thing, someone so beautiful, andevery time you’re on his side” comes up, the girl who the singerseems to be involved with is with another man and is cheatingon him. Through this shot, we can see that “every time you’reon his side” is referring to the fact that his girlfriend keepscheating on him and it is causing their relationship todeteriorate.
  4. 4. Relationship Between Music and Visuals• In this music video, there is not a strong relationship between music and visuals, as the music video is mostly showing a storyline and the lyrics are mainly narrating it. The singer keeps a similar tone throughout the song although his voice gets louder towards the end of the song showing his frustration at not having found her by this point. As well as this, there is a guitar line from 1:46 with no vocals while the vocalist/main character in the video is about to find her, the guitar building up and demonstrating the search for her and creating suspense for him finding her. As well as this, at 2:03, there is a strong relationship between the music and visuals where the drumbeat comes in strongly again just as the main character is knocking hard on the door of the cubicle where his girlfriend is. We can also see by the fact the song gets quieter at the very end that it is demonstrating the fact that the singer has given up on this girl because he has caught her cheating again.
  5. 5. Demands of the Record Label (Need for close-ups of the artist and motifs of the artist which may recur across their work)• The Kooks are signed to Virgin Records and EMI, which are two of the biggest record labels out there. Therefore we can see how The Kooks clearly abide by the demands of their record label, as we see the lead singer in almost every shot throughout the music video, these shots including lots of close-ups. A motif we see in many of the Kooks’ songs are having lots of songs that are about girls and heartbreak.
  6. 6. Reference to Voyeuristic treatment of and looking at the female body• In this music video, there are quite a lot of references to the female body and looks of women. In the lyrics we can see the singer refer to the girl he is singing about as having a “sweet and pretty face” and to being “someone so beautiful”. In the music video, there are a lot of shots of the girl’s body and she is seen as very sexualised as the song is about her being unfaithful and morally loose. While there are no explicitly revealing shots of the girl, we can see the intent of the artist portraying her as someone who is very sexual, as she continues to try and kiss other guys in the club the video is set in.
  7. 7. There is Often Intertextual Reference• There do not appear to be any intertextual references as the music video is primarily storyline based and so does not include any links to media or reference anything else.
  8. 8. Performance, Narrative or Concept based?• This video is primarily narrative based. We know this because there are no shots of the band themselves performing at all, and the shots throughout the video display an amplified relationship between lyrics and visuals, whilst telling a story, the lyrics narrating what is going on in the video.